Veera 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Veera 3rd September 2013 Written Update

Nihal begs Ranvi to forgive him but Ranvi doesn’t budge and doesn’t even want to look at Nihal’s face. Nihal asks Ranvi what can he do to get Ranvi toforgive him to which Ranvi says if he can go back into the past and save his papaji and if possible die in his place. He leaves from the place leaving a heartbroken Nihal behind. Ratan follows him.

Ranvi reaches home and Chaiji enquires about his whereabouts. Ranvi is asks Chaiji if she knows about Nihal and Chaiji is about to reply in positive when Ratan signals her not to and Chaiji ducks the topic. Ranvi goes to his room and Chaiji consoles Ratan.

Veera is praying for Ranvi’s return. As soon as Veera sees Ranvi she’s relieved and hugs him. She asks him where he was and also tells him that she cried since he was not here. She’s

begin to say that Nihal chachu didn’t come to teach them as he was not home but Ranvi snaps at her asking her never to mention Nihal’s name again. He’s about to say that he killed Sampooran but stops himself and asks her to go and sleep.

Chaiji asks Ratan to keep patience and says that everything will fall in place eventually. She says that Ranvi will come around after he cools off a bit as right now he’s in shock but Ratan has her doubts and says he’ll never forgive Nihal.

On the other hand Nihal is too broken and depressed and keeps remembering Ranvi’s words. And here Ratan keeps remembering all that Nihal has done for them. She thinks what Nihal commited a mistake but what’s happening with him is wrong too. Concerned, Ratan prepares a concotion for Nihal but when she goes to meet him she finds a letter he has left behind for her. As his repentence he says he’s left the village. Ratan is in tears.

Bakhtawar is alleging and accusing Balwant of letting Nihal go so easily. Balwant stops him but Bansuri is happy and adds fuel to the fire saying Sampooran was also related to them and they should have punished Nihal more. Ratan overhears their conversation and defends Nihal. She asks Balwant not to be partial and influenced by anyone before handing judgments. Balwant realizes his mistakes and rues that they should have listened to Nihal. Ratan informs them that Nihal has left the village.

Ranvi is very angry and wipes the sketch of Nihal that Veera had drawn on the wall. He looks at Sampooran’s picture and vows to take avenge his death.

Ranvi tells Chaiji and Ratan that they’ll all start afresh. He also requests them to not reveal to Veera anything about Ratan. Veera hears Ranvi talking about hiding something from her and asks what’s hidden from her.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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