Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vikram telling Amrita yhat he will make the Diwaans pay for the Patphera and it will be expensive. Adi comes home and says why did Vikram behave like this. He sees Pankhudi. Adi jokes with Pankhudi and says I meet someone at night daily. Pankhudi asks him why did you go to meet Vikram. Pankhudi tells him that we will tell everyone that Vikram called you at night. Adi says no way, no need, and goes to sleep. Nani says don’t know Varun accepted Kaira by heart or not, maybe the Lord sent me thats why in this house, to take care of them. She says till everything gets fine, I will not go bacl and stay in this house. I will make everything fine.

Its morning, Kaira wakes up and talks to Varun. She says why did you not wake me. He says I thought not to disturb

you. She says lie, you wanted to avoid me. He says no, actually…… Amrita comes to them. Kaira says Varun is very funny, he is shy. Amrita asks Kaira to get ready and come for breakfast as Vikram will be waiting. Amrita thinks I hope Varun accepts Kaira soon. Vikram sits for breakfast and asks Amrita where are they, I don’t like waiting. Kaira comes and say sorry, we got late. Kaira says I will help. Vikram asks her to sit. Vikram tells Kaira that Varun is her responsibility and teach him to talk. Kaira says its tough but I will manage.

Vikram asks do you think I m scary, as few people think I m dominating. Kaira says ofcourse not. Vikram asks Kaira to teach Varun to smile. Kaira says you can’t joke about my husband. Vikram says she is dominating me and I like it. Kaira asks why did the curtains not change till now. Vikram says nothing changes in this house without my wish. Kaira says I m sorry, I did not mean to upset you. Vikram says I was joking, you change the home in two days. He says lets come to your honeymoon, where do you want to go. Varun says I have work pending in office, I will go later. Vikram says you are hopeless, think about your wife. Kaira says I m fine with this.

Vikram says your wish. Nani comes to meet Varun and Kaira. Kaira hugs her and says I m surprised you came. Nani says I came to give you marriage gift to Varun. Kaira asks why did you come alone. Nani says Adi and Pankhudi irritate me. Kaira asks about the gift. Nani says its honeymoon tickets. Vikram says they can’t go as Varun has important work at office. Nani asks Varun to go. Varun looks at Amrita. Amrita signs yes. Varun smiles and says yes. Everyone smile. Vikram is shocked. Vikram says have breakfast with us. Nani says no, we don’t even have water at a daughter in laws house. Nani says all the best and leaves.

Preeti gets a bouquet from Vikram and Sameer’s mum is angry seeing that. She asks what is going on between them. Preeti asks what do you want to say. Sameer says please don’t say anything wrong. His mum says I will not bear anything wrong in this house. Rubel and Adi come to meet Kaira and laughs seeing her in saree. Kaira tells Rubel that she did not miss everyone a lot. She says Vikram and Amrita are so nice and made her feel like home. Varun comes and greets them. Rubel asks Amrita to come with Vikram on lunch. Adi gets a call from the bank and comes to know that the cheque Vikram gave bounced. He is shocked.

Preeti comes to Vikram and asks why did you send the bouquet, Vikram says its company’s policy for new people. She says please don’t send anything, my mum in law does not like this. Vikram says what did your mum in law think that I m after you. He gets angry and says i will come to your house and clear everything, She says don’t do this again. Vikram comes to know that the cheque bounced. Vikram is happy and says now is the time for the curtain raiser.

Adi thinks how did Vikram’c cheque bounce, shall I share it with Anuj. Everyone pamper Kaira and Varun. Nani asks Sheela to stop this torture on Varun. She supports Varun and asks him to meet him in her room. Pankhudi asks Adi what is happening, why is he worried. Vikram comes with Amrita for lunch. Anuj welcomes him. Anuj says you are like a family, come. Amrita hugs Kaira. Vikram hugs Adi and says I know you have many questions, we should have a chat.

Vikram asks Adi to pay his Rs. 200 crores and he will forget everything. He threatens him about Kaira’s marriage. Adi says he will not agree to his demands.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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