Veera 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansuri telling the ladies that Baldev and Veera work for polyhouse so they are seen together. She gets tensed and thinks is this true. Baldev is annoyed and pack his bag. Veera comes to him and asks where is he going. He says back to Pind, you be here and stay with Ranvi. She asks are you annoyed that I did not tell Ranvi about us. She says do you think I m not saying it intentionally, how can you think so. They cry. She says I want to tell him, but I m afraid, its big thing, Ranvi is like my parent, his yes or no will matter, I m waiting for right time. She says if this is hurting you, then fine, I will tell Ranvi everything now, to make you sure that I m not wishing to hide this always.

She asks Ratan where is Ranvi. Ratan says he went out, what happened. Veera says nothing, I will just come. Gunjan asks Ranvi to go in inauguration as guest. Ranvi says I want to be at home with family. She says this will give you publicity. Veera comes to him and says she has to say something. Ranvi says yes, say. Baldev looks on. Veera says I and ………… Few girls see Ranvi and come to take his autograph and pic. Gunjan smiles. The girls leave. Veera changes her mind and says she came to say all the best. Ranvi asks her to come. Veera says no, I will be at home. Gunjan says lets go. Ranvi and Gunjan leave.

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Veera cries and says Baldev, I m sorry, I want to tell him, but I could not tell, it’s a big thing, it will be hard to say this to my elder brother, it will be difficult for any girl. Baldev says stop it now, I understood, you are right. He says we will talk to him later. She checks his temper and asks does he have fever. He laughs. He wipes her tears. He says this tension will be yours forever, end this topic here, your marriage will be only with me, you tell Ranvi today or tomorrow, whats the difference. She hugs him and says I love you. He says me too. He says he has to go Pind, you give me Veera smile, so that I can go well. She smiles. They hug.

Its morning, Ranvi makes Veera eat fruits. Ranvi asks did Baldev reach, did he call. She says yes. He says he did not tell me and went suddenly. Ratan says the thing is……… Gunjan says we will stop making food in desi ghee, my aerobic instructor told to use olive oil. Ranvi says leave it, parathas look good in desi ghee, you use this on hair. Ratan asks Ranvi when will he come to Pind, everyone ant to give a function. Veera says she is excited and everyone is feeling proud. Ranvi says he will come. Gunjan says Ranvi can’t go to Pind back. They are shocked.

Gunjan says Ranvi won this competition to make his career, so he has to be here and become a big singing star, Veera also wanted this. Ranvi says what are you saying, my life and family is in Pind. Gunjan says don’t be upset, I meant you can’t go now and shows his schedule. She says your days are booked, you will get offers, you have to work hard, if you go back, everything will end. Ranvi says he can’t relations with his family. Veera says Gunjan is right. Organizers have kept this appointments to benefit you. Ratan says yes, you are new and have to work hard.

Veera says up and down can be done when you become famous singer. Veera says but we have to go back. Ranvi says why, you won’t go anywhere, I will end work here and we will go together. Veera says no, I have to go to fulfill dad’s dream of Krish Vidyalaya. Ratan says yes, I also have work there. Ranvi says he can’t say anything now. Ranvui says he will come soon and smiles. Gunjan thinks she won’t let him go back, as she got the life she dreamt of, she won’t live this life now.

Baldev gifts Jaggi and Billa what he got for them from Mumbai. He sais he did not forget them. Jaggi says its fine, our uncle also send this, tell some story, where did you go with Ranvi, he became big man, you might have taken advantage. Baldev says I don’t need anyone. Jaggi says Ratan is sarpanch, Ranvi is singing star now, you are lucky. Billa says take us to Mumbai. Baldev says what about my gifts, you are concerned about taking pic with Ranvi. Billa asks Baldev to marry Veera. Jaggi says Ranvi won’t let him marry her, he won’t even keep him as driver. Baldev gets angry and says Ranvi is not superstar for me, but just Veera’s brother. I have work of polyhouse, which Veera and I are doing. He leaves being angry.

Bansuri sees her and Ranvi’s pic which she got by computer effects. Baldev comes and is angry seeing the pics. Bansuri says my son in law became a star now. Baldev asks her to give him food. She says yes, first bring nail and hammer, and fix this pics. He says he is hungry. She says see Ranvi, he listens to Ratan so much and hears Gunjan too, you should learn to be like him.

Baldev says he will have food at Dhaba. She stops him and asks about him having an affair with someone, as she is told this by Meena. He gets angry and says dad is right to taunt you. She compares him with Ranvi and asks him to respect her. He says do one thing, you adopt Ranvi. He leaves. Ranvi says he will drop her. Veera says no, I will cry leaving. He says don’t cry, I will come soon. She says yes, come soon, I have to talk a lot when you come back. He says once I come, we will talk so much that we won’t know when its day and when its night. Rabba………………..plays………… She hugs him and cries. Gunjan and Ratan looks on.

Veera and Baldev have a romantic moment. Bansuri sees Baldev with a girl and wants to find out. She says is she the one with whom he has an affair, I will see who is she.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i knew it gunjan is sooo selfish

  2. gunjan still thinks only about herself.. selfish..

  3. No gunjan is right, she always supported ranvi and did much for the family and since she is there their lives changed day by day…
    I hate ranvi y always veera and his mom? Why does he never mention his wife… She does also much,but no it was veera, who got the trophy from ranvi… Poor gunjan.. Its right what she is thinking here she can spend time and live her and there will be no veera who interfers in everything -.-

  4. * live her life

  5. gunjan is so selfish….ranvi always says that she and veera are his powers….is kism ki ladki o ki karan ghar tutta hain….i thought she changed..and thinking of ranvi.but….saali ko khudki pari hain….ek bar bhi nehi socha ki veera nehi usko mumbai veja.ranvi to lekar ana v nehi chahta tha…

  6. Raw ur ri8

  7. raw or whatever u r,,,look at thr name of serial its about siblings not lovers story like all ////u dont know serials name,,,is it so,,,but i will tell u dont worry its name is ek veer ki ardas veera,,,,this is true gunjan is selfish but veera is ranvis sister and ranvi cant leave her alone,,,what hppened to baLdev doing same like what gunjan did before withh veera,,,gunjan and baldev are walls v=btween 2 siblings…writer ranvi and veera love each other but not like in childhood,,i think writer has forgooten name of serial for ur kind info i will tell u name


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