Veera 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ratan saying she felt Ranvi will agree for this proposal but he said no. Veera does her first aid and Ranvi looks on. Bansuri comes and scolds Ranvi. Ranvi says Baldev did wrong, so he went to jail. Bansuri says you don’t value him. Ratan says we did not know he is in jail, did he get bail Bansuri says Balwant went there, Ranvi became rockstar and we thought it will benefit us, he does not think about us, and thinks about his sister, and my son is mad about you all. Ratan says we did not know this. Nihaal says he will go to Balwant. Gunjan asks Ranvi to go, as he is famous and can get bail for Baldev. Ranvi says he won’t do this, inspector arrested him thinking something, he will get free after bail. Bansuri leaves.

Veera hears this and says enough Veer ji. She defends Baldev and says the goons started the fight, you always think Baldev is wrong, you have poison in your heart. Ranvi says is it, and whats this wound, which he gave you. Veera says you will not see anything, Baldev did not start fight, goons were beating me, he saved me. She says you can see just the wound, you did not see how I got hurt, you made an opinion about him, and you don’t want to change. She says I promised you that I will not lie to you again, so I won’t lie but I will go against you, I will go and meet Baldev in police station, as I know its not his mistake.

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She says it was my mistake, not his. She says whats this justice, that you punish him for my mistake. She argues with Ranvi. Ranvi asks her not to go. Veera says if Baldev is in jail, this can’t happen that she don’t go to meet him. Ranvi comes infront of her to stop her. He says you can’t go. She says she will go. Ratan and Gunjan look on. Veera leaves. O rabba……………..plays…………….. Ranvi gets upset and goes to his room. Veera comes to meet Baldev.

The constable calls Baldev a goon. Veera gets angry. He says meeting time has gone. Rajvir comes and asks how is your wound now, as you fell in Dangal. She says fine. He asks did you come to meet Baldev, go. She thanks him. Veera meets Baldev and they ask each other are you fine. She holds his hand. He sees her wound. She says its my mistake, you came in jail. He smiles and says you think you are chief minister, that this will happen because of you, no, its not your mistake, we did not know this will happen. He says you tell me will I be quiet if anyone pushes you, if I have to fight 100 times and go to jail 100 times, for you.

She says if you go jail 100 times, when will we marry. He says it will happen grand way and tell Ranvi that I can take care of you well. She says I know. They cry and put heads on the bars. She holds his face and cries. She asks did you have any food. He nods no. He asks you? She nods no. He says you go and have food, take care, I will be out soon, don’t worry. He asks her not to cry and not be sad, does she think he won’t get free, no, Balwant went to get bail. Veera says Ranvi stopped me from meeting you, I came here going against him, I don’t want to annoy him, but he is not understanding. She holds his hand. He says you go home, don’t be here, I m in here, I can’t take care of you, go. I will meet you in evening, I will be out in one two hours. She leaves.

Veera thanks Rajvir. He smiles and says I can’t do anything more. Veera says I know Baldev did fighting, but its not his mistake, the goons have pushed me, Baldev explained them well, they provoked him, he was just protecting me. Rajvir says rules are rules, we arrest everyone who fight, if he got beaten up, I would have not arrested them, but he too fought. She thanks him and leaves. Rajvir looks at her. Ranvi cries in his room. Gunjan comes to him. She asks why are you making Veera far from you, I know you are hurt by her behavior, fine tell me, if Baldev told me this about you, would I talk to him well. Don’t be angry, we should solve things at home, you should have gone to bail out Baldev, you can use your name and get him out in one min.

Ranvi says Baldev did wrong and got punished, he will not interfere in police work and not use his success. Gunjan gets a call and leaves. Gunjan says its good news Biji, I was worried for Baldev, I m relieved now, my friends are coming to prepare for Navratri. Gunjan says Ratan that Baldev is getting bail in one hour. Ratan says its good. The girls come to meet Gunjan and talk about Baldev. Gunjan says its fine, it was not Baldev’s mistake. They plan Dandiya for the Navratri this time and this function makes everyone same.

Veera comes and Ranvi looks on. Gunjan asks Veera to practice with them. Veera says no. Gunjan says about Baldev getting bail in one hour. Veera gets happy and sees Ranvi. She says whats the use, even when Baldev comes back, he will be culprit for Ranvi, my happiness is with Baldev.

Ranvi invites Veera for Dandiya. Veera says yes, you always told me that festivals are good things winning over bad things and this time my love for Baldev will win over his anger. Ranvi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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