Uttaran 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 25th September 2013 Written Update

Vishnu asks kasha kaka as to where to keep the plates. Kaka assures him he will do it. Vishnu thanks him. Knowingly Vishnu offers his hand to Meethi who has no option but to take it. Akash watches it silently. Akash is looking at the other side. Vishnu is holding Meethi’s hand and feigns not knowing Mr. Chatterejee is still here. Feels like you are waiting for a return gift. Akash turns to look at him. You are misunderstanding me…return gifts are given to people who are going back. I am going to stay here only. Vishnu looks at Meethi in shock unable to understand what Akash is saying. Actually I like this house. Vishnu asks him of he is going to stay here. Akash affirms calling him (Vishnu) Meethi’s husband. Vishnu warns Akash not to cross his limits. Akash says I have crossed my limits

already. Will you throw me out? Try it, no one can throw me out of here. Try if you want to. I dint come here to give you a party. No one can throw me out of this house. This much right I have right (looking in Meethi’s direction who is standing there very much in a shock)? Vishnu asks him who gave him this right. Akash says your new husband is very impatient. If I tell you everything now then the fun would be ruined. Wait…good night Mr. Kashyap then turning to Mrs. Kashyap he bids her good night as well and leaves. Vishnu looks at him confused.

Jogi is talking to another criminal lawyer to whom he has sent the papers. The lawyer calls it an open and shut case. Tappu has come there by now and she overhears the convo. Jogi tries telling him his son-in-law is innocent but the lawyer disconnects the call. He notices that Tappu is standing there looking worried so he feigns continuing his talks with the lawyer in a way to reassure her. Tappu takes the phone from him. Your Tappu is not a small kid anymore whom you can make believe I can talk to stars. I have grown up I could understand the call was disconnected. Jogi feels helpless. The man who has done so much for us, our family I cannot do anything for him. He has been our pillar of strength always. Everyone knows it very well he had gone to save Surabhi but I am not able to prove it. Tappu tells him to be strong or who will handle her and Mukta. He tells her that no lawyer is ready to take the case. Everyone is calling this an open and shut case. How to make them understand that Raghuvender is innocent? I cannot understand anything. Tappu holds on to him for support. She has tears in her eyes. I can never believe my papa can give up. My papa always says…the one who keeps trying. She makes him look up at her. He is in shock and completes it….the one who keeps trying never loses. They share an emotional moment. The newspaper lying on the table shows a headline which says – Advocate Rocky Sachdeva wins.

Vishnu and Meethi are in their room. Vishnu is packing worriedly in his room. How can Akash stay in this house just like that? This house is yours and your brother’s. She too doesn’t know what right Akash is talking about. Trust me. She is crying and he notices the state she is in. He gives her a glass of water and very calmly says I never said you aren’t saying the truth. She takes a sip and then continues telling him everything. I tried every possible thing asking him to go but he isn’t ready to go. I don’t know what to do. Vishnu shakes his head. He wont go like this. I will have to take some strict action. Vishnu goes out of the room.

Nani sits beside Mukku. Ram hi rakhey, this enmity is going on since Kanha was a kid. Don’t know when it will be over. That Iccha is free now yet we are still paying for it. Your dad is inside jail because of that Iccha as well. First she destroyed your mother’s life and now this Meethi has destroyed your life. Ram hi rakhey, this tradition isn’t coming to an end. Nani looks up to see that Tappu is standing there. See, Mukta is worried thinking about her father. You try and make her understand. This court stuff is not my cup of tea. Tappu says she will talk to Mukku. Nani tells Mukku to think about what she has said. She makes an exit.

Tappu asks Mukta if they will continue sitting like this thinking all the while then how they will find a solution. Mukta doesn’t know what to do. We tried so much yet couldn’t get papa out. Tappu assure her they will…trust your bade papa. He will set everything right. She is sad thinking there must be some shortcoming in my penitence. No member of my family stays happy.


Kajri is sitting on the floor on a mattress in her room. Maiyya brings food for her telling her to eat. You will have to eat inside your room for 30 days after which you can sit outside with us. Maiyya notices her hairs and Kajri is panic stricken. Maiyya assures her she wont get her hair cut. I promise you that rathore will get his due in 30 days. If not, then I would give up on food. She feeds a bite to Kajri who breaks in to tears again. Maiyya tells her not to cry. The world will make you cry more if you cry now. If you have lost your husband then I have lost my son too. Plus my Akash….don’t know where he is. I have to settle scores for 2 lives…don’t worry eat your food. Kajri buries her head in her hands as Maiyya leaves.

Meethi is pacing in her room worried thinking what she can do. I cannot understand a thing. I should tell Surabhi bhabhi. Only she can make him understand and is he agrees then (its all good). She then realizes if she tells bhabhi then she will tell Anni who will in turn tell everyone. They will get worried and Anni might get ill again. What to do? She turns talking to herself and finds Akash standing on the door listening to her. Thinking right….how to throw me out of the house. Keep thinking…but with closed doors as if your husband gets to know of this then he will think that you and I are cheating him. A chant plays in the background as he closes the door after him telling her to think. She is again worried thinking what to do….even Vishnu has gone somewhere. Just then she hears Vishnu calling out for Akash.


Vishnu has brought police with him. Meethi comes downstairs to see what’s happening. Vishnu keeps calling out for Akash who finally comes downstairs. Don’t shout so much and so loud or the ceiling might collapse in which case you will have to pass your night by staring at the Akash (sky). He tells kaka to get a glass of hot water, pinch of salt, honey and ginger and give to Vishnu or he will have throat infection. Vishnu tells him not to say any more nonsense and Akash obliges yet continues with another option for Vishnu to cool his head.

Vishnu tells inspector that this man is staying her by force. He isn’t ready to leave. The inspector turns to Akash. As far as we know, this property was of Baldev Signh Bundela and is of Meethi and Yuvraj’s name now. Trespassing on someone’s property illegally is a crime. Akash relaxes on the sofa stretching out his legs on the table. He tells kaka to get glucose for Vishnu. He might faint anytime…he would need it. Vishnu asks the inspector to arrest this man right away. Hope I don’t do anything wrong. Inspector sternly tells Akash he will have to arrest him as he isn’t listening to the warning as well. He tells the constable to arrest him. As soon as the constable comes to stand next to him holding the handcuffs in his hands, Akash stops him. He holds out some papers for him to give to the police inspector. Please read them…aloud as everyone here has the habit of talking loudly. Police inspector reads the will. In all my senses, I am selling half of my property to Mr. Akash Chatterjee. There are signatures too. Akash stands up to tell them – Yuvraj Veer Singh Bundela. The couple is shocked. Meethi and Vishnu are shocked.

Precap: Akash says (to Meethi) I know that you love me and you want to spend the rest of your life with me. Then what are you thinking? Break your relation with Vishnu leave him. Your Akash is standing in front of you Meethi….who loves you so much. Break this relation. Meethi replies that she is married. Meethi is now Vishnu Kashyap’s wife.

Update Credit to: pooja

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