Veera 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 4th April 2014 Written Update

Ranveer gets ready and see that his kurtan got buttoned. Gunjan prepare kachori for ranveer but veera already gave him kachori. Gunjan thinks that i will do iron to ranveer’s kurta but veera taken his kurta. GUnjan says, why are you doing this. I am just trying to do work of ranveer. Veera says, why? Dont think about ranveer’s work, but if you think something else then tell me.
Gunjan says, there is nothing, i am going to kitchen. Veera says to herself, am i wrong about gunjan bhabi, i will leave it for time.
Gunjan says to herself, why i am doing all this. Am i attracting towards ranveer. Am i love to ranveer. Gunjan thinks about ranveer.
Gunjan says, ranveer always help me and did great work for me and i dont love him. Ranveer came into room and gunjan ask, where are you going?

Ranveer says, i am going to terrace. Veera is sleeping and somebody throws letter with stone into her room. Veera read the letter and comes outside. It is baldev and says, please come outside. Baldev says, why do you put your phone on silent. Dont put phone on silent. Baldev gives DVD of romantic movie and says, i will bring you to see movie. Veera break the movie and baldev says, i know that you will break the DVD, so now you have your brother’s swear, dont break it.
Veera says, bada hi badmash munda hain. Khotya fir meri nind uda kar chal gya….
Veera prepare breakfast for everybody and ranveer comes and says, where is biji and chaiji. Veera says, forget everybody and eat this paratha. gunjan and veera both serve water glass for ranveer. Biji says, i will call mechanic for filling cement on terrace. Ranveer says, i will do it, if major work is required then we will call mechanic, otherwise i will do it. Chaiji says, OK putar, but do it carefully.
Veera thinks about baldev wordings and play DVD and here ranveer tries to climb on terrace but first step of ladder broken down and everybody gets frightened and gunjan and veera reaches there. Veera says, please veerji come down. gunjan also says, be careful.
Ranveer fell down and get injured. Doctor came and prescribe. Doctor says, dont go outside, take proper rest for 3-4 days. Chaiji says, listen, you will not go anywhere. Biji says, you will not go to our farmland, otherwise i will pull out your ear in front of your wife. Gunjan, let him bring inside the room.
Gunjan bring ranveer into his room and ranveer says, dont do this. Gunjan says, i know you are angry with me but dont show anger on medicine. All will get worried.
Gunjan says to herself, i know i had hurted alot.

Precap:- Gunjan says, i know i cannot change all things that i have done. Biji and bansari reaches into room.

Update Credit to: tushar

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  1. why are you always late uploading this drama?
    try to hurry up. your always late when it comes to this drama

  2. try to upload this drama earlier. its annoying how you guys always upload this late.

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