Suvreen Guggal 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 3rd September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the same scene as yesterday’s precap. Yuvi is facing the goons. One of the goons then moves forward and tries to hit Yuvraj. Suvreen starts to shout yuvra and stops midway, meanwhile Yuvraj punches the goon. The goon falls down from the impact, and then quickly gets up and runs away with the other goons.

Camera then pans to Geeti in some cafe, who is waiting for Vikram. Vikram walks in and apologizes, and then he gets a phone call and he answers it. Then he gets off the phone and both of them get into an argument. Geeti later says I forgot your not worthy of this relationship, and then Vikram gets angry and his arm accidently knocks the coffee cup across the table. Vikram says enough Geeti, you cant do this everytime. And then Geeti gets up and

leaves the table.

Camera pans to Rohan and Preity, who are discussing Rohan’s love life. Rohan says he’s confused and doesn’t understand what to do, and Preity gives him advice, and tells him he’s lucky to have love in his life.

Camera pans back to to YuvReen. Suvi says I knew you would come. Yuvi says I didn’t know, I didn’t think I would come, and I wasn’t going to agree. But your topper, how could I win against you. Suvreen has tears of joy in her eyes, the bg music is Tum hi ho. Suvi begins to run towards Yuvraj, who opens his arms for her, and she runs into his arms, and they embrace, with tum hi ho bg continuing. The really lovable and passionate yuvreen hug continues with tum hi ho bg <3 They then slowly hold each others arms, and have an intense eyelock (with the tum hi ho bg, and they look so perfect together!) Camera pans to Geeti and Vikram.Geeti breaks up with Vikram, both upset, and then she walks off leaving him there. Then camera pans to Rohan and Preity, and Rohan bids adieu to Preity, starts walking away and then he turns and smiles to her, and Preity smiles back to him & they wave. Camera pans back to YuvReen. They both are leaning their forheads against each other, really content and in love. Yuvi says someone told me that the more people that come between us, the more distance will increase between us. Then he says now I dont want anyone to ever come between us. Suvreen says I love you. And with camera tricks, its implied that YuvReen kiss. We also see Samar in his car, smiling seeing Yuvreen kiss through his rearview mirror. Then we see yuvreen walking to suvi's apartment building. They hug again, wave and yuvi blows her a kiss which she catches and then sends him. Then she walks into her apartment and greets her parents and is surprised to learn their leaving for kathgodam the next day. They explain they'll come again for another visit soon. and then they all say their hungry and lets have dinner. Next day is shown, suvreen helps her parents leave with their luggage. And then they show iris, rc is lost and doesn't notice preitys good morning to him. Then he sees suvreen and then the other interns, and awkwardly leaves after a very short exchange of words. He's at his cabin and vivans words are going through his head, about suvreen. He goes to the cafe, & suvreen is there making two cups of coffee. She had just placed her first cup down and rc takes it, assuming it's for him (erm really). That moment yuvi walks in, not knowing rc is there, and saying I'm here topper you don't have to make coffee for me, I xan make it myself. Then awkward silence. Rc says oh I didn't realize, and offers the cup he took to yuvi. Yuvi says no thanks rehan and then walks up to the counter and starts making himself a cup. Rc then excuses himself and walks off to his cabin. There he's thinking first Ira suvreen now yuvi, I'm affecting/hurting others (dont completely remember what he says here) then the Epi ends with the precap of rc and Ira in his cabin. Rc told Ira he wants to talk to her about the diary thing and suvreen, he wants to talk to her he said. Update Credit to: S.i.m.r.a.n.

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