Veera 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chaiji telling Ranvi that he should be proud of Veera. He says I will talk to her. She smiles. He asks where is she. He says she went to buy Diwali firecrackers. Veera is on the way and scolds some kids playing Gilli Danda, as her crackers fall. Rajveer comes there and talks to her. She jokes and he asks her to come to police station and file FIR. She laughs. He says he will drop her home. The kids ask him to tell Veera to play. He says does she know. The kids says better than you. She says no. Rajveer asks her to play. She agrees. Ratan cleans the diyas. She says I heard you explaining Ranvi, I feel Ranvi and Veera will sort their differences.

Chai ji says I have to explain you too, you are Pind’s sarpanch and everyone praise of your courage, but this time you acted like coward. Ratan says Chai ji. Chai ji says it needs courage to get love, I felt you will do it this time. She says no one is telling you to forget your husband, but to give place to someone else. She says if you don’t want to marry Nihaal, fine, but don’t keep him away, when no one will be with you, Nihaal will stand with you as a good friend and you will feel light of all burdens. Veera says enough playing for today. Rajveer says its draw. He says its good to see an educated girl like you does not find this game bad, our mindset matches. She says game is game, I will go home.

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He says he will drop her home and sees the colorful crackers. He says I did not light diya since 13 years, after my mum died. He says he does not know celebrating with family, what will a lonely person do in Diwali. She messages she will be coming late and says lets go you home, I will light diya at your home. She says we have to tell darkness we are not afraid and we are with light. Rajveer gets happy and they leave. Jaggi and Billa see this and talk is Rajveer taking her home, they are using Baldev, its too much, we have to do it today.

Veera lights the diyas in Rajveer’s house and gets Baldev’s call. Baldev says you said you won’t meet, but can talk. Rajveer hears her talking. She says I miss you, but see I m not at home and can’t talk now. He asks why, where are you. She says I will tell later, I will call you after everyone sleeps at home, we have to celebrate Diwali together, the difference is we will be at our home. He says come outside, I will see you. She ends the call. He asks was it Baldev, Ranvi does not want you to marry him, what will you do. She says I will wait for him to agree. He says I know, you won’t go against Ranvi, I m like you, I can sacrifice love but can’t hurt my loved ones.

Billa and Jaggi keeps something in Ranvi’s godown. They leave from there. Veera asks Rajveer did he love someone. He says yes, its hard for police officer to get a girl, her family was against me, and I got transferred here as I could not see her with someone else. She says she will leave now and invites him to her home for Laxmi puja. Ratan asks Gunjan does she have colored envelops, as she wants to give Nek to kids. She asks Gunjan to go bank and deposit money. Gunjan says fine. She gets her friend’s call asking her for money. She says how will I give money, don’t talk to Ranvi, I will give money. She goes to Ratan’s room and takes the cash. She hides and says Ratan should not know this till I keep it back.

Rajveer touches Veera’s lipstick marks on the tea cup. He says you can’t go against Ranvi and he will choose me for you. He gets a call and comes to know some news. He says I m coming in 10mins to police station. He asks Kaka not to wash this cup. He says this time, situation is different, and my intention too, this time we won’t need to run. Billa and Jaggi tell Baldev that Veera is at Rajveer’s home since three hours and lighting diyas at his home. Baldev gets angry.

He says you are not permitted to meet Veera. Baldev says I will see. He leaves. Jaggi says we will tell Baldev once the work is done. Veera comes home and sees Ranvi. She walks upstairs. Ranvi says Gunjan that they will go to her home to give Diwali wishes and talk to Baldev. She asks why. Ranvi says it was not Baldev’s mistake yesterday in temple. Veera hears this and is glad. They smile. Rajveer comes there. Ranvi says come, are you coming from duty. Rajveer says no, I came here to do duty, I have search warrant for your house and godown. Everyone is shocked.

Ranvi checks the warrant. Chai ji asks why. Rajveer says we got the news that there is unlicensed liquor stored. Veera is shocked. Veera says my Veer ji can’t do this. Rajveer says yes, I know, but I got complaint, I have to search. Rajveer asks for keys. Ranvi asks him to do his work and gives keys. Rajveer’s staff gets the wine barrel and everyone is shocked. Rajveer says he is arresting Ranvi and he has to come to police station with him. Ratan says no. Ranvi says nothing will happen, let him do his work. Veera says no, its not his mistake. Rajveer says I know, but I m helpless by law, please let me do my duty. Ranvi says yes, we know we are not wrong. He asks Rajveer to do his duty. Gunjan says no, don’t do this.Ranvi is handcuffed. Veera says someone has framed Ranvi. Rajveer says yes, you are right, I promise I will investigate and free Ranvi soon. I will bring that man to everyone, I can say this as friend to get Ranvi’s bail fast. Veera says she can’t let Ranvi stay in jail, she will free him soon, she promises. Everyone cry.

Baldev says its not his drum and he does not know how it came, he got call and he came here. Rajveer says you tell this story in court, and arrests him. Baldev is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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