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Gaurav reaches his lawyer’s office. Lawyer says he is sorry to hear about Pratik’s death. Gaurav says before death, Pratik gave him power of attorney papers and gives him envelope. Lawyer is shocked to see newspapers puzzle instead of power of attorney. Gaurav thinks how can this happen.

Gaurav takes newspaper to Kabeer and tells him that Pratik gave him POA in Amrita’s name and said if anything happened to him, he should give this POA to their lawyer. Kabeer says this newspaper has a date of Pratik’s murder and says culprit is educated and also a fool. Gaurav asks how. Kabeer says he is educated as he solved puzzle and fool as he wrote his handwriting on it. He asks his officer to get handwriting sample of Swaika family and tells Gaurav that soon one more person’s culprit from his family will be revealed.

Meghan asks Kushan to identify each family member’s pics and he identifies them correctly. Kabeer comes and says Kushan that he came to speak to his daughter and asks him to show his daughter. He shows Meghan. Kabeer says good and says Meghan that she is working hard towards her dad. He shows her newspaper puzzle and asks how did it come in envelope. Meghan reminisces that she was sovling puzzle in Swaika house and Sonali gave her some legal papers to give it to mom, so he left them and came back home. Kabeer asks where are those papers. She says in mom’s cupboard and mom is in meeting now.

During meeting, board of directors elect Lavanya asks company’s CEO. Amrita comes and says she objects. Lavanya asks if she wants to become CEO, what reason she has. Amrita says Pratik’s last wish was to make her CEO in his absence and shows his POA. Lavanya reminisces changing POA and says Amrita that this company is run by directors and not Pratik, so he does not have any right to take decision. Amrita says as company’s major stake holder, Pratik had right to take decision. Gaurav says Amrita is right. Lavanya asks what qualification she has to become CEO. She says Pratik worked hard to upbring this company and he had thought and decided to make her CEO, so she will become CEO and will learn from everyone. Lavanya says this is not a school to learn and asks directors’ opinion. One of them says as a company’s major stake holder, Amrita can become CEO and he is with her. Lavanya angrily walks out.

Kabeer stops Lavanya. She says she is not in a mood to answer any of his silly questions. He says he just wants papers which Meghan gave her. She says they are with Amrita and says she has to go and save her company from Amrita.

Amrita enters Pratik’s cabin and looks at his seat and pic emotionally, says she misses him and is so scared without him, says he gave her such a big responsibility, how will she fulfill it. She says when he used to tell he is busy in office, she used to think of coming to his cabin and see him working, but it could not happen, she will come there daily, but he will not be there. Kabeer comes there and asks how did she take such a big decision of becoming CEO.\

Trisha plays truth and dare game with Aditya and Meghan. Bottle stops in front of Aditya. Trisha asks truth or dare. He says dare. Meghan asks him to bend on his knees and propose to any one of them. He kneels in front of Meghan and then kneels in front of Trisha. Meghan gets annoyed. Aditya proposes Trisha and says he loves her. She blushes. Meghan angrily walks out. Aditya asks Trisha to tell her opinion. She pushes on bed, says she hates him and runs laughing. Aditya says she does not know how much he loves her.

Lavanya comes home and sees Kushan and nurse unconscious on bed with things scattered all around floor. She asks Meghan to call doc, sees locker open and runs to check. She finds Trisha’s kidnapping proof file intact and relaxes.

Amrita says Kushan that making her CEO was Pratik’s decision and says when she returned from Kashi, she got a courier which had Pratik’s POA asking her to become CEO if anything happens to her. She had to become CEO as per Pratik’s last wishes. He asks if she has POA. She shows him. He checks and says Pratik has made her legal heir of all his properties. She shows him even legal letter.

Doc checks Kushan and nurse and says they both fell unconscious due to chloroform and says they will be back to normal soon. Inspector comes there and says he is confused how can anybody not steal anything and just make Kushan unconscious and asks if she is sure nothing is stolen. Lavanya says it is her house and she knows it well. Inspector asks not to touch anything until Kabeer comes back.

Kabeer reads Pratik’s letter and says someone who hates Lavanya has sent it and asks how can these paper be stolen from Lavanya’s locker and send it to her. He gets a call from inspector and says he will come right now. He informs Amrita about robbery in Lavanya’s house and says someone who sent this POA must have done this. Amrita reminisces everything and says someone who hates Lavanya is forcing her to become CEO and says she will back off from becoming CEO and tell Lavanya. HGe asks her not to tell Lavanya. Amrita says she thought it was Pratik’s last wish. Kabeer says she has to become CEO to make culprit believe that she is following him. Culprit will help them reach Pratik’s killer. Amrita says she is worried about Trisha. Kabeer says he promised Trisha that until he is alive, he will protect Trisha and he promises even her the same.

Gaurav tells Sonali that ACP Kabeer knows you gave Lavanya Pratik’s POA and asks her how did she do it. She reminsices how she changed it when he was carrying them. He asks why did she change it and what problem she has if Amrita becomes CEO. She says they would not gain anything if Amrita becomes CEO and it is Lavanya’s long lasting wish, so she was just helping her. She also reminisces blackmailing Lavanya and asking her to make her joint MD. Lavanya agrees. Gaurav laughs and says Sonali that destiny has slapped her tight.

Amrita comes home and sees Trisha and Aditya laughing. Trisha tries to cheer her up by asking her to give her autograph as she is first CEO of Swaika industries. Amrita gets sad. Trisha asks what happened. Amrita says she did not want to become CEO after knowing Pratik did not write that POA and says now she will as she can reach Pratik’s murderer now. Trisha says she is proud of her and hugs her.

Kushan asks his officer to investigate watchman and neighbours. Lavanya asks Kabeer why is he making a drama when she is telling nothing is stolen. Kabeer asks her to stop her nonsense and says control room got a call from unknown number who informs about robbery in her house and she is telling nothing is stolen. She says yes. Kabeer says stamp papers are stolen and given back to Amrita. Lavanya says nothing like this happened. Kabeer says Meghan told him everything and says he just wants to know who sent papers back to Amrita. He asks maid what happened to her. She says Kushan was sleeping and someone made her smell chloroform. Kabeer says Lavanya that she has become a part of game now. Lavanya thinks who did this. Kushan smirks and thinks welcome to the game Mrs. Grewal.

Lavanya calls Sonali and asks her to help her like this, she will send Amrita back to kitchen. Meghan sees Kushan listening to Lavanya and asks what is he doing there. He starts acting as mad again. He then reminisces how he changed papers and found paper cutout of Lavanya trying to shoot Trisha. He reminisces she betraying and trapping him. Meghan asks him to come for dinner. He leaves with her acting as mad again.

Trisha calls Aditya repeatedly and they both share a romantic talk.

During dinner, Meghan asks Lavanya how can Amrita become CEO when she knows only Lavanya deserves to become CEO. Lavanya says she is angry on a person who sent Amrita POA and made her CEO. Meghan asks who can do that. She says someone who is favoring Amrita. Kushan reminisces how he made nurse unconscious with chloroform and stole POA and even wrote a letter. He thinks it is just the beginning, he will ruin her being in front of her, she will not even know he is the main culprit.

Kushan prints letter which states Sonali should be made joint MD and thinks he wants to see Lavanya’s reaction.

Precap: Amrita gets letter and asks Sonali to become joint MD. Lavanya alleges Sonali that she is playing game. Sonali asks her not to vent out her frustration on her.

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