Veera 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Veera 25th September 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Veera telling everyone she wanted to grow up to be a farmer just like her beeji who runs the tractor, goes into the field and works hard. Everyone is really happy and impressed hearing this especially Ratan.

The Dehli Clan are obviously jealous of Ranveera as they are praised by their father. They plot against Veera. When Veera approaches them, they pretend to be nice with her even to the extent of Amar apologizing to Veera about misbehabing earlier. Veera takes them to her room to play and although Ranvi wants to go behind her to ensure she isn’t in any trouble, he is unable to.

Ashok asks Ranvi if he would like to come with him to Dehli and study there in the city schools. He refuses saying he wouldn’t want to stay away from his family.

After dinner, Ashok, the guest has a talk with Ratan and reveals how unhappy and stressed he feels about his children not recieving the right values like the kids in the village do. He is worried about their future but Ratan comforts him telling him tha he should wait for the right time and when it comes, they will change for the better.

The Dehli Clan play out their plan against Veera. Using Veera’s innocence and adoration for the city kids to their advantage, they feed her with the most ill-mannered behaviours terming them as ‘city talks’. Veera though a little confused, buys it. When the kids go down, and Ashok tells them about their plan to go for a picnic as a whole family, Veera gets excited but is signalled by the older girl of the Dehli Clan to say no. Veera then misbehaves with Ashok and acts like the ‘city people’ as she believes much to everyones horror. When Ratan scolds her, Veera apologizes and agrees to go for the picnic happily.

Ratan and Chai ji talk about Veera learning bad things from the kids and Ratan shows her concern for her but suddenly realises and stops herself and clarifies that she only cares for this matter because Ranvi thinks of Veera as his sister. Chai ji smiles to herself as she decides that no matter how adamant Ratan is to admit, she does love and care for Veera just like her own child.

At night, Veera is packing her bags to get ready for the picnic the next day when Ranvi comes to her and asks her why she misbehaved earlier. Veera tells him she learnt it from the Dehli Clan and its how city people talk. Ranvi asks Veera to stay away from them and not listen to them. Veera however has something else in her mind. She promises herself to become just like the city kids.

Precap: Ratan, Chaiji and Ranveera are getting ready for the picnic. Ranvi comes down and tells Ratan and Chai ji that Veera said she would get ready herself. They look on shocked and amused as Veera comes down wearing Ranvi’s jeans, a kurti with a rope tied on her waist as a belt and a flowery head band.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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