Humsafars 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir seeing Arzoo in a jahan ara dress glass case and angrily breaking it. She takes her to a back room and asks who she is. Arzoo says her bag was exchanged with his in airport. He says she would have taken her back and left instead of getting into glass case. She says she got trapped in it and instead of asking her well being, he is insulting her. They both get into verbal spat and he says she is not worth to argue. She says people’s worth is measured with their goodness and he is penniless in front of her. He starts insulting her father, etc. She gets irked and throws mobile on him. He angrily looks back, but stops seeing reports thronging around him. Reporter introduces him as Sayara group’s MD. Arzoo is shocked to hear that he is her boss. Once reporters leave, she takes her mobile back and runs from there. She clashes with Zaki again there. Zaki who is inebriated starts praising her beauty. She carries her bags and tries to walk away. He asks if she murdered someone and running. She gets irked hearing that but leaves from there.

Arzoo comes back to her room and starts talking to herself that she her boss will throw her out on first day itself, her mom will be disheartened. She reminisces daadi’s words to remember her when she is in troubles. She takes out her mobile and tries to fix it.

Sahir scolds Zaki for ruining his fashion show by coming there inebriated and starting his drama. Zaki says he will not drink and come at his parties and again and apologies him. Alvira comes there and he tries to apologize her, but she scolds him for not mending his ways even after many warnings. She says she wanted him to become vice president, but he wants to ruin his own life. He asks her to forgive him last time. She slaps him and says he will not change. Zaki leaves from there sadly. Sahir stops him. Zaki with teary eyes hugs him and apologizes. Sahir asks him to apologize mom instead.

Zara hears phone bell and excitedly picks receiver, but Daadi holds receives and says she wants to talk to her granddaughter first. Myra switches on speaker. Arzoo says she is in trouble now as she hit her boss with her mobile. They all are shocked to hear that. Zara asks how can she hit such a hot guy. Arzoo says she did not know he is her boss and made her angry. Daadi asks if he bled or just got a bump. She says bump. Daadi tells her herbal reciepe and asks her to apply it on Sahir. Zara suggests to apologize him soon.

Sahir tries to write something, but he does not get a proper idea. He looks out of his room’s window. Arzoo in her room sleeps worriedly. She hears cat’s voice and gets worried. She tries to call someone, but sleeps back thinking she gets afraid alone, remembers her mom, and sleeps looking at her family pic. Sahir then looks at a book. Ek duje ke waastey…. song from dil to pagal hai movie plays in the background.

Arzoo gets up in the morning and opens door on servant’s door knock. Servant keeps breakfast on table. She asks him to bring brinjal, beetle leaves and paratha as she eats heavy breakfast. Sahair on the other side gets ready for his office and reminisces Arzoo hitting her. Arzoo reaches office excitedly and looks all around. Peon asks whom she wants to meet. Just then bells rings and all staff members get back to their chair. Sahir comes and gets into his cabin. She meets Linda who identifies her Jahan Ara girl. Arzoo says she is a new intern and asks if she can meet Sahir. Linda shows his cabin. Arzoo sees newspapers and is shocked to see her news. She gets into Sahir’s cabin. He gets irked seeing her and asks how dare she to come into his cabin. She says she came to apologize him and during conversation applies her dadi’s herbal receipe on him. He asks what is this. She says it is her daadi’s reciepe. Sahir asks how dare she is to enter back his office. She says she realized that he is a biggie and she is a small girl and says why would he waste his precious anger on her and says she will work under him now. He asks who gave her job. She says she came from lucknow for internship. He asks her to get out of his cabin.

Sahir comes back home and sees Arzoo at his home. He asks what is she doing in his home and who brought her here. Alvira comes and says she brought her from Lucknow as an intern. She says she is very talented and is a diamond with polishing can be very precious. She says she saw her talent in Lucknow and brought her here, so she will be staying with us here at outhouse. She asks if he is having any objections to his decision. He says no and leaves from there.

Alvira reaches Arzoo’s room and asks if she is finding difficulty in outhouse. Arzoo says no. Alvira asks ho was her first day at office. Arzoo reminisces her fight with Sahir and says it was good. Alvira says she brought her here with her mom’s permission, so she should work hard in her company. Arzoo tells her about her fight with Sahir and apologizes her. Avlira says mistakes are made by everyone and repeating it is not acceptable. She thinks a girl hits Sahir and he forgives her, it sounds interesting.

Precap: Sahir insults Arzoo and asks her not to come in a tent to his office. She asks him to look at her talent and not her dressing style. Thief steals Arzoo’s wallet and runs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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