Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vikram telling Anuj that he need to talk to Adi. Anuj says go ahead. Vikram talks to Adi aand says I know my cheque bounced. Adi says I feel something is not right. Vikram makes tea for him and says I did not drink yesterday night. Adi asks then what was it. Vikram says timepass. Vikram says its just that I hate your mum. What she did with us should have not done, as we are close relatives. Adi says then why did you let the marriage happen. Vikram says Kaira is just a helping hand. Adi says you have cheated us, to take revenge from Avantika, you are disgusting. Adi asks what do you want, revenge? Vikram says not revenge, but money. He says its a small life, pay for my Rs. 200 crores loss and I will forget everything. Adi says enough, you think we will agree to your demands and beg you, it won’t happen.

Adi says you won’t be able to get money from us. Vikram says what do you want to do, keeping Kaira at Diwaan mansion or break her new marriage. He says its fine with me, I will do the needful. I will call Varun and we will leave Kaira here. Adi is shocked. Vikram says I feel sorry for Kaira, who has brothers like you, she can’t be happy. Adi warns Vikram not to bring Kaira in between. Vikram says Kaira is very happy with us, but if you don’t want her happiness, then its sad she has to stay unhappy. Adi says only Varun can take the decision. Vikram says I will take the decisions of Varun’s life. He will leave Kaira here if I ask him. Adi says then Kaira won’t stay in your house. Adi says its a brother’s promise.

Vikram says history has to repeat itself. Even Avantika stayed alone for 25 years and even Kaira has to be like that now. He says decide what you want, Kaira’s happiness or money. Adi thinks about Vikram’s words. Adi thinks about Kaira’s words and smile. Vikram says fine, I will call Varun here, then everyone will come here and break down, you can manage everything. Adi stops him from calling and says I will do what you want.

Vikram says you are very intelligent, I like you, lets do one thing, pay Rs. 200 crores in installments but I will fix the amount and date, the first date is today evening and the amount is Rs. 25 crores. Adi says promise me, it won’t affect Kaira. Vikram says promise, make sure no one knows about this, don’t act oversmart like your mum, else you know what I can do. Adi says you can’t win Vikram, as goodness wins at the end and this time a brother will win. Adi leaves. Vikram smiles.

Adi comes home and sees everyone happy. Amrita tells Sheela that Nani gifted honeymoon package to Varun and Kaira. Everyone are happy and claps. Nani says I did this for Pankhudi, to get rid of her taunts. Pankhudi says we feel you like us. Nani leaves.

Pankhudi asks Vikram why did he call Adi at night. Adi says don’t you trust your husband, we were doing expenses count. Vikram says sorry, we are one family. Avantika and Harish come and greet Vikram. Adi asks Pankhudi why did you question Vikram. Pankhudi argues and leaves annoyed. Preeti is working in office. She gets Sameer’s call. Sameer says we have to go in my cousin’s reception. Preeti says I m busy, you all go. Sameer’s mum talks to Preeti and asks her to come on time. Preeti says I won’t be able to come. Sameer’s mum asks her to give importance to them.

Vikram asks Adi to get the cheque ready in time. Vikram says you all can come to my house anytime to meet Kaira. Adi says Kaira won’t go back today. Everyone looks on. Adi says Kaira will stay here for one more day. Vikram says Varun and Kaira should decide. Nani says yes thats right and asks Varun. Varun says Kaira can stay. Avantika says Vikram will have guests at home and Kaira should be there. Adi says just for one day. Rubel says yes, its a request. Vikram agrees and asks Kaira to stay here and Adi will bring you to us tomorrow. Vikram leaves with Varun and Amrita. Sheela says did Vikram feel bad. Adi says you should be happy, not tensed. Pankhudi thinks.

Payal talks to Nani. Adi asks Kaira is there any problem in Vikram’s house. Kaira says not at all, I m happy there. She laughs and says everything is very nice there, everyone loves me there, trust me, Vikram treats me like a sister. Pankhudi comes to them. Adi asks her to leave. Kaira tells her that she is happy. Adi asks what about Varun. Kaira says all is well, I know he loves me, but he does not say. Kaira says love is a different feeling, I can’t say how good I m feeling. Kaira gets Amrita’s call and she leaves. Adi makes Pankhudi have icecream and leaves. Pankhudi says there is something which Adi is hiding.

Adi tells Vikram he will give him the cheque. Vikram asks him to come soon as he wants to see his face.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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