Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Soumya asking to Pihu about whatever happened at the party? Priya comes and shouts at her. She asks what are you doing? Why you are troubling her. Pihu hugs Priya and says she didn’t do anything wrong. Priya tells Soumya to leave and let Pihu alone. Soumya says she didn’t doubt on Pihu. Ram comes and asks Priya, what is going on? Priya says Soumya was asking questions to Pihu. Ram asks her to calm down and says Soumya is like her mom. Priya says she should help and support Pihu. She says she don’t want Pihu to feel bad, so she requests her to leave, and she will take care of her daughter.

Scene shifts to the Police station:

Varun’s friends tells the Inspector that Varun is at fault, and they have an affair. He says Pihu might

have lied because she is afraid of her mom.

Scene shifts to Vikram house;

Sammy thinks about Param’s hard words. Neha asks him what happened? Neha asks him about the prom party and Param. Sammy hugs her and cries. Neha calls Soumya, Soumya says there is something more than what they are seeing. She says Priya bhabhi is not listening anything. Neha and Soumya talk about Varun being innocent and Soumya says they have to find the truth and shows to Priya.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Industries:

Ram asks Vikram to handle the business for sometime. Ram says he hired Priya’s friend Juhi. Vikram says I will manage, Ram says I have to be with my family. He says Pihu is very strong, whatever had happened with her. He says that boy have to pay for it. Vikram says everything will be fine.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Pari and Maira asks Priya about Pihu. They tells that Pihu didi seems sad and asks did you scold her. Priya says she didn’t scold her and says some bad boy misbehaved with her. Maira says why Pihu didi is upset. She should punch that bad boy, She says she will go and punch him. How can he mess with her sister. Ram comes and both the girls runs to him. Ram says girls are very strong and they can handle if someone misbehaves with them. Priya hugs them and asks did you finished your home work. Pari and Maira says yes.

Scene shifts to Soumya, Neha and Ram:

Soumya and Neha calls Ram to some place. Ram asked them why they called him. Soumya says he have to handle everything patiently. Neha tells him to listen to them calmly. Soumya says there is something more to it. Neha says there is more twists and turn to the original saying of Pihu. Neha says some friends of Varun’s gave the statement to the police. Soumya requests Ram to listen to that boys. She asks Sammy to get the boys. Ram says Pihu didn’t lied to me. Varun’s friends says to Ram that Varun told them that whatever will happen with them will be consensual. he says they loved each other and says his life will be spoiled. Neha asks Ram to asks Pihu about whatever happened that night. Ram looks shocked. Sammy tells Ram that Varun’s friends was right. Actually Pihu did love Varun. He shows him some pictures of Pihu with Varun and says this photos Pihu asked me to keep with me. Ram is shocked.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Ram comes to Pihu and asks what happened exactly at the prom night. Pihu is speechless. Ram says he wants to know everything. Priya says what you are asking? Ram says let me talk to my daughter. Ram asks do you like Varun, Pihu says no. He says then why you asked Sammy to keep Varun’s photos. Pihu is teary eyed. Ram asks what is going on?
Pihu breaks down and says yes papa.I told Sammy to keep this pictures of Varun. She says she was not aware of Varun’s truth then. I liked him. She starts lying that she was not interested in Varun and he could not take it. Ram says you need to tell me the truth and says don’t forget that he is in jail. Priya says do you think Pihu went to that room with her consent. Do you think that is possible. Why will she lie to us. Ram says I just wants to know. Priya says She won’t lie to us. Priya asks Ram not to asks questions to Pihu rather go and handle the business. Ram says he will be going to London to end his international business. He says he wants to be at home with his family and kids.

Priya asks Pihu to call Geetika as she had called her. Pihu looks around for her phone. Priya asks her to call from her mobile. Pihu was dialing Geetika’s number, Priya asks her then whose number is this by showing her Varun’s number. Pihu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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