Tum Saath Ho Jab 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Najma hears Waqar’s voice and gets worried. She asks Imran to run as Waqar is coming here only. He doesn’t have to hide so she requests him to hide her somewhere. They both hide behind a big tree along with all the tennis stuff. Waqar reaches there just then. he turns back as he couldn’t find Najma anywhere. At the same moment he hears a phone’s ring. Imran cuts the call. Waqar looks around worriedly as he cannot see anyone. he turns around but Imran’s phone rings again. he cuts it again. waqar still cannot see anyone. imran picks the call this time. When I am cutting your call then why are you calling me time and again? I am hiding here. Altaf gets confused. Meanwhile Imran cuts the call. Waqar begins to walk closer towards their hiding spot when Najma says meow. Waqar steps back scared after looking at the tree up and down and then runs back outside. Najma asks Imran how many calls he gets. Imran says it was my Mamu. Najma says your Mamu is also impatient like you. Imran should have scolded her instead. I am hiding you here behind this tree here even after being a teacher. She corrects it for him that it is Banyan Tree. If Waqar bhaijaan would have seen me then things would have heated up at home. It would have happened if I wouldn’t have used my intelligence. Don’t know what all you do! He gives up in front of her. she advises him to keep his phone on silent from next time onwards. I don’t want to take any risk. He nods.

Naima and Saba are with Shabbir in some restaurant. Naima apologizes for not meeting him the other day as she wasn’t well. He doesn’t mind it. she puts it on Saba for arranging their meeting today. naima is all floored by his replies. Saba is worried as she notices Jamaal and Bilkish entering the same restaurant. She hides under the table. she lies to Naima and Shabbir that her handkerchief fell down. Jamaal and Bilkish take the table right in front of them. saba pulls Naima under the table as well. Shabbir wonders what is taking so long. He too ducks under the table as he gets to know that Saba’s Fufa and Fufi have come here as well. Saba is scared what if they tell her Abbu. Even Shabbir is scare of the same. if Younis bhai gets to know about it then it will reach my Abbu’s ears. Jamaal notices three people hiding under the table and gets curious. He gets to see what they are doing under the table but Bilkish stops him. saba and Naima cover their heads with the veil and walk out. Bilkish observes them keenly. That suit looked just like the one Saba wears. Jamaal doesn’t want to talk about suit.

Mariam notices Saba and Naima running stealthily towards their room. Saba declines to accompany her Khala on her lunches from now onwards. We were lucky that we dint get caught today. Naima still doesn’t get serious. She finds Shabbir good that he too ducked down under the table with them. saba says he did that to save himself. He knew if Abbu gets to know about it then he will be scolded. Mariam has heard everything. Saba requests her not to tell anything to Abbu. Naima Khala forced me for it. naima too requests her for it. mariam agrees to keep it a secret. It is something else altogether to meet your would be before your wedding. The girls get happy. saba hugs her Choti Ammi. Naima too says thank you half heartedly. Mariam gets to know about the incident. Saba wants to know about her Choti Ammi and Chote Abbu’s meetings. Mariam thinks of her past moments with Tauseef before their wedding. She gets all emotional and excuses herself. She turns to Naima. It isn’t bad to meet Shabbir without anyone’s knowledge. I know Younis bhai wont like it if he gets to know about it. but if possible please share all this with Nasima bhabhi. She is your sister after all. You must have a secret sharer in your life who has seen the world more than you. Naima says you just said you too used to meet Tauseef Miyan. Mariam had hidden it from her Ammi and Abbu but my Baaji knew everything. After sometime my Majid bhai had become Younis bhai’s friend. I am just requesting you. If you will meet Shabbir after letting your sister know then it will be good. Naima doesn’t care about what Mariam says and makes faces once Mariam leaves from the room.

Waqar joins Fiza once again. He is hungry so begins to eat his lunch. Najma comes rushing there. She lies that she was in library. She smartly manages the replies as Waqar cross questions her. Imran asks the peon to bring lunch for him from canteen. Najma invites him to join them for lunch. Fiza and Najma tell him to stop his drama all the time. It isn’t good to be arrogant all the time. He takes a bite each from Najma and Fiza’s lunchbox. He takes a bite from Waqar’s lunchbox too which makes Waqar sad. You took such a big bite without even my asking you for it. najma tells Imran not to worry about what bhaijaan says. Imran asks Waqar why he dint join tennis coaching. Waqar replies point blank that his Abbu doesn’t want him to take training from him. fiza ends up calling him a drunkard which pinches him. najma makes light of the situation. She tries to make him appreciate her skills. He accidentally says you should focus on your fitness. Fiza and Waqar ask him about it. imran says I feel everyone should think about being fit. Fiza teases her bhaijaan. Imran suggests Najma to watch practise it on her terrace. Many good programs come up at 5 am on tv. Waqar and Fiza are sad that their Abbu never allows them to watch tv. Najma confirms it with Imran that there will be a tv program early morning. He nods and then leaves from there.

Jamaal has brought jalebis for his Amma. She refuses to eat it as he dint bring anything for her. Bilkish enjoys telling her about what all they ate outside. Amma covers her ears as she doesn’t want to hear anything else. Jamaal tries to intervene but in vain.

Mariam picks the empty tea cup from the table near Abbajaan. He recalls it well that she had wanted to tell him something. She nods. I have hidden something from you. He is sure if she has hidden it and finds it right then there is no need for her to feel embarrassed over it. if you are in some dilemma then go ahead.

Nasima comes there talking to her Ammi about agreeing to talk to Abbajaan about that municipality park. Abbajaan sympathises with Younis. He doesn’t run away from his MIL for no reason. she is one in a million kind of person. Nasima reminds Abbajaan about it. he suggests her to convey it to her Ammi that Allah pays patient people well. Nasima finds Younis coming in right then. she is about to talk to him about her Ammi when he warns her against it. I am really angry right now. They all get concerned for him as he had gone to meet his client. Nasima gets worried about their order. Has he cancelled it? younis refuses to work with him instead. He wants to meet Mariam. He has liked her designs so much that he doesn’t approve the designs made by my labourers. He wants only Mariam’s designs for his showroom in Dubai. Abbajaan doesn’t find it odd but Younis does. The women family should meet clients outside just like that? I have always kept my professional life away from home. How can I let Mariam meet that client in that case? Nasima agrees with him. think about the society.

Abbajaan says this is a good opportunity for Mariam too. He asks for Mariam’s opinion who doesn’t want to talk about what hasn’t happened yet. He makes her understand that it is actually about the things which couldn’t go right till now. Do we want to do it right or not? Younis repeats his words. Do you want the women of our house to go out in the market? Abbajaan reminds him that they (men) also roam in the same market every single day. I cannot understand what’s wrong with Mariam working. Why cant women do what men do? If it is about women’s safety when you think about not sending women outside then it is ok. But if you want to keep her inside the four walls of your house then we men are wrong. I was saying it as this will give a chance to Mariam to showcase her skills. She too will stand on her own feet and your work will progress too. Younis leaves from there all disturbed, with Nasima following him. mariam thanks Allah for making her realise that she dint do any mistake in enrolling Najma for tennis coaching. Abbajaan doesn’t distinguish between a woman and a man. Epi ends on her relieved face.

Precap: All the kids come running to the kitchen as they are super hungry. Mariam wonders about how they are so hungry today. you had your lunchboxes. Waqar says new neighbour but then goes quiet.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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