Humsafars 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Zara and Myra asking Nausheen if her decision of living back to Lucknow is right. Even daadi asks where will they stay in Lucknow. Nausheen says they can stay under tree, but not in Alvira’s house and get insulted like this.

Anam calls her travel agent and asks him to book 5 sleeper class ticket to Lucknow. Kurti ugly aapa says her plan is executing well and she is getting out an ugly patch out of precious silk cloth now.

Alvira asks Nausheen not to take a decision in a hurry and to think of Arzoo’s future. Nausheen says her decision won’t change. She then tries to convince Arzoo, but Arzoo says she will not go against her ammi’s decision. Servant informs that press have thronged outside their house. Arzoo thinks she will have to clear Sayyara’s name out off controversy.

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Arzoo meets press and says she want to tell the truth what happened that night. Before she speaks, Sahir comes there and drags her with him. He says press wants just sensational news and they will ruin Sayyara’s reputation more. He gets a call from his investor who says he has to do something to uplift Sayyara’s image, else they will not get a contract which they were working for since many years.

Sahir reaches his mom’s room and sees her crying. He asks her the reason. She says she lost a chance to help her friend who had helped her so much. she says she is feeling helpless seeing Nausheen taking back Arzoo and says Arzoo is very special which he will realize later. Sahir says he cannot see tears in her eyes and promises to stop Nausheen’s family. He hurriedly walks towards outhouse. Kurti ugly apa says now Lucknowi’s will leave his house soon. He does not reply her anything and walks towards outhouse.

Sahir enters outhouse. Nausheen sees him and says she was about to leave. He says you helped ammi a lot in Lucknow. She says god helps and she was just a means. He says now it was ammi’s turn to help you, but you don’t want her to repay you, says he is responsible for Sayyara and its employee’s problems and not Ammi, requests her to stay back. Nausheen agrees. He walks out and sees Azroo crying alone. Arzoo stops crying seeing him. He walks out without talking to her. He then informs Alvira that he spoke to Nausheen and she agreed to stay back. Alviray gets happy and says every mother should get a son like you.

Alvira sees Kurti dancing in kitchen and asks what happened to her pain. Kurti says her pain is going to Lucknow via train. Alvira says she has a bad news for her then and says Nausheen is not going now. Kurti says she must have used some tricks. She says she has a king with her, then why to worry. Kurti says you used Sahir then. Alvira says she understood right and says she should realize that she is just a worker her and should be in her limit and says she will get Arzoo married to her son soon. Kurti says she will not let that happen and walks out. Alvira says she will get Arzoo married to Sahir at any cost.

Arzoo knocks Sahir’s room door and asks if she can come in. He says she can. She thanks him for stopping Nausheen from going back for her sake. Sahir says he did it for his ammi and asks her not to be in a misunderstanding that he did it for her.

Precap: Arzoo says Sahir that she is very daring and tells how she stood in front of bulldozer to save her ammi’s factory and cruses the man who blasted the factory. Sahir realizes that she is cursing her.

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