Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd September 2013 Written Update

Everyone search for Shivani at wedding revenue. Dai Ma spot her… Everyone gather around Shivani and stun to see her with varmala around her neck.

After few second Raghu enter behind Shivani and stand beside Shivani. Some start gossiping. Dadu extremely shock and stun. Abhi question Shivani – Shivani state that Dadu wasn’t listening to her and she was helpless. She tries talking her Dadu, but he leave the place and Shivani go after him.

Abhi kept on taunting Raghu and hold his collar, but Raghu grab hold of his hand.

Raghu say he’ll leave once Balwant or Shivani ask him too. Withdrawing from Abhi’s grip.

Mahima is happy while rest are hurt and stun.

Dadu’s bedroom…

Shivani tries talking to her Dadu, but his

expression shown hatred. Raghu come behind Shivani inside the room. He try talking to Dadu, but Dadu turn around with hatred. He go toward table and pick up a stick. He start beating Raghu with it. Shivani tries stopping him.

Jas come inside the room and stopped Dadu from hitting Raghu. He start comforting him and declare himself dead for Shivani and Shivani for him.

Mahima try calming Shivani and assure her that she’ll try to make Dadu understand her deeds and sacrifices. Mahima ask them to leave together. Shivani look at her Dadu before leaving the room. Jas stop Raghu from going toward Dadu and take him out of the room. Mahima tries talking to Dadu, but stop her with his hand.

Hall of Rana Mansion…

Shivani coming down the stairs. Her friends try talking to her, but she doesn’t listen to them. Dadu shed tears inside his room. Raghu come down the stairs.

He go toward Shivani.

Abhi stare at both of them with hatred.

Both of them continue walking slowly out of Rana Mansion. Media come out of no where and start taking snap of Shivani and Raghu. Raghu protect her from the media…hearing them question…make her feel scared.

At Raghu’s place…

Sumitra’s father ask about Raghu and Raghu’s father said he’s on his way after completing his task .

Back at Rana’s place…

Media throwing many question at Shivani regarding her marriage with Raghu, but she try hiding her face. And Raghu place his arm around her shoulder and brought her out from the media.

At Raghu’s place…

Sumitra standing and waiting for Raghu.

Her friends come and start teasing her.

Outside Rana’s Mansion…

Raghu and Shivani come out together from the media…

Dai Ma place her hand on Shivani’s shoulder…

Shivani turn around and hug her. She shed away her tears. Dai Ma console her and assure that once Balwant’s anger calm down than he’ll understand her. She told Shivani that now she has to go with Raghu. Shivani open car door and Raghu sit on the bike.

Shivani close the door and go toward Raghu and Raghu coming toward her. He ask her if he should call the driver, but Shivani said she’ll go on his bile.

Shivani walk toward Raghu’s bike.

Raghu stare at her for while than sit on his bike waiting for Shivani. Shivani sit behind him and place her hand on his shoulder.

Raghu drive away.

Inside Balwant’s room…

He shedding tear…

Jas and his wife watching Abhi brainwashing Dadu and advice Dadu change his will. Dadu denies to change the will after Shivani stain his honer.

Jas and Mahima share tiny laugh and Abhi stare at them.

At garden…

Shivani sitting on bench and Raghu stare at her. Shivani and Raghu awkwardly recalling how they got married.

Shivani call Raghu asking him to meet her at the temple behind her house.

Shivani look at Raghu and Raghu stare at her.

Raghu recall…

He stun to hear – him marrying Shivani. Jas and Mahima convincing Raghu to marry Shivani emotionally. Shivani also add if Raghu doesn’t agree to marry her than her life would be ruin if she got married to Abhi.

Raghu snap out of her thoughts and stare at Shivani.

Shivani stare at him.

Precap: Sumitra’s father call Raghu asking about his whereabouts. Raghu say he’s on his way home… but Shivani ask him not to leave her alone… Sumitra’s father hear Shivani’s voice.

Update Credit to: MistiofMistz

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