Dil Dosti Dance 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 4th April 2014 Written Update

They were in the base-room, sitting with fingers-crossed looks at the system to complete the hacking process. It happens. Everyone claps their hands with each other. Simmi comes in front of the laptop and opens the email address of the college account. Rey instructs her to write in email about sending Kriya as well.
Sharon was sitting in her bed reading about Ruhi’s ailment. She reads that this illness can severely harm people and the doctors say that Ruhi is in serious condition. Sharon’s cell phone rings. It was Kriya. She asks how she was and tells her she was coming to India. Sharon asks this soon. She tells her her dean got an email to send her to India. Sharon was about to tell her but stops. She asks what, but Sharon does not tell her. Kriya informs she will be in India

tomorrow morning and tells her schedule, her flight was about to depart.
Rey was coming downstairs whistling and takes Swayam along as he sees him. Swayam asks that he has never seen him so happy before. He informs him Kriya was coming back. Swayam teases him; in return he asks did he ever teased him about Sharon? Rey wonders what Kriya will think about what they did. Swayam comments that now they cannot do anything to undo it. Rey tells him he will celebrate Kriya’s comeback. Swayam teases him again by telling to get roses and balloons for her.
Everyone else was in the cafeteria. Vicky suggests that they should not tell Kriya what they did. They have a little argument about it but Vicky repeats his stands. Sharon turns around and sees Kriya standing on the door. She asks what not to tell her? Everyone greets her. Sharon asks that she had to come after two hours from now. Kriya asks can’t she give surprise to friends. She says she thought that before going to home why shouldn’t I meet my friends. She asks Vicky what he was saying. Sharon points him not to tell her anything. He leaves by saying that he has extra classes. Everyone else also leaves. Swayam comes in, surprised to see her; he comes forward and hugs her. They sit to talk.
Sharon sees Ruhi going the corridor. She was going after her and hits her. Ruhi’s books fall down. Sharon apologizes while she picks them up. Ruhi asks what Sharon was upto. She says she knows everything about Ruhi. Ruhi denies her and was about to leave. Sharon calls from behind and says she was suffering from bi-portal disorder. She turns around worried. She tells her that she will anyway snatch Swayam from her, whatever she finds about her.
Vicky was sitting in a classroom with laptop. Nil comes in and tries to take his attention. He asks why he was ignoring him. Vicky says that it’s just that he does not want to talk to him much. He was about to leave. Nil asks cant he talks to him for a while. He turns around, smiles and asks how he is? Then was about to leave again. Nil asks can’t he forgive him for the sake of friendship. Vicky says that our friendship had ended the day Simmi became your girlfriend. So we should better maintain our distance and leaves. Simmi was listening from behind the door and thinks that they will have to create a filmy scene to make them friends again.
Kriya and Swayam were in cafeteria. Kriya asks how was everything her in her absence. Swayam tells her that someone was very excited to meet you. There Rey was entering college gate holding a bouquette. Swayam tells her not to leave without meeting her. She didn’t say anything. Rey was heading towards the cafeteria. She was about to leave, Swayam calls Rey but Kriya leaves from behind.
Rey thinks that two hours are left for Kriya to come. He hits someone, turns around to see if it was Kriya. He wonders was it really Kriya, sheds the idea that he was still imagining her, tells himself to focus and goes into cafeteria. They were all sitting in the cafeteria, and was excited about her coming. Swayam tells him that she has come already, but she left. Rey was dis-hearted.
Kriya was standing in front of mirror thinking she could not meet him now. Rey was coming down from stairs thinking he wanted to meet Kriya.

PRECAP: Rey keeps his rose on the floor and says he will wait for Kriya till she comes. He listens music from dancing room. Kriya was there dancing. They dance together. Everyone was in cafeteria. VP comes to call them to office, sees Kriya in shock. Kriya greets him.

Update Credit to: Niki

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