Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha asking Pankhudi can she permit her to always love Adi. Pankhudi is shocked. Pankhudi nods yes and smiles. She says my Adi is so good, that everyone loves him. Ayesha smiles and thanks her. She says you trusted so much. Pankhudi hugs Ayesha. Avantika and Harish are with Adi and Pankhudi. Avantika leaves as Harish jokes. Adi and Pankhudi spend some time together. Nani talks to Nana ji’s pic and says she got a new start of life in the form of Ayesha. Pankhudi says she will go to drop Nani and Ayesha. Adi stops her and says he will make her entry special and lifts her. She asks why are the lights off. He makes her sit. Pyaar ka dard hai………………..plays…………………. He says welcome back Pankhudi and she smiles seeing candles all around. He makes her eat the food. They have some romantic moments.

He gets closer and she runs away being shy. He holds her and they have an eyelock. Their romance stops as Adi gets Harish’s call. Harish laughs and asks what is he doing. Adi asks do you have any work. Harish says he is missing his son. Avantika asks Harish not to irritate Adi. Adi ends the call. Harish says he ended dad’s call. Avantika asks what will he do, if you disturb him. Harish says I will sing a song this time and calls Adi again. Adi holds Pankhudi’s hand and smiles. Pankhudi laughs as Harish keeps calling. Adi ends the call and says sorry.

Harish says switched off, what are they doing. Avantika says what are you doing. Adi says its only you, me and our love. He kisses Pankhudi. Harish says I think Adi is totally irritated, I will leave now and will meet tomorrow. Avantika asks him to stay here tonight. Harish says great, you also got romantic here. She says dirty mind. He says you mean you were stopping me to discuss Mumbai traffic problems. She says yes, we have to go and drop Nani too. He asks her to come back home, as everything is fine. She says yes, I thought the same. He says so you were waiting for me to ask you. She says lets stay here, then we will talk to everyone in morning.

Avantika gets a call. He asks her to leave it and hugs her. Rubel asks sister to get water. No one comes there and Rubel sees water bottles kept far. He gets up from the bed and does not feel life in his left leg. He says maybe it got numb. He falls off the bed. Payal comes running and says you should have called me. Dr. Rustam comes and says I told someone should be with Rubel always. He asks whats wrong with me doc. Rubel asks Payal what happened to him. Dr. Rustam says you fell off stairs and the nerve is damaged, by which your left leg is not working, its completely inactive.

Rubel is shocked and cries. He asks till when will I get fine. Dr. Rustam says its hard to say, but you can run soon. Rubel says maybe the problem does not get solve ever. Dr. Rustam says no, we will try out best. Its morning, Pankhudi lights the diya and talks to Nana ji’s pic. Shanky says yes, Nani and Ayesha are in Australia and still feel to be here. Adi says I spoke to them, they are fine. Pankhudi tells Adi that we must deal with Rubel well. Avantika says yes, I hope Sheela knows this. Adi says I m scared Sheela can react much. Avantika says we have to ask her to control her emotions.

Sheela tells Shanky that they have to take care of Rubel. Avantika says she has to tell about Rubel, he is on his way, and ………….. Rubel comes home and they turn to see him. Rubel comes using the walking sticks. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Sheela gets sad and cries.

Harish asks Adi and Pankhudi to go on romantic holiday. Adi refuses to go. Pankhudi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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