Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th February 2021 Written Episode Update – Morya’s name gets joint with Ganapati Bappa.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Morya walking towards his Prabhu’s temple while his son comes running saying I’ll help you to go but he says I’ll go on my own & villagers inform him that how will you go as the bridge has collapsed & all discuss that how we’ll go now & Morya tells them Ganapati Bappa will himself come I know while one of them say that there is only one solution to go that is from mountain & they all are trying to go but he is insisting all of them that to not go anywhere as he’ll come to meet to his devotee’s but all of them are fooling with his emotions towards his Prabhu while he is continuously trying to convince them that he has given me promise that he’ll come on his own to meet me but they are telling that you have become mad hence go & rest but then too he is pleading all of them to come with me near river & see on your own or else I’ll accept that I am fake devotee of my Prabhu. All of them accept his plead saying that let’s see if it’s true or false & they all go with him towards River.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant he had to face such a day also where people needed his proof hence he did what I had suggested him.
All reach near River with Morya & he is jumping into River for having bath which he remembers about his Prabhu who had told him to have bath & he’ll meet him while all are trying to stop him due to his age but he doesn’t stop. Morya dips himself twice & comes up thinking of holding his Prabhu in his hands taking his Prabhu’s name but nothing is in his hands & villagers think he is only fooling hence they are about to leave laughing on him but again he insisted giving them Prabhu’s promise to stop for his final dip & to see how his Prabhu will come & he dips inside praying his Prabhu that he won’t come up unless you do not come with me & he is going in deep inside the River while all are confused wondering due to he didn’t return for lot of time hence thought saying that is he is dead? & his son as well as his wife started crying but finally Morya touches the depth of River & his Prabhu emerges for him while he gets very delighted opening his eyes saying that my Prabhu has arrived & he takes his Prabhu Ganapati Bappa’s idol in his hands which is very bright & comes up shouting that to see my Prabhu has come & he reaches up while all are shocked to see Moray with Prabhu’s idol having bright light which is tremendous & all get the proof of his true devotion while his family too is delighted on his devotion. Morya shouts Ganapati Bappa while all people chant last word as Morya & Morya keeps shouting Ganapati Bappa while people lastly shouts Morya.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that this way my name was joint with Morya & going ahead they built a new temple also named as Ganapati Bappa Morya. Surrounding village People after knowing this also started coming to pray in the temple & Morya use to help them through my blessings. At one time renowned Brahman’s Sant Tukaram & Bhagta Shiromani Ramdas also came to meet Morya after knowing his devotion & they prayed Aarti for me which went ahead to become famous in people to sing the same Aarti in my festival.

Precap: Morya tells everybody including Sant Tukaram & Bhagta Shiromani Ramdas that as you have done this Aarti for my Prabhu hence I wish to tell you important thing today. Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that what Morya said & Ganeshji tells him that after hearing what he said all were stunned.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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