Ek Nayi Pehchan 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 4th April 2014 Written Update

Sakshi opens the door and is shocked to see Aditya standing there. She recalls all their past times together and how she had told Sharda about him too. What is he doing here? Aditya looks taken aback too. Sharda introduces Aditya to Sakshi. He got hurt while saving us. Please do his first aid. Sakshi stands there lost. Sharda again asks her to go get the first aid kit. Sakshi leaves while Aditya enters inside with Sharda and Diya. Sharda introduces him to Dadi. He calls himself another kid of Sharda and your grandson (Dadi completes it). He seeks her blessings.

Sakshi cannot help but wonder at Aditya’s sudden entry. Why has he come back? What does he want? She recalls the time when he had proposed her. Some guy had teased her back then and Aditya had beaten him badly. Sharda calls

out for her and she comes out of her reverie.

Karan is on his way to home. Latika calls him to come to the office right away. He wants to meet Sakshi first. Can I go home, change and then come back? She is upset with him. If you would have given your proper attention to your work like you are giving it to your wife then we would not have to bear such a big loss. Come to the office right now. He agrees.

Diya leaves with Dadi for she wants to show her her painting. Sakshi brings first aid kit which Sharda takes from her. Just then she gets a call from Rukhsar. Sharda has to attend the call so she asks Sakshi to do it. Sakshi is speechless. Sharda leaves to attend the call. Aditya apologizes to her for what he did with her. Sharda comes back so Sakshi starts tending to Aditya’s wound. Sharda offers to do it while she tells Sakshi how Aditya saved her and Diya. Who does that for a stranger in today’s time? You know he is also from Ahmadabad. Good that he got a family and I got another son. Sakshi looks shocked. Sakshi excuses herself as she had forgotten about the milk. Sharda wonders what happened to her as otherwise she is very jovial. She is also from Ahmadabad. He casually asks about how long Sakshi has been living here. Sharda answers and then asks about him. He tells her that he has been working in abroad since long but now have been asked to come here so he has shifted back to India.

Sakshi is in kitchen and is really worried. She gets a call from Karan. He apologizes to her for he cannot come to meet her as promised for he has been called at office. I have made a mistake as usual and Lattu Di is as usual scolding me. She sadly tells him its ok. He deduces that she is upset with him as he deserves that only. Lattu di is upset withe me too. I will give you your surprise when I am home. He is getting another call from Latika and tells her about it. He says I love you and she answers ok sounding quite lost. The call ends but he found it quite weird. What happened to Sakshi?

Aditya wants to use the washroom. Sharda asks Sakshi to show him the way. Sakshi nods and Aditya leaves after her. He starts talking to her amused at the way they have met after so long and holds her hand. I never thought we will meet all of a sudden like this. My life has given me a very big and beautiful surprise. Leave all that tell me how have you been and why dint you reply to my any missed call or message. She starts walking but then he holds her hand again which she removes. Talk to me atleast. I agree I have behaved very badly with you. She cuts him off mid sentence. What are you doing here in my home? He is confused. Your home? Before she can say anything Lata comes there to ask Sakshi about something. Sakshi guides Aditya and leaves with Lata. He stands there confused.

Latika is shouting at Karan. He cancelled a consignment. He explains that they were about to team up with a company who has done a very big fraud in the past. It could have been our loss. Latika already knows this. I agree they did a fraud but they cannot afford to do another fraud as their reputation is at stake just like our company’s reputation is at stake now because of you. Karan reasons they can do it again. Latika says you could have called or messaged me once before taking such a big step. You should have kept me in the loop. He says I know how to do my work. She counters saying you only know how to romance with your wife. Karan leaves in a huff. Latika asks Suresh if he saw how Karan dint even apologize once after doing what he has done. When I had called him then he was going to meet Sakshi. His attention is not in work. Why don’t you say something to him? He wants her to deal with Karan this time. You too know how to get him on the job. He leaves. Latika calls someone and asks them to send Karan inside right now. Karan comes back inside. Latika wants a complete detailed report from him by tomorrow morning. Karan stands there helpless.

Diya and Dadi sit down for lunch. Aditya wont sit before Sharda so she has to sit too. Sakshi is asked to serve everyone. Aditya serves Dadi on his own while Sakshi serves him. He keeps looking at her while she seems all lost. Aditya tastes the food and praises it. He is about to ask about Sakshi when Sharda herself answers his question. Whoever looks at us feels like we are mother and daughter but we share a different relations – of MIL-DIL. Aditya is shocked. Sharda shows him Karan and Sakshi’s wedding photo. I forgot to introduce you two actually. Aditya holds out his hand but Sakshi folds them and does namastey to him. He doesn’t look happy. Sharda invites him for dinner at their home tomorrow. Diya’s mom will be really happy to meet you for you have saved her daughter after all. He agrees but she will have to feed him equally yummy food tomorrow as well. Sharda nods. He tells her not to make him habituated to this or he might shift over at her place with all his luggage. Sharda instead welcomes him warmly. Sharda has to go inside to get something. Sakshi wants to come with her but Sharda tells her to take care of Aditya. Sakshi looks little uncomfy. Dadi talks about Ahmadabad. Has everything changed there with time? Aditya replies that that city is the same but things have changed here. Dadi says changes do happen here. Diya has finished her lunch and so has Aditya. They decide to play outside in the garden. They play hide and seek. Diya goes to hide while Aditya counts till 3. Sakshi comes to confront him about what he is doing here. He seriously dint knew about her marriage. I met your MIL by chance. When did you get married by the way? Do you think I have come all the way here stalking you? I am not one of those ex -oyfriends who do all that for they cannot forget their real love. This is not some movie where such stuff happens. Real life isn’t like movies. I have moved on in life and I am sure you too would have. I agree we are not in a relationship anymore but we are still friends and I am happy to see you happy in your new life. Nice house, nice MIL and I hope your hubby will be nice too. She praises everyone and how they all love her very much. He appreciates her for acting like a stranger to him. I agree everyone here is very good but a lot many things are still considered a taboo in our society. It might be that you would have told them about your past but when I am here live then many questions will arise in everyone’s mind for sure. We are good as strangers in front of everyone. We both have moved on anyways and there is nothing left between us.

Aditya takes his leave. He talks sweetly to all of them and they are happy to have met such a nice guy. Dadi praises him. Sharda too is impressed by him. She asks Sakshi’s opinion but Sakshi seems all lost. Sharda notices her and asks her if she is unwell. Sakshi fumbles but before that Dadi wants a cup of tea so Sharda has to go.

Karan calls Sakshi. He is irked with Latika. He apologizes to her for telling her all that. I have to finish this report by tonight so don’t wait for me. I am sorry for I have ruined your mood. She hmms and cuts the call leaving him confused. Sakshi feels she should tell Ma everything but Aditya was right too in saying that I shouldn’t let my past come in my present. What if Ma gets upset over it? What should I do now?

Precap: Sharda tells Suresh about their accident and how Aditya saved her and Diya. He is happy and wants to meet him. Sakshi overhears this.

Update Credit to: pooja

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