Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohit comes to Sangeet, she invites him and his brother inside. Sagar says he might not be able to come inside as he has got his flight. Akshit meets them, Arpita asks them to sit in the garden and goes inside. Akshit asks Sagar what he is doing? He tells that he and his fiancé are trying to increase their bank-balance in order to make a restaurant of their owns. Akshit says that you take money from your wife even before wedding but he says that when we have to live together for whole of the life, why say so. Arpita brings sweets and snacks for Sagar, he says that he would have selected her for Rohti hadn’t she been married.

At Sangeet, Raj arrives with Anjali. Suket asks them about Vikram, Anjali says he has gone for some important work and will be here. Anjali asks about Bhawna, Suket says she must be here. Vikram prays for his parents, Bhawna also prays there. Vikram asks for his parents and sister, while Bhawna for her father and for all those who died in the accident. The Pandit asks the reason of death from Vikram, he names it murder.

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Anjali asks Bauji and Suket to begin the Sangeet, Vikram has requested to begin the ceremony. Bauji says they are waiting for Bhawna. She comes downstairs, Bauji says that the happiness of future means more than the past. Akshat gives DJ a CD to play while Arpita’s performance and place it in the first place; he says he will see what his wonder wife will do. Arpita stops her performance, while everyone comments what cheap kind of song is she performing. Everyone calls her names. Akshit thinks about their moments together, and thinks he must not have done this. Arpita runs to DJ, he tells her Akshit gave him the song. Akshit comes there and tells Arpita that this is the CD with the right song, she must dance on it. Arpita runs to the room, she asks him that he wanted to take revenge from her. He says that he must owe him, he found the right CD. He asks would she dance with Rohit, she says he would never have played such a cheap song for her. She reminds him the time he made her comfortable, and now where he stands.
She suggests why shall they wait till Avni’s wedding even, when they can hurt each other so much.
Bhawna is worried, that it was DJ’s mistake, she must go to make up Arpita. Anjali says that Akshit went after her, he is her husband. Avni asks Bhawna that it is Abhaas’ performance. Abhaas has gone to bring special sweets for Vikram. Bhawna asks Avni and Raj to bring Arpita. Arpita came downstairs, Raj announces that it was a technical problem and Arpita will perform. Avni insists upon her to perform, she does while Akshit watches her. She says thank you to all of them, her special thank to the bride-n-groom to be, as they have always been there and prays that they always love and trust each other. She calls two special people on stage, Raj and Avni.
Avni asks Raj that he remembers they have to take vows; she asks where her plan is. He says that they all sound so stupid, he can’t say this all. She asks what she will speak now, he promises he will manage. She is annoyed, and tells him to manage it all alone. Her mood is off.

Madhuri gives the wedding to card to Bauji, and asks to keep it to Kana ji. Bauji gives it to Bhawna. She opens the card to read it, it fells down. She picks it up, and was about to read the name when the phone bell rings. She looks around to see whose call is it, and sees it is Raj’s papa; thinking it must be something important she pick it up. Vikram recognizes her as Sangeeta.

PRECAP: Raj and Avni performs. Vikram and Bhawna dances with masks on.

Update Credit to: Sona

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