Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman coming late to Ruhi’s school. Ruhi’s name is called and Ishita waits for Raman. Ishita and Ruhi could not see Raman sitting at the back seats. Ruhi thinks about Ishita saying Raman will surely come. Ruhi starts her speech on the topic My Papa. She says My papa is very nice and kept me like a princess, he fought with the world for me, he can do anything for me and I can do anything for him. Raman feels proud of her and smiles. Raman thinks about Ruhi. Dil sse dil ka rishta jo hai…………… pal do pal me mitta nahi………..plays………………….Everyone claps. Raman cries. Raman says she is my daughter, I m Ruhi’s Papa, she was talking about me. Ruhi tells that Ishita helped her in this speech and she loves her. Raman says I will bring a smile on Ruhi’s face today.

Ishita hugs and lifts Ruhi in her arms. She brings Ruhi down and says I m proud of you. Ishita thinks Raman missed everything. Raman talks to someone and says he is at Gate no. 1. The event ends and the exit point is Gate no. 2. Raman meets the men in cartoon’s clothes and says I will bring my daughter, please be here. Ruhi tells Ishita that Raman did not come. Ishita says no, he came, he sat in the back seats as he came late. She says he had important meeting, so he asked me to take you home, he said Ruhi is the best. Ruhi gets happy. Raman comes to take Ruhi but comes to know that she left with Ishita.

Raman says I told Ishita I will come but she still took Ruhi and left. Shagun thinks about Raman’s words that he loved her but now he is over her and loves Ishita, that Ishita is better than her which gives him peace. She thinks about Shilpa’s words and says I m feeling bad thinking about them, why, I don’t love Raman, I left him. She says Raman is getting in love with Ishita, he is going out of control, I can’t take this, I have to find out whats going on between them. I have to know till where did their love story reach. She takes a file and smiles saying this is a good reason to go to Raman’s house.

Mihir comes to meet Trisha and tells Mihika that he came to take her. Trisha says I m ready, bye everyone. Amma stops her and says you are from London, Raman asked us to keep you, you are our responsibility, we are open minded, but this is not good to go out at night. Trisha says I came India to meet Mihir. Mihir says its 7.30, so soon. Amma says follow the rules of our house. Mihir and Trisha leave. Amma smiles and tells Mihika that she has spoiled their plan, you see Trisha will leave our house soon. Mihika gets a call from office and is called for urgent work. She tells Amma she has to leave.

Mihika meets her new boss Ashok and is shocked. Her company is merged with Ashok’s company. Ashok says as everyone knows, I feel happy expanding my business, I was impressed by the holi event. Everyone claps. Mihika says I don’ think I can work with this man. Ashok sees Mihika and says I m Ashok. You have impressed me a lot, it will be fun working with you. Mihika says I m sorry I can’t work. Ashok says why, maybe you are afraid of challenges. He says girls should stay at home, they take emotional decisions and are not like men, thats so sad. Ashok asks Mihika to think she can work with him or not. Mihika thinks Ishita is right about him, I will show him what I can do.

Raman is driving home in anger and says I told Ishita I m Ruhi’s father and I arranged a surprise for Ruhi, but she spoiled it. Ishita thinks she had to lie to Ruhi because of Raman. Ruhi asks did Papa come and was he happy. Ishita says yes.

Ishita and Ruhi reach home. Ruhi asks did Papa come. Ishita says don’t know, may be. Ruhi says I will go and check. Ishita says go, I will park the car and come. Ruhi goes home. The weather gets windy and Ishita waits for Raman to tell him what story she cooked up for Ruhi. Mihika comes and tells Ishita that she did some shopping for Trisha, who came to meet Mihir, Raman has made her stay at our house as PG. Ishita says Raman did this purposely, I will not leave him. Mihika says don’t fight with him because of me, its going to rain, lets go inside. Ishita says you go, I will come, I need to talk to him. Mihika leaves. Ishita says its limit, why did Raman do this, he is a sadist.

Raman comes home and Ishita sees him. The wind blows. Ishita walks to him in anger while Raman is also angry on her. Raman says what do you think you are, you knew I was coming school, but you did not wait, I know you, you think I don’t care about her, you might have told her that Raman is bad and I did not come. He says I came there and I know you prepared her speech. She argues with him about Mihika. He says I m talking about Ruhi. She says why did you keep Trisha as PG at my house. Raman says I will do what I want and I don’t care. She says you are disgusting. She says you don’t have feelings. It starts raining and Raman hugs her shocking her.

He says I love you Ishita. Ishita is shocked. He repeats his love confession. Bandh gaye ye bandhan………………plays………………. Ishita can’t express her happiness and simply feels. Shagun sees them hugging and is shocked plus hyper jealous.

Shagun comes asking for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says he is busy with Ishita, we can’t disturb husband and wife in their room. Simmi says Raman might have got affected by the rain. Shagun feels jealous.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Hey dear that song is Title song of this show. There are many different versions, here’s some

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