Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Purab goes insearch of Abhi and Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya are driving the car. Pragya looks back and says they might be the goons. Abhi calls her Chasmish and asks her to see. Pragya removes her specs and tells that everything is blurred. She then sees the killer and says they are the same killers. She asks him to drive fastly and says they are near our car. Abhi says they were near our car, you are now looking at them. He speeds up his car. Purab comes and sits for the havan with Dadi and Sarita behen. The Killer and his men follow them in the jeep. Suddenly the curtain catches fire. Purab gets the smell and asks Dadi and Sarita behen to move back. He sets off the fire. Aaliya brings the water jug and throws on the havan kund. Dadi shouts Aaliya. Pandit ji says important puja was going on here, and you set the havan fire off. Other Pandit ji says it is very inauspicious, Pragya can lose her life. Aaliya gets happy and thinks she should have pour kerosene oil in the havan kund. She then their assumption shall come true. Abhi asks Pragya to stop the car and gets down from the car. She picks the stones from the road side. Abhi says you want to pelt stones on them and tells that he becomes warrior in such situation. Pragya asks him to sit in the car and drives. She asks him not to underestimate her and tells that Prachi and I have plucked raw mangoes from the tree. She says Prachi likes it. Abhi tells that he will give so much love to Prachi. Pragya tells that Ranbir proposed Prachi and she had accepted their alliance. Abhi thinks if this is the thing then I will get them married. He tells that he thought that…recalls Rhea telling that she loves Ranbir. Pragya asks him to say what he is thinking? Abhi says I thought that Ranbir loves Rhea. Pragya asks did Ranbir tell you? Abhi says no and says there is some confusion and asks if Prachi told you that she loves him. Pragya recalls and tells that she didn’t tell anything when I ask, but she was happy when the alliance was fixed. Pragya thinks if Rhea loves Ranbir then she will get them married. Abhi asks her to leave the sisters. Pragya says it is matter of their lives. Abhi says for now, our lives are in danger. Pragya throws stones on the goons’ jeep. The killer and other goon shoot at their car. Abhi asks Pragya to come to the driving seat and handle the steering. They change places.

Abhi takes out the gun and shoots at the goons’ jeep. Pragya asks from where did he get the gun? He says from Ashok’s house, there were many weapons and I picked the gun. Pragya says this is wrong, why did you steal it? Just then Ashok calls Killer. Killer asks the goon to stop the jeep. Abhi throws the gun from the car and tells Pragya that he is upset as she called him thief. Pragya scolds him for throwing the gun out of the car. Killer asks Ashok why Maa is crying? Ashok says Varsha is dead. His mother tells Killer that Snake has killed Varsha in anger, and gives him swear to kill Abhi and his wife. Killer gets angry and tells that he will kill them for Varsha’s revenge. He fires gun in air. The goon asks him not to waste bullets and asks him to kill Snake. Killer says first he will kill Abhishek Mehra and his wife.

The injured Inspector gains consciousness and calls Purab. He asks if Mr. and Mrs. Mehra reached home. Purab says no, they are in the hotel. Inspector asks him to find out their location using in which hotel they have swiped the card and bring them home, says then they will be saved. He says if not hotel, then search them on highway. He says he is ending the call as he needs to call ambulance. Purab asks Aaliya to bring Abhi’s wallet. Aaliya brings wallet and asks why are you worried? Purab says I am going to search Di and Abhi. Pragya asks why did you throw the gun. Abhi asks what is your problem. Pragya says atleast you would have fought with them, and scare them using gun. The car speeds up. Abhi pulls the gear and stops the car. Pragya tells themselves that nothing happened to them. Abhi says I feel that you will kill me and not those killers. Pragya gets upset and gets down from the car. Abhi asks her to sit in the car and says sorry. Pragya says you hurt me and then says sorry. Abhi says there is a danger here, please sit in the car. They sit in the car. Abhi says he will not get angry and will just love her. Pragya says that killer will let us do. They find the killer coming from the opposite direction and aims gun at him. Abhi takes the car backwards and takes a U turn, says don’t know when the road will end. She asks him to make the car safely from the cliff. Killer gives knife to the goon. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and says we have swear together to live, then how we will die. Pragya smiles. The goon is about to throw knife at them.

