Uttaran 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 9th September 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with priest announcing them husband and wife. Akash drops the petals on floor while Mukta is crushing them hard in anguish. The wedding is done and everyone is clapping. The bride and groom are sitting stone faced. They both get up to take the blessings of all the elders of the house. Jogi blesses them. Take care of my granddaughter now. Damini is the next one to bless them. You will be missing your mother a lot today right? Icchki wanted this only that you marry Vishnu. she must be really happy today. tappu tells Vishnu to keep Meethi happy always. Next they take Nani’s blessings. As soon as they both look up Vishnu notices Mukta and Meethi notices Akash. Nani tells Vishnu to remember her words. Meethi keeps looking at a hurt Akash who simply turns and walks out from there. Tappu

notices Mukku. When did you come and where is your dad? Mukku says I just came and papa dint get bail. Tappu is surprised. Come now the wedding is over but meet Meethi. rohini blesses the newlywed couple. Mukku stares at Meethi rather angrily and holds her hand ver firmly taking everyone by surprise. Come with me. Everyone keeps calling out to Mukku but she walks off. Nani is also taken aback by her gesture. Damini asks Tappu as to what happened to Mukku all of a sudden. All is well? Tappu says she must be upset after whatever happened today and by the time she came back her sister is married so her being upset is obvious. Damini isn’t overtly convinced.

Rathore is in the jail. Today is my princess’s wedding and instead of doing kanyadaan I am here behind bars. He thinks of something and gets happy. he calls out for a constable. I need my phone to make a call. The constable declines. You can get it only after you get bail. Rathore shouts back angrily….don’t teach me law. He instantly apologizes. It is my daughter’s wedding let me make one call. The constable is helpless. We too feel bad. A daughter is a daughter after all. Rathore tells him to take all the money from his wallet and get sweets. Distribute them amongst all of you. You can at least do this much. The constable nods. Rathore wonders why I am crying today. My princess is getting married today. She must be looking so beautiful. She would be so happy with Vishnu. What if I am not there its a day of happiness. He covers his face with his hand.

Mukku is dragging Meethi who is shouting out of pain. It hurts. Mukku turns…pain? And what about the pain which you have given me? Meethi frees her hand from Mukku’s grasp. I understood what you are speaking about. You mean about me going to meet Akash and… Mukku cuts her off. I don’t want to know what you do with Akash. I am tired of trying to make you understand. But you wanted revenge and you took right? Akash was your love I don’t want to know what you do with him. But why did you do it with me? Why this revenge and what for? Why did you do this to me? Meethi doesn’t understand it. Mukta firmly calls it a revenge as I don’t think any other word would fit in. You were so bent over in taking revenge from Akash that you pushed me into it as well and ruined my love. Why did you do it? Meethi is shocked….your love? I cannot understand a thing. See Mukku but she cuts her off. Don’t call me Mukku as you have lost that right for forever. That is for my own people not you. I love Vishnu and he loves me. We both loved each other and wanted to marry. Meethi is shocked. And before I came back you got married? Mukku’s words echo in Meethi’s mind. Nani comes there (outside) to eavesdrop. Meethi asks her you both loved each other. Mukku agrees. We both love each other. Meethi dint knew. Mukku calls it a white lie. Don’t lie now what is the point of lying now? I wrote down everything in that letter. I had requested you to tell everyone about your drama.


Mukku calls her a liar. You are saying you dint got my letter. Meethi calls it a misunderstanding. Hear me out once I went into the bathroom then you had said you were leaving something for me. Flashback is shown on and off. When I came out then Nani was in the room I asked her as well about you. She gave me a pendant. I liked it so much that I told you as well. Trust me there was nothing. Nani is thinking. Mukku doesn’t believe it. You put the whole blame on Nani. Innocent face and have so much bitterness inside you. How could you be so selfish? I never thought. I was with you in everything and you….why did you do this to me? She shakes Meethi by her shoulders. Do you have an answer? You don’t. Nani is thinking of something. Meethi says for real there was no letter. Why would I lie? Nani goes somewhere. Mukku says if I am lying then. Come with me right now. She holds Meethi’s arm once again and heads off somewhere. Meanwhile Nani comes and puts the letter under the quilt in Meethi’s room. She hides in time and Meethi and Mukku come there.

Meethi again says you are hurting me. mukku replies I stood by you in everything. I fulfilled our friendship and you? I saw the real face behind this innocent face today. Mukku searches for the letter and finds it in an instant. You did not find it right? See what this is. Now tell me who is lying? Nani is hearing everything from outside. After knowing everything you neither thought about Akash nor Vishnu nor not even me. Meethi reads the letter. Mukku says why are you doing this drama of reading it now? You knew everything. If not about me then you should have at least thought about Vishnu. Meethi says whether you believe it or not the truth is I dint knew a thing. Right now I can only apologize to you. Mukku holds out her hand at her telling her to stop.


Mukku says what I will do with your sorry now. My dreams are all broken now and you are apologizing. Agreed you dint read the letter if you would have then would you not do this wedding? Your silence is your answer. You are so selfish you think about yourself only. You are selfish Meethi. Meethi hears everything quietly. Nani thinks whatever I did was to keep Mukta away from that beggar like Vishnu. Baki Ram hi Rakhey. She goes from there. Mukku says what the point of crying now is. Would I get Vishnu back? Will my life be alright? Why are you doing this drama now? Would I get Vishnu back in my life by this? Meethi recalls Mukku’s words….you have ruined 3 lives….mine, Vishnu’s and Akash’s.

Akash is shown walking down a street holding his bag. Jaane tu ya jaane na sad track is playing as he recalls flashes of Meethi’s wedding with Vishnu; her hugging him on the bus stop; different different times when they were together and also of when he had seen her with Vishnu. her I love you echoes in his head. You trust me right? Stay here and wait for me. I will tell everyone and then will call you. Come asap afterwards. He recalls priest’s words announcing Meethi and Vishnu as husband and wife. He looks up at the sky heartbroken.

Precap: Vishnu asks Meethi why she did this. Damini comes to call Meethi and Vishnu for vidai. Mukku wipes her tears and so does Meethi. No one moves an inch and Damini looks at them confused. Mukku and Vishnu look at each other. Akash is sitting at the bus stand all sad when someone puts a hand on his shoulder. He turns back and we see Ekadish.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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