Gustakh Dil 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 25th September 2013 Written Update

LaKhil’s House:
LaKhil, Ram Bachan and Chaaya are all around the dining table. Ram Bachan tells LaKhil that it would not be right if he left without seeing Barka so he will take a later bus to the village. Nikhil is dumbstruck hearing this and drops his fork on the floor which propels Laajo into action. She says to her dad that he should leave on the 5pm bus as who knows at what point Barka will call them and says she’s going to be late with a meeting etc and if Inder comes in he’s such a welcoming hospitable guy that he’ll keep him there longer . Plus she says if he misses the later bus then he’ll have to stay till morning and she says you know mom, she won’t be able to sleep without you at home. Ram Bachan gets the point and says no worries he’ll catch the 5pm bus.

He says he’s just happy that everyone is treating Laajo so well in her sasaral…

As he gets ready to leave he asks Chaaya about his bag. He removes a shirt for Nikhil and Inder and a saree for Barka. He says I realize it isn’t of the same quality that they are used to know it isn’t like what their used to but y they wear… Nikhil interrupts and says Kaka, yellow is my favourite colour, I will definitely wear this shirt (Laajo gets happy hearing Nikhil say this to her father) and Laajo interjects too and says. Laajo interrupts him here and says what is this your saying…These people may be rich but they are not snooty/snobby (sorry didn’t know the exact translation).

Nikhil and Ram Bachan get ready to walk out the door when Laajo stops her Baba and goes running to him and hugs him while crying. She says to ask after everyone at home etc (Nikhil and Chaaya are watching this emotional scene and both realize how much this must be effecting Laajo as she has had to put up the pretense that all is well at her in-laws for her father).

Barka, her mom, brother, and Ayesha are all at a restaurant to meet Ayesha’s future in-laws instead of at home like was originally planned as she hasn’t come up with a suitable reason to tell them why she (Barka) is not there. Sid and his parents arrive and they discuss about the wedding preps plus also of note is that Nikhil’s Mama ji and Sid and his father appear to be in business together as well ( don’t know if this will create any kind of family problems later for LaKhil with Sid). Sid gets a call (probably from a gf) and says to his dad that we should leave and mentions something about a meeting. After they leave Barka informs Ayesha and her brother that she will be returning home after her brother makes a remark about whether she plans on meeting Ayesha’s in-laws at this location from now on.

Laajo’s Room:
Laajo thanks Chaaya for going along with her when her father was there but says she knows it wasn’t right to lie. Chaaya says to her that she did the right thing as lying to keep someone happy is okay. She also says that one day the truth will come out but for now what she did was right. Chaaya tries to cheer up/console Laajo.

Later on Nikhil comes to Laajo’s room. All he says is Laajo and she quickly interrupts him and says I know why you’re here. It’s to ask why I lied right? And he says no, not at all (very cute scene between the 2). He says I came to tell you that what you did was the right thing. He says if Kaka had found out the truth then he would have been very hurt and upset. He says after all this was our decision right? That we won’t tell your family anything? This is the reason you came back all the way to Dehli… Laajo is watching him amazed (and definitely falling for him too, you can see the look in her eye). Anyway she slowly nods her head in agreement. Nikhil goes to grab the gifts that Ram Bachan brought but Laajo stops him and says I’ll put them somewhere. We’re not going to give out the gifts to their recipients. He asks her why? She says to him to not act as if he doesn’t know, it’s not like they will wear the clothes she says. He then says to her leave all that, and says there was something else that Kaka brought too. She says no that is all they sent, he says no I know they sent something else and opens up Laajo’s suitcase/trunk and discovers the container full of Laddo’s that Saraswati had sent. Laajo starts laughing saying you were talking about the Laddo’s?? He says you planned on eating it all yourself didn’t you? He then promptly pulls one out and starts eating it. and comments on how delicious it is. He says I don’t know about the clothes but don’t share these Laddo’s with anyone, these were spent especially for me, then he grabs the shirt Ram Bachan brought him. He says this shirt is mine right, she grabs it back and says yeah but your not going to to wear it anyway. He says why won’t I wear it? I told Kaka that yellow is my favourite colour of course I will wear it and he leaves with the shirt. Laajo is left looking at Nikhil with combination of awe and admiration. She then starts having flashbacks of her wedding day when her mom is telling her how great Nikhil is, how he came back to marry her, and how he won’t leave her stranded somewhere by herself. Then she takes out a laddoo herself and starts eating it and thinks back to what Nikhil had said and repeats “delicious” (Our poor Laajo has no idea how fast she is falling for Nikhil…).

Ishana’s House:
Ishana’s mom comes in and sees some cookies on the coffee table and wonders if Nikhil has come by as those are Ishana’s fav cookies. She is relieved to see that it is Kunul that is there and not Nikhil. Kunul brought by Ishana’s cookies by and made sandwichs and coffee (right at home at Ishana’s house is Kunul). Ishana comes down and her mom tells her to come join them and says look at all the Kunul has made. Kunul also asks Ishana if she’d like to go to lunch but she says she has something planned already and walks away.

LaKhil’s House:
Shala is at home and scolding Chaaya about her son being in the house. She said that there was no one at home to watch him which is why she brought him by. Shala scolds her some more something along the lines of when the cat is away the mice will play (meaning neither Barka is around and neither was Shala).

Precap: Laajo is playing with Chaaya’s son (their are having a pillow fight in the living room) and Barka and entourage our on their way in to to the house)…

Update Credit to: Parm

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