Veera 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Veera 9th September 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Veera showing off her trophey and talking to Ranvi about how it would’ve been better if Nihaal was there. This angers Ranvi and he tells her that they won this and that Nihaal has nothing to do with it. Later, Veera goes off to show her trophey to Gunjan where Baldev comes and starts talking ill about Nihaal. Veera is unable to ear anything against him and Baldev almost tells Veera about him killing Sampooran, but Ranvi shows up.

Ranvi asks Baldev not to say anythin. But Baldev being Baldev makes it clear that he would do whatever he pleases and once again almost spills it. Ranvi once again warna him. But Baldev tries once more before Ranvi pushes Baldev and they start fighting. Balwant reaches there, making them stop. Balwant takes them both aside and when Ranvi tells

him everything, he promises to make sure Baldev never repeats this.

Back at home, Veera is looking for a place to put her trophey where everyone can see it. She tells Ratan and Chai ji about Ranvi and Baldev’s fight, making then worried. She then asks them what was that Baldev wanted to tell her. Ranvi comes before anyone can answer and asks her to forget all the questions and that they should find a place dor trophey. But curiousity doesn’t let Veera let go and in the hassle, they break the trophey. This starts a heated arguement between Ranveera, both of them yelling at each ither while Ratan and Chai ji look on. Ranvi tells Veera that Nihaal has left the village forever and will not be talked about in the house. This angers Veera and she demands an answer. But Ranvi yells at her and just asks her to stop talking about Nihaal. This makes Veera really mad and she says she would never to talk to him and runs upstairs. Ranvi too runs outside the house.

Ratan and Chai ji talk about how Ranvi and Veera have never fought before and Ratan says it looks weird but Chai ji says some little fights only strengthen the relation.

At dinner time, Veera refuses to sit and eat with Ranvi so she asks for a seperate plate. Ranvi looks on sadly, but still mad. When Ratan asks her to sit with Ranvi, she says she won’t have anything if he isn’t given a seperate thaal. Ratan gives her a seperate thaal and Veera when eats, eats too much in one bite, resulting in her feeling spicy. Ranvi asks Ratan to give her some youghurt and sugar but Veera refues and says she would eat only this.

Precap: In bed, Ranvi on his side talks to himself angrilly saying no matter how much he tells her not to talk about Nihaal, she would. Veera on her side sits up and throwing a pillow at him announces she would not sleep with him. She then walks out of the room.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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