Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram thinking about Rajiv’s words that he is Juhi’s ex husband. Juhi comes to him and says sorry. Ram asks why she didn’t tell him about Rajiv. Juhi says she couldn’t say because Rajiv got the alliance for Pihu. She says sorry. She says Mandeep’s parents didn’t react to him. Ram says but he felt like slapping him. Juhi says it doesn’t bother her if any third person says something to their relation. Khush is seeing his pics with Priya, and is sad. Mamaji comes and asks why you are sad? Khush says he can’t see his mom in this condition. Mamaji says she will be fine and says look at your eyes, your eyes are filled with tears. He then asks him to give 15000 Rs. Khush asks why you need the money. Mamaji says he needs money to arrange

his audition for the film mental. Khush thanks him and says he will become an actor before Pihu gets married.

Saurav tells Pari and Mayra that Riddhima is his financial boss. Pari and Mayra says they had stolen his shoes and wants a gift. Naina comes and Pari and Mayra hugs her. Pari and Mayra says they wants gifts from Saurav. Naina greets Saurav and says she wants gift. Saurav gives them gifts. They smiles.

Mandeep’s mom says lets decide about the marriage date today. Ram asks them to decide the date and he is okay with it. Naina comes and greets Ram. She addresses Dad to Ram and then meets Vikram. Ram introduces Naina to Mandeep’s parents and says she is his daughter and she prepares a good tasty meals for him.

Mandeep’s parents asks Ram, what to write in the cards. They says father’s name as Ram kapoor, mother’s name as Priya Kapoor but what to write for Juhi’s name. They says they aren’t bothered about Rajiv’s sayings but they wants to know what to write about Juhi. They says it is awkward for them to answer about Juhi to their relatives. Ram feels bad and excuses himself. Vikram comes to Ram and asks why he came there. Ram says they are creating issues, how dare they asks about Juhi. Vikram says they know about Juhi’s importance, but outsider’s don’t know about her. He says they have to answer to Pari and Mayra’s in laws too. We have to answer them.

Pari and Mayra make plans to steal Mandeep’s shoes. Natasha comes there and meets the girls and then says congrats to Riddhima. Pihu comes and greets her. Natasha says she left her fashion show for her marriage. She asks is that true. Pihu says I am getting married. Natasha asks for Ram, Ram introduces Natasha to Mandeep’s parents. Natasha asks Ram, why he is getting Pihu married in such a short span of time as she is just 22. Ram says he wants Priya to see the wedding as doctor has said that Priya didn’t have much time. Natasha says she didn’t want Pihu to get marry at the youngest age as she thinks one needs to be mature before marriage. She says I think yours and Priya’s marriage have the best, ideal marriage, at the right time. You both were matured enough to know about love and marriage. Ram asks her to sit. Natasha says she have to go home as Mummyji and Papaji might be waiting.

At the film audition, Khush gives the audition and gets selected by the director. Khush goes to sign the film but he is being told that Mamaji got selected for the hero’s role. Khush is puzzled.

Natasha comes to Sharma house. Shipra greets her and says she has invited someone over tea. Sudhir comes and Natasha asks him to make mummyji understand. Sudhir says he was instructed to be quiet. That guy comes, Shipra asks him to sit and meanwhile she will get tea. Tha guy looks shyly at Natasha. Natasha takes Shipra and says why you asked the guy to come for the match fixing. Shipra says everyone are getting married and she wants her to get marry and settled down. She says my two daughter’s are married and I want my third daughter to get marry too. Natasha says she knows that she loves her more than her daughters. She says I know you feel guilty that your son don’t call you and you thinks I am staying with you as a compromise. She says she won’t go anywhere and the best part of her marriage is you and papa. Shipra smiles a little. Natasha hugs her and says she will stay with her.

Rajiv thinks he will tell everything to Naina about him and Juhi. Naina comes, Rajiv asks her to get comfortable as it is her home. Naina says she wants to know about them. Rajiv says your mom dumped me 10 years before, and took you here. I was more successful than her. She was fortunate to get a friend in Ram’s wife and then Priya went into coma. He says your mom changed her identity. She saw a different dream. It was impossible for me to trace you. He says she had an affair with Ram Kapoor. Naina is shocked. Rajiv says Ram kapoor is that’s why sweet with you. Naina says why you wants me to get back to you. Rajiv says because you are my daughter. She asks do you know what is my favourite flower. Rajiv answers rose. Naina turns to Ram and asks him. Ram says she likes lillies. Rajiv asks why he is here? Naina says he knows everything about me and he didn’t have any affair with my mom. Naina says she had an allergy with gluten and she don’t eat pizza. She says you don’t know anything about my likes and dislikes. She says you didn’t trace me all these 10 years but you came now as you thought we are connected with Ram Kapoor now and thought to earn some more money. Rajiv says enough and you are just 15 years old. He says I will get the visiting rights and I will prove that your mom and her boyfriend brainwashed you. And when you come to stay with me, then I will teach you some manners.

Ram says you are forgetting that you have to pass me to get her. Rajiv says I will see you in court. Ram says I can’t wait. Ram takes naina with him. Lawyer tells Ram that Rajiv will get the visiting rights as he is her friend. She is a minor and he can prove that you have brainwashed her. Ram says Rajiv shouldn’t get the visitation rights. Another lawyer suggests legal adoption. Ram says he will adopt her legally, what is the problem.

Pari comes to check on Priya, and calls Ram as the machine starts beeping. Ram calls the doctor and asks him to come fast.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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