Humsafars 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aarzoo’s sisters getting happy looking at prize money. Zara says she will get her photo portfolio. Another sister says she needs computer. Daadi says she needs LCD TV and will exchange their old one. Arzoo says she will repair house roof first. After joining her internship, she will buy LCD and computer later with her salary. A neighbour comes and informs Nausheen that factory is burnt into razes due to cylinder truck crash and nothing is saved. Nausheen gets sad and starts crying hearing this news.

Sahir looks at news papers and gets happy seeing factory’s burnout news. MLA’s wife praises Alvira, tells her about her daughter’s alliance and warns that many lucknow girls would want to marry Sahir and will trap him.

Nausheen is sad about factory blast. Arzoo asks her not to worry as she got a job now. Zara jokes to get house next to Salman khan and says heard him coming topless in his balcony. Daadi asks her not to tall about topless in her house. Parrot repeats topless topless and everyone laughs. Alvira calls Nausheen and invites her family for lunch and says she will send driver. Nausheen hesitantly agrees. Arzoo asks Nausheen to leave with family while she will console factory employees and come there. Daadi tells them about her MIL’s story and everyone laughs.

Nausheen and family reaches Alvira’s house. Girls praises house that house is like a palace. Servant greets them in. Alvira introduces Nausheen to MLA’s wife. MLA’s wife murmurs that Nausheen has come with her daughters for their alliance with Sahir. Nausheen asks about Arzoo. Daadi says she has gone to meet factory employee after its blast. Daadi says it is purposefully blasted by an arrogant man and says she will beat him to pulp if she finds him. Sahir hears that and gets irked. Nausheen reaches Alvira’s house. Sahir in a hurry pushes her and gets into his car. She thinks he is very arrogant.

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Alvira gives flight ticket to Alvira and asks her to come there tomorrow. She says Nausheen that she has bought up her daughters well. Nausheen says Arzoo did not separate from her till now. Alvira asks her not to worry about Nausheen as she has dreamt big about her. Sisters request Arzoo to take them to Ganjing before she leaves tomorrow. She agrees and they all 3 enjoy panipuri, shopping etc. Ay masakali… song plays in the background.

Sisters sadly asks Arzoo if she will really go tomorrow. She sadly says yes. Zara asks she got a job which she wanted, then why is she sad. She says she will be happy when she will call whole family to Mumbai and hugs her sisters emotionally. Zara says her new boss is very hot. They see clouds over moon and think if moon is seen within 1 hour, they will go to Mumbai soon and eagerly watch sky. Moon is seen within 1 min and they all three happily shout. Neighbour scolds them to go and sleep and let her sleep.

Arzoo’s family come to drop her at airport. Daadi gets emotional but says she will not cry as her Arzoo will get weak, says Mumbai is a big city and Arzoo should not get lose her identity there, prays god to protect her kid, and hugs her emotionally. Arzoo asks her to take care of Nausheen, not to whistle while watching cricket, and not to fight with parrot. She agrees. Arzoo then looks at her mom who is in cab and asks her to come out. Mom also emotionally cries and hugs her. Daadi whistles and says it is a team hurdle. Whole family hug each other and say happy traveling. Sahir who reaches airport watches them and checks into airport. Arzoo waves her family goodbye. Family asks her to take car of herself and says Allah Hafiz.

Precap: Arzoo hears Sahir telling I blast whole building, thinks he is a terrorist and gets him arrested.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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