Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Champa traps Ram ji for marriage

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Ram ji was in a disbelief when Champa blames him for being drunk and bringing her here. He recalls bringing food for Champa and feeling dizzy after he had eaten the food. He leaves the crying Champa and hurries outside. Champa stood at the door and thinks where he would go now, the game is in her hands now. He finds a man passing by and asks about the food stall here yesterday. The man says it was a stall, it could be anywhere today. Champa comes from behind. Ram ji says it seems he was dizzy because of the food staller’s food. He joins his hands to apologize Champa for his mistake, and ready to repent. Champa asks him to marry her, she has also been wandering around in life and he is also lonely. Ram ji was not ready to accept the demand. Champa assertively gives him two days, otherwise she will announce his act in the whole village. She heard his youngest child is a protagonist of justice, then he will get her justice. Ram ji requests her not to insist on marriage. Champa gives him two days only.

Jijabai walks with Satara and was upset that Bhima did not like him in the kitchen. Satara says Bhima valued his mother a lot and may not have liked anyone in her place. Jijabai was reluctant to go to Ram ji’s house. She did not want to further complicate her life. Satara convince Jijabai that everything will get better with time.

Maharaj and villagers intrigued Jijabai’s father to think well before marrying his widow daughter to Ram ji. They cannot let Ram ji and his family live in peace and will even ruin his daughter’s life as well. Father says he has good connections in Mumbai and is not backless. One of the villagers move forward to hit him on his head. They say they hurt Bhima Bai likewise, and will not spare his daughter as well.

Meena discusses with Tulsa and Manjula about Ram ji’s marriage to the lady who visited them, Jijabai. She says they must think about Ram ji and his loneliness, soon they will marry and Bhola, Anand and Bhima will also grow up and get busy with their lives. Ram ji will need companion. Bhim rao returns home, worried that their Baba still did not return.

Jijabai sat alone and wonders what she must do about Satara’s advice.

Champa tells villagers she lent only two days to Ram ji. The villagers tell her about them discouraging Jijabai’s father as well.
Two goons tease Jijabai as it was now dark, and she sat alone in desserted ground. She runs for help and comes across Ram ji for help. Ram ji beats the goons, saying it is imperative they respect the widow being a woman. Ram ji sees Champa telling them to get her right first. Puranjan comes to send Ram ji back home as his children are waiting for him. Jijabai now realizes it was Ram ji. Jijabai’s father comes from behind and forbids her to marry here. Jijabai was willing to marry Ram ji. Puranjan convinces her father that only Ram ji’s family is able to confront this upper class in their neighborhood. Jijabai foresee respect in her upcoming life with Ram ji.
There, Champa feels when she marries Ram ji, she will reside with him. She will be a wife and a mother as well.

The children were busy in cooking. Ram ji returns home. The kids explain that they were cooking only because Ram ji was late. Ram ji was angry that how they will study otherwise. Meera asks Ram ji why he is angry. Only a daughter can take place of a missing Ayi from home. Tulsa must take Bhima Bai’s position in the family. He must marry again if he wants them to continue their studies, as per routine.

There in kitchen, Tulsa’s dress catches fire. They hear her scream. Ram ji runs inside to cover her with a blanket.

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