Precap: The killers follow Abhi’s car. Abhi notices it and says that Jeep was not enough that now a truck is following them. Pragya asks what they shall do now?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. wat the heck r u kidding me so pragya u mean 2 tell me if rhea loves ranbir then u wil get them married when u know ranbir loves prachi what happened 2 u saying u saying ranbir loves prachi so u will get them married wowww and wait now Ik those 2 aren’t gonna survive

    1. K.Lakshmi lavanya

      Fed up with dp.now actors. So funny joke they are not real parents of overgrown daughters. Prachi is look like ranbirelder unmatchedpair. We want abhigyas love story only not twin daughters. Alreadyh dieheart fans are stop watching.

    2. lol no one is interested in the copy version of Abhi.Pragya,Bulbu,Purab (Prachi,Ranbir,Ranbir,Rhea) except the fans of this copy couple.🙄
      TRP decrease with each new week and the reason is that the Abhigya fans have already left the show.

    3. Lol frrr! So basically it’s
      (Abhi, Pragya, Bulbul, Purab)
      (Ranbir, Prachi, Shanana, Aryan)

      So basically they did the same thing but different families and plot lines and most of the time are the same..

  2. Guys don’t get me wrong but I think it would be good if they died and rebirthed cuz let’s face it if they survive and start dealing with the love triangle it’ll end with separation misunderstandings and fights like we all know pranbir will end up together since in bhagya al the couples end up together but at least if they’re rebirthed it’ll be a fresh love story instead of dealing with their kid’s insane love life and problems with each other

    1. Same! Bc if they die..it will solve everything..the twin will be sad but whatever..they had over 20 GOOD YEARS to fix their love life and it didn’t happen..bc of the love problems and misunderstandings with some people, the young generation is suffer bc of their love..like it needs to end..if they don’t want the children love life to be like theirs.BROKEN AND DAMAGED

  3. These aaliya is too much, it is high time her son aryan should learn her reality.

  4. OK so this is getting boring! A week or two weeks on them being kidnapped like oh my god can I be a really don’t care about ab hi and prayga love anymore! I am fed up, get back together or don’t..Guys they had more than 20 YEARS and we still have nothing..I am watching for Ranbir and Prachi and Aryan and Shanana! I want the young love.bc Abhi and Pragya are getting nowhere and idc anymore!

    1. Samaila

      I’m gonna stop seeing and reading this. Idc, when they get an actual plot someone message me.

  5. Please don’t end the serial

  6. Hi samaila mysterious love is not uploaded yet, i hope u r not getting irritated because I always ask about mysterious love

  7. Your know if they die…they will either reborn..or lose memory…or a whole month dragging story in heaven hahahah…the is the dumbest show everrrr..I really mus day India got some very good Clif…if u fall off u won’t die..just lose ur memory abit or better yet reborn..if ur pregnant and fall from Clif, you and your child will survive like pragya..lol

    1. Actually pragya was not pregnant when she fall off from the cliff.. She was pregnant after that incident only..

  8. Rhea is just like alia , selfish she just want her happiness and don’t care about abhi even . Actually she doesn’t love ranbir the real love is between Prachi and ranbir and I think they will get married and then rhea will become like alia and she will try to kill Prachi Prachi and ranbir and just like Purab and bulbul at first they hate each other then started loving each other and rhea is just like alia in their lives


  10. These writers are killing the show. Abhi and pragha lives are in danger and they are arguing and stopping the car etc. are these people for real? This does not happen in real life!!! This show is scraping the bottom for a story.
    I hate aliyah. Why doesn’t abhi and family kick her out the house?
    I am going to stop watching this show

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