Indiawaali Maa 11th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Cheenu decides not to marry Rohan

Indiawaali Maa 11th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kaku and Hasmukh dancing at home. Rohan comes there. Kaku was all praises for her son, and asks if Cheenama Gadhvi suits? She tells Rohan that Mr. Murti called her, they are coming to confirm Cheenu and Rohan’s proposal. Hasmukh cheerfully hugs Rohan who was happy and excited. Kaku says she has been showered with all the blessings of God now.

Meenu was crying in the room. Cheenu convinces Meenu that she was extremely angry at Rohan earlier, but she doesn’t want Meenu to be hurt anytime in life. Meenu was angry. Mr. Murti and Vasu also come to the room. Mr. Murti speaks to Meenu that Rohan was never hers. He tells Meenu that she had always wanted what belonged to Cheenu, including her toys in childhood, to the college Cheenu went. But one must choose one’s life partner very thoughtfully. He blames himself for Meenu’s selfishness and jealousy, as he could not pay attention on Meenu’s brought up. But he was afraid of losing Meenu as well, like Cheenu. Vasu convinces Meenu that her decision will ruin three lives. Mr. Murti cries that he can no more bear losing another daughter. Meenu hugs Mr. Murti. Cheenu was all smiles.

Kaku was all praises a dress for Cheenu. Hasmukh comes and says this is old fashioned. But Kaku knew Cheenu would love it. She prepares a list for Hasmukh. Rohan was smiling and asks if he is of some help. Kaku tells him to go and get ready, she will Hasmukh will manage all the work.

Mr. Murti and Vasu were ready to leave for Rohan’s house along with Cheenu. Cheenu gets a call and looks distressed. She tells Vasu and Mr. Murti to go, she has an urgent work and will join them in an hour.

Mr. Murti and Vasu arrive at Rohan’s house. Mr. Murti joins his hands to Hasmukh. Hasmukh says it might not be easy to forget whatever he had done, still they can speak to each other for their children’s sake. Mr. Murti was thankful of him. Mr. Murti comes to Rohan but he holds his hands in respect. Mr. Murti was thankful to Kaku for making all this possible. Kaku offers them all seat and presents them with drink. She brings Aarti to start the ritual. Cheenu arrives. She stops the ritual. Kaku welcomes Cheenu and asks her to sit with Rohan. Cheenu announces that she has decided not to marry Rohan. Everyone was taken aback. Cheenu says it feels it will be unjust to Meenu if she marries Rohan. Kaku was of view that Meenu’s matter was resolved. Cheenu decisively announces her decision of going abroad to pursue her career. Hasmukh also convince Cheenu that Rohan is a changed person now, he will not be happy with Meenu but Cheenu. Cheenu asserts she has taken her decision and leaves.

Vasu and Mr. Murti leave. Kaku and Hasmukh were tensed. Kaku wonders what happened, why Cheenu is behaving like this. They turn to make Cheenu’s mind up. Rohan stops his parents. He says he will speak to Cheenu himself, he knows Cheenu well. She does not change her decisions at once. There is something she is hiding from them.

Cheenu sat with her reports and thinks about her meeting with the doctor. The doctor said it had no connection with her travelling, but her miscarriage adversely affected her system and she might not be able to conceive in future. Cheenu cries badly.

Rohan takes his parent’s blessings, and assures that he will talk to Cheenu and will resolve the matter with her.

PRECAP: Cheenu takes a leave from the family for Paris. Rohan arrives with his parents.

Update Credit to: Sona

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