Doli Armaanon Ki 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Diwaker’s residence
Samrat forcibly gets in, saying that they cant drive him out, as they have built all this on his moeny only. diwaker says that he doesnt and didnt need any ounce of his money for all this. samrat continues to rant about his ego and how its due to them, that they are thriving, while diwaker says that wht he got was deserving after what he did to urmi, and that he is finished now. shashi meanwhile, tries to save her face, to avoid the mention of the fiasco that she did. samrat gets enraged, asking that this is all nonsense, as he cant be stopped. He starts boasting as usual, with his egoist banter. Samrat then turns around and finds kanchan and shashi. Shashi meanwhile is hiding her face. Samrat confronts her, sking how dare she betray her own son, and that this is all due to her. Shashi tries to tell that this is his fault, and that this is his fault, and that he shouldnt have tortured her, and forced her to do this, and tries to say that she has turned a new leaf now. samrat asks how dare she ruin him, and that he would teach her a lesson. diuwaker asks him to stop his threats and blabbering, and get out, as they want him or his bad spirit in the house. Samrat warns that he wont leave. Diwaker says that he shall kick him out. kanchan asks whats he doing, and if Diwaker too would stoop down to this level. Shashi sides with her, and says that kanchan is right. Shashi asks him to have dinner and then leave. Samrat says that he isnt a beggar, and that whats rightfully his cant be denied to him. Kanchan asks him to forget all this. Kanchan says to samrat that she shall lay out dinner for him, but they should stop fighting for god’s sake. Samrat says that she cant have a love hate relationship with him, and that she cant try to please him now. He says that he still remembers what she did at the court, and her testimony and her slap, that she is responsible for his condition. Kanchan retorts back saying that not she, but he and his deeds, led him here, and that he should have been treated worse. She says that he too advantage of her sister, and scarred her for life. She says that had it been in her hands, she would have seen to it, that he got a much severe punishment, as six years was too less a term. samrat eyes him angrily. he asks her to punish radha instead, as she was the one who started flirting, and doesnt accept his fault, saying that he would shake her right too. Kanchan says that he shouldnt pick on the past, as she too can return the favour. samrat says that they have lived enough in peace. Shashi asks him not to punish his brother and his wife, and samrat points out how hypocritic she is, and how she doesnt have a spine, and how she woul go to whichever side is advantageous for her. He tries to alarm diwaker about shashi’s evil nature. All ar tensed, while shashi tries to save face.

Screen 2:
Location: On the road
Bani, ishaani’s sister, meanwhile is driving recklessly on the road, with her friends, dancing and partying all night long. They find a police check post, and while the other girls are scared, Bani is in mood for adventure, while they are scared that they might just be caught in drunken driving. But she doesnt listen to their advises, and zooms out, but the police follows them. She decides to race them, and evade the police.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Meanwhile, at home, ishaan is asked about his sisters, and he says that bani assured that she would soon be here. After sometime, the police comes and asks about Bani Sinha’s relation with him, and her father. Ishaan and Damini come asking whats the matter. Urmi sends shaurya inside. The police tells him about Bani’s drunken driving escapade, and how she fled, when they tried to stop her. Just then, bani walks in, asking ishaan what are they doing here. She pretends to be ignorant about everything, while the police narrates to her, what she did, and asked her if she thought she couldnt be traced back. She still pretends that she didnt understand. The police shows the papers of the car, registered to Bani Sinha. She makes an excuse that the car was at the workshop for servicing for the past two days, hence what they are accusing her of, is impossible. He asks her not to fool them, as they followed her, long distance. She tries to take sides with ishaan, asking him to assure that she was with them, in the evening. ishaan complies. urmi and damini are tensed. Anirudh sinha walks in, and tries to take him outside to chill. he complies. Bani then goes onto greet them all, as if nothing happened. All are tensed at her recklessness. Ishaan tries to warn and advise her as to what she is doing, but she leads a reckless life, and says that she does it for the thrill. urmi tries to advise her too, but she casually retorts back at her too, and asks them both not to be scared, as they should live coolly like her. ishaan finally gives up, asking her to take care of herself. urmi smiles too. Bani hugs him. He then asks her to go and face Damini’s anger too now. She smiles amusingly.

Scene 4:
Location: Diwaker’s residence
At the dining table, Samrat hungrily finishes the food, while they all watch. He washes the plate in his hands, while shashi tries to bring forth the topic of what he shall do ahead. He says that he shall join business with Duiwaker, and then take it to new heights just like he did before, and therefore, he shall return to his previour glory. He tells diwaker that they shall work together. Diwaker asks him not to self involve himself, and build dreams, as he wont even think about it. Samrat is surprised, and asks whats he saying, as he doesnt have any shame, that he is turning him on the streets, at a stage when he needs his brother the most. Diwaker says that he got what he deserved, and that he had stooped down so low, and that he was in jail, and they had to bear the brunt of his infamy in the society. He says that they all bore, but their father couldnt and died. Samrat starts laughing loudly, saying that he cant be blamed for the death of the dead people. kanchan asks why’s he laughing. He says that rudra would have atmost lived another five years. Samrat says that Rudra was already at an old age, and that its good that he went on time, as that saved on the hospital cost. Diwaker gets enraged, while all others are shocked. The screen on Samrat’s shocked face.

Precap: Ishaan dances romantically with urmi, on a slow romantic number. Meanwhile an angry Diwaker throws samrat, on the streets, by the collar, while he is stunned. samrat hollers to be let in, saying that he cant do this. He slams the door shut tight on samrat’s face. He is enraged and shocked too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Well he’s getting his just reward for now at least.

  2. Adding more new characters can dilute the plot. I feel the focus should be on Urmi and her life. Why not let the plot have Samrat picking up the pieces of his life and starting all over again on his own? He has the confidence and guts to do it.The best revenge is success. Being hell bent on attacking Urmi is very one-dimensional. Urmi will have her own challenges to deal with as a single mum. By now she should be able to swat off her ex-husband like a fly.

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