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Veera 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera thinking to give time to Baldev. She gives him tea and he throws it acting rude to her. He scolds her and asks het to make tea again. Baldev talks about business on phone, and Veera gives him the tea. He says get salt. She asks what. He says I said get the salt. She brings salt. He adds salt in it, and she asks what are you doing. He is about to drink and she throws it. He asks why did you get bitter tea to trouble me, so I thought to spoil it more, atleast you can see your husband worried. He calls her the worst wife of the world. She says I m bearing everything silently as I love you. She cries. He leaves. She picks the cup pieces and recalls his words. Ranvi is on the way and recalls Gunjan, Chai ji and Ratan’s words.

The man asks him what will he do against Baldev when he married Veera, it will spoil Veera’s life of he gives statement against Baldev. The other man says if Ranvi does not support truth, Nihaal’s murderer will get free. Ranvi thinks. Veera thinks about Ranvi and everyone. She says she is hungry since morning and missing Ranvi a lot. She cries. Bansuri comes to her and passes some taunts. Bansuri says I don’t want to make any relation with you, you are breaking things at my house, and did not bring anything. She asks her to clean her room, and leaves.

She gets Ranvi’s call and smiles, saying I will just come. She rushes out to meet Ranvi outside the house, and says I knew you will come to meet me, even if you are annoyed, you also missed me right. She goes to hug him, and he stops her. He says he did not come to forgive her or accept her marriage, she did what she felt right, I will do what I feel right, if you married Baldev thinking he will be saved, no, I will send Nihaal’s murderer to jail, as truth is everything for me, not you. She says no, you are lying to trouble me. You won’t punish me by sending my husband to jail. H says you accepted this that you married Baldev to save him, the murderer who killed Nihaal, why.

He says I don’t understand where was my upbringing less that you did this, you did not remember anything. He asks does she not miss Nihaal, she loved him a lot and fought with him for Ratan and Nihaal’s relation, I was very happy knowing you love everyone so much, you are making new relation for her and when it was about your love, you forgot all relations, you did not think about Ratan. Veera says I regret for Nihaal’s death, you know it. He says I can see, this all are just words, not your true feelings, you are wrong like Baldev, my sister was not like this. She says sister was? He says yes, she was…. As you are now…..

She cries. Rabba…………..plays…………… He says I came to say you can’t change my decisions, I will do whats wrong, till I send Nihaal’s murderer to jail, I will not put garlands on Nihaal’s pic. She stops him. He says you did not think about anyone, you don’t care for us, your relation is only with Baldev now. He leaves. Bansuri comes and sees Veera crying. She thinks Ranvi ended relation with her, it means she will hang to us now, she is of no use for Baldev, I will not let her stay here.

Baldev hears a man saying about the burnt rotis and still having it by love as its made by his wife. He recalls about Veera and leaves. Veera thinks about Ranvi’s words and cries. Baldev comes home and taunts her for sitting idle on the bed, and not working. He calls Bansuri and says his friends are coming tomorrow for lunch. Bansuri asks why, are you giving treat for your marriage. He says not now, they are coming to discuss business. Bansuri says she won’t cook food for them, say any caterer. Baldev looks at Veera. He says Veera will cook food, she can do anything to make you happy.

Bansuri says Veera can’t cook. Baldev says no, she can do anything to become great, she can marry a murderer too to act great infront of everyone. He leaves. Bansuri looks at Veera and thinks its good twist, Baldev is annoyed with Veera, see what I do, as he will not favor Veera now. Ranvi asks Chai ji about Ratan. Chai ji says she is doing much work since morning, she feels she can do all work in one day. Ratan comes home and apologizes to Chai ji. She says I will cut vegs. Chai ji says no, you go and take rest. Ranvi asks Ratan not to work alone, I will do all work and cut vegs also. Ratan says no, I m working for my responsibility of sarpanch, and I like working, day passes as I stay busy. She recalls about Nihaal’s words. She sees his pic and gets sad. Ranvi notices her seeing Nihaal’s pic.

Gunjan tells Ranvi that his and Veera’s relation matters to him, he did not value Baldev that he is her brother, she is glad that Baldev is safe, but she regrets that his wife does not matter to you. Ranvi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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