Tum Saath Ho Jab 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mariam is in her balcony when she notices Altaf coming back from downstairs. She covers her head and then greets him. There is an awkward silence for a second. She tells him about what she had heard yester night. What happened? You don’t have to leave this place because of Najma. She wont come in front of him ever. Altaf dismisses it. My nephew is very stubborn. If he has decided then he will surely do it. mariam offers to apologize to him on Najma’s behalf. Altaf recalls Imran’s words about not wanting anyone’s sympathy or pity. He declines. you don’t do anything or he will never change his decision. I am trying to make him understand. Lets see what happens. Imran calls out for him so Altaf excuses himself. On the other hand, Nasima calls out for Mariam. She asks Mariam to go to school to give kids’ fees. If we don’t give it today then we will have to pay fine. She asks Mariam not to tell Younis about it. you know he doesn’t like it when women of the house go out like this. Mariam nods.

A girl is on rickshaw. She notices Imran and tells the rickshaw puller to stop. She looks at Imran adoringly while DDLJ’s tune plays in the background. Imran tries to start his bike but there is some problem. The girl is about to give money to the rickshaw puller when she gets angry to see that Shabnam is talking to Imran. Shabnam has brought food for him and insists him to keep it. Imran is getting late and declines. The other girl is happy to see Shabnam going back to her house with the plate. She pays the money and goes and stands in front of Imran. Maybe your bike has broken down. She introduces herself as Naima (Nasima’s sister). Shabnam watches this from upstairs and doesn’t look happy. Imran is not happy to know that she has something to do with Baig House. She continues to talk to him while he looks completely uninterested. She continues to guess about what would have happened to the bike and makes random talks. Are you unmarried? My brother is looking for a groom for me as well. He excuses himself as he is getting late and walks off. Naima is all moony eyed while Shabnam looks on upset.

Nasima calls Naima inside. Naima talks about Imran. He is so shy. Nasima tells him not to talk about that drunkard in front of Younis.

Mariam waits for an auto. She finally gets in an empty auto. Imran comes to board it as well but backs off seeing Mariam inside. The driver tries to convince him saying that it takes time to find an empty auto. Meanwhile, a guy comes and sits beside Mariam. He too cajoles Imran to sit and Imran finally gets in.

Nasima is talking to her Ammi on phone. I will explain it to Naima. Naima is looking towards Shameem’s house. Rehmat Bi wonders what she is drooling at. Naima doesn’t reply. She offers to help Rehmat Bi and asks about the new neighbour. Any idea who all are there or anything else? Rehmat Bi only knows that his (Imran’s) wife ran away with someone else. Naima gets happy. he is all alone this means. Rehmat Bi tells her about how Imran created a fuss yesterday regarding his daughter’s photo. But why are you curious? Nasima reminds her that someone is coming to see her this Sunday. Rehmat Bi reminds her not to miss it as she is getting old. Maybe you wont be able to find a match afterwards. She heads for the kitchen. Shabnam comes to invite them for an event due next week. She intentionally spills it that Naima was talking to Imran. He is not a good guy. Naima plays the cards back at her only. They both end up taunting each other for talking to Imran. Nasima sends off Shabnam and warns Naima too.

Altaf is trying to bargain with the scrap dealer. Jamaal comes running there. He hides asking them not to tell anyone about him. they get to know about Makhmal who is after Jamaal. Altaf laughs at him but agrees to save him. makhmal asks him if he has seen someone running from here. He enjoys it when Makhmal talks ill against Jamaal. He sends him off in the opposite direction. Jamaal and Altaf have another fun moment pulling each other’s legs.

The guy checks with the auto driver about the route. Imran is talking to some Ashraf about his new house. He has been declined to shift there which upsets him. the other guy tries to get cosy with Mariam. He puts his arm almost around Mariam. The guy hears his convo and sympathises with him. no one gives house to bachelors on rent. Mariam tells him to sit properly. Imran observes her discomfort. He calls Ashraf again and talks calmly to him. please get me some other place. I want to shift from there asap. Meanwhile, the guy stealthily puts his hand over knee and she is shocked by his gesture. Imran notices this. He holds the hand of the guy and tells the auto driver to stop the auto. He thrashes the guy badly. Mariam asks the driver to stop them but he has no idea as to why they are fighting actually. Mariam goes quiet. The guy wonders if Imran wants to enjoy all alone after which he gets beaten all the more badly. Once Imran is done, he asks Mariam as to where she was going. She replies that she was going to submit kids’ school fees. He offers to drop her. She tries to decline but he points out that there is no guarantee of such people. What if he comes back? I know I am not counted among the good people but I am not that bad. Mariam looks at him in surprise. He sits inside the auto again and they head for the school.

Naima is watching television but she is not able to change the channel. Nasima asks her to switch it off as Younis will be coming back any time. Naima is not able to do anything. Just then Saba comes home and greets them. naima has been waiting for her. saba lies that she had extra classes today because of which she got late. They hear the news where a new mall’s inauguration is happening. Saba is shocked to see herself in it and gets scared. She requests her khala to change the channel asap or Ammi will see it. Nasima wonders what they are whispering about. She turns to see what’s coming on tv but Saba hugs her from behind, blocking her view. She asks about Mariam. I am very hungry. Nasima tries to break free as her neck is paining. She hears Saba’s voice from tv. Saba was actually shouting excitedly. By now Naima replaces Saba who goes and switches off the tv from the main switch directly. Naima wonders if Mariam actually went somewhere else afterwards. You don’t take this much time in depositing school fees. Rehmat Bi speaks in favour of Mariam. She only goes to mosque, nowhere else. She asks about the menu but Nasima is ok with anything. Naima wonders why Rehmat Bi always takes Mariam’s side. Nasima knows that Tauseef used to love / spoil her a lot with clothes or money. She goes inside. Saba is saved thankfully. One should talk about Choti Ammi if you have to divert Ammi’s mind.

Imran and Mariam are in the auto. Mariam recalls everything from the start about him and all the incidents. She keeps looking at him with concern. They reach school finally. Mariam gets down and thanks Imran for his help. He turns to go but she stops him. please don’t go. If you are leaving because of me and Najma then you should not! I know I said a lot to you that day but I was all concerned about my daughter back then. I am really sorry for that. Najma does not want to trouble you. She just doesn’t realise what to do and when. She found that photo on the frame so she got it framed. She didn’t pity you. She was just ashamed over his mistake. Please don’t leave because of us. I promise Najma wont even look towards your window from now onwards. Waqar notices them from inside and is confused.

Precap: Everyone is seated at the dining table. Nasima is happy to know that Imran is leaving from their locality. Even Younis talks against him. Saba calls him just. Waqar too spills out that he had come to drop Choti Ammi to school. Younis is taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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