Veera 5th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 5th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 5th April 2014 Written Update

Gunjan says, sorry to ranveer from heart. Ranveer says, i know what you want and it will happen according to you. I will promise you, i will give you freedom. I will let you go far from everyone. I will let you go cannada.
Gunjan says, i know i have done so much mistake but now i understand my mistake. Ranveer says, now we have different ways.
Biji grinds turmeric and says, now we will mix it in milk and it will help him to recover. Baldev and bansari reaches to home. Bansari ji says, what happens to ranveer? Is he alright? Baldev says, is veera with ranveer? Chaiji says, no, she is making tea in kitchen. CHaiji calls veera to make 2 more tea. Baldev came into kitchen and sing a song. Veera says, now i cant sleep whole by your song. Baldev says, my biji said that nobody cant sing like my me.

says, dont irritate me. I will not come with you to see movie.
Baldev says, i cant let you see movie this week because i didnt get movie ticket. Veera says, get ready to do work of mine because i will not go with you to see movie. Veera dips baldev hand’s in tea then baldev gone from kitchen.
Gunjan gives kurta to ranveer and says, change it before sleeping. It is really dirty. Ranveer remove his kurta then gunjan says, i will help you. Gunjan helps ranveer to wear kurta. Gunjan says, i know you cant see my face right now. I always didnt see your goodness. Ranveer says, why are you saying this. I know you are lier. Gunjan says, i know i cant see you like this with so many question.
Bansari ji and biji reaches to ranveer’s room. Bansari ji says, how it will happens? Ranveer says, i fall down during terrace work. Chaiji ask from baldev, where were you? I was searching you, lets meet with ranveer. Baldev says, i waiting to make tea little bit colder.
Baldev’s friend come as a postman and gives letter to chaiji. Veera says, where is our postmaster. baldev friend says, i am his father and i cant see in daytime thats why i came at night. Baldev says, now you go to your home.
Baldev friends says to postmaster that have you ever washed your dress. Veera read the letter and gets 2 movie tickets.
chaiji says, it is really great trick to do publicity of movie. Baldev says, i didnt get movie ticket and you get from this letter. Baldev says, chaiji i will come with you. Veera says, i will go with my chaiji. Veera says, i want to see this movie with my chaiji.
Bansari ji says to ranveer, why are you sitting on sofa, go and take rest. Ranveer says, i want to sit on sofa then i will go to bed. Biji says, if you require something then tell me. bansari ji says, oye samdhan ji, now you leave all this work on gunjan. Bansari says, i think we should leave because gunjan is feeling shy and they leave…Gunjan says, i know you hate me but please take this medicine for biji. Gunjan medicated to ranveer. Ranveer says, how could i hate you gunjan.

Precap:-Ranveer goes to farmland to work for depositing money then gunjan says, you are injured please dont work right now, i know you are doing for 75 thousand rupees, so i will work for it..

Update Credit to: tushar

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