Doli Armaanon Ki 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Urmi comes in to find sushma and her husband talking to the couple for whom she had made the birthday cake on order, and how they are all praises for her work, and give in another order. urmi happily takes it, and sushma asks her to understand the order properly, as she has taken the advance already for her. She complies. they leave. urmi tries to tell them that he has finally come. They are confused as to how is she talking about. Finally, ravi walks in, asking Susham’s husband if he is Darshan Tiwari. But urmi is shocked to find that he is actually Ravi’s friend, from london. urmi is embarassed as he faces her.

later, as his friend is served water by urmi, he is nitty picky about the watre being dirty. susham’s husband asks urmi to get another glass. but sushma says that there’s no problem with this water and that this is right. His friend ignores the water and goes onto show the gifts that their son has sent for them. Sushma’s husband reads Ravi’s handwriting and comments as to how dirty it still is. sushma asks him to get lost, as she doesnt want anything and that they are dead to him. his friend says that they shouldnt talk like that as he is after hall their son, and regrest that he let them down, and is truly apologetic. she says that had he regretted, he would have come himself, and not sent his friend. He says that he is scared for them, and isnt able to face them out of embarassment, but wants to do a lot. but sushma vents out her anger at him, and asks him to go and tell his friend that they dont need him. Her husband calms her down and then shows his friend the guest room. urmi is left alone with sushma and is tensed to see her. she comes to sushma and says that she doesnt have the right, but since she understands her pain, hence wants to say one thing, it maybe that her son is actually guilty of what he did, and wants to penance truly. She says that the child may forget his parents, but the vice versa cant happen, even if they are really angry. She asks her to give it a thought. Sushma is tensed.

As he relaxes, ravi’s friend, nitesh is surprised and irritated to find shaurya asking in for introductions. As he piles on, nitesh keeps getting frustrated, when he finds that shaurya’s hands are dirty, given his cleanliness freak. Shaurys leaves, while nitesh vents out his frustration and dislike forkids.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat is pampered by shashi, as he is frustrated with his work pressure. He waives it off, while she tries to give him the Halwa, that she has specially prepared. Samrat taunts shashi that she made this, in the celebration that urmi got someone else. But shashi tries to cheer her mood, while aditi is tensed at Samrat’s barbed comments at urmi and amrit. Aditi, unable to resist herself, says that urmi doesnt have any explicit affair, and she asks him not to malign her. Samrat asks why is she favouring urmi over her own brother, and says that she is a fool to understand. aditi says that she knows everything, as what she saw was the half truth, and it isnt what she thinks. All get tensed, as aditi says that she knows while samrat asks if she had a talk with him. She says that she knows, but didnt talk with him. kanchan asks how does she know. Samrat says that maybe she met amrit or urmi told her all this. Aditi says that she was herself present there, and all are shocked. samrat says that he didnt see her. she says that she had gone to the washroom and when she came back and saw him, she hid. she tells samrat everything. rudra asks why she wanted amrit to meet urmi. Rudra asks why. She makes an excuse that amrit was to leave forever, and wanted to apologise before that, and because she didnt want to go alone, hence she went with urmi. Aditi tells samrat that amrit was apologising to urmi and nothing else, and samrat unnecessarily got the wrong idea about urmi and her character. She says that he shouldnt scar urmi’s character, as she wasnt at all wrong, and she is pure and unscathed. He slaps her tight on the face, and she falls away, her stomach hitting the handle of the sofa, and she winces in pain, clutching at her stomach. all are shocked. Tears stream down aditi’s cheek. rudra asks how can he slap aditi. samrat says that he would have done worse, and then reprimands her and his parents too, that she is doing all this right under their noses, and she has the audacity to do it too. Samrat leaves in anger fuming with rage, while aditi cries incoherently.

Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s residence
As asha comes excitedly to show the doll that she got, to get practice to handle the child. gaurav is frustrated with her. the entire family is tensed, while asha goes on her rant, as to how in this world, the child grooming isnt that easy, and reprimands them all to take care of the doll, as her daughter. she goes inside, and Granny says that they were cursed in last birth to bear her. Gaurav blames it on her only.

Scene 4:
Location: Shaurya’s school
The next morning, Urmi leaves shaurya off to school the next day, advising him to take his meals and then drink his own water and then leaves in the same auto. She moves on. After she leaves, shaurya is tensed, to find samrat endearingly calling out to him, and then giving him a flykiss. samrat comes upto him, and asks him to come to his father. he takes shaurya in his lap, and asks how is he. shaurya is tensed, while he asks him if he is sick. Shaurya is surprised how he knows that he is sick. Samrat says that he loves him so much, hence got to know, and expresses his tension at his sickness. samrat asks shaurya to confess if urmi was angry at him, and he gets tensed. Shaurya agrees that he got a scolding, and samrat pretends to be so concerned that urmi scolded him, and then tries to emotionally blackmail him that urmi is trying to separate him from his father. shaurya asks samrat what had he thought. he starts luring him on the pretext of incecreams and other things. Samrat asks shaurya what to do about urmi. Shaurya sits quietly. samrat says that he has a plan, and when shaurya is eager to know, samrat tells him that he shouldnt tell urmi that he meets his father. Shaurya is scared. ut then he finally agrees, and samrat ensures that he is falling completely in his trap. he hugs shaurya while he smiles evilly. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Nitesh tells someone on the phone, that they would have to tread very cautiously as they cant risk it all now, having come so far. He is surprised as he confronts someone when he turns around.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Samratt is a complete bully.He is a woman abuser. He is rude to his mother and father.O my God what type of man he is.Blackmailing your own son.I will have to stop watching this show .I cannot take on this idiot.This is an insult to women.

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