Veera 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Veera 25th November 2013 Written Update

The scene start with child asking with his parents when will our car be corrected. Little girl calls her borther this preetampura and boy says look ranveerapura is written on pritampura. In gurudwara, people read the ranveer’s letter that was written by him to thanks God. Everybody says this veera’s veera, he is very innocent and very lovable.

Ranveer cleaning shoes in gurudwara and worshiped to God and one man says that we never see people helping each other. Ranveer says that God has given me the world’s beautiful thing …..Veera. and please pray for her that she will be always happy. Ratan parjai repairing her tractor then chaiji asked to ratan parjai that which bedsheet will spread on bed. and dont angry with chichri, let it go.

Ranveer come and give prasad to ratan parjai and chaiji. He says that he has done all the work. Ratan parjai says to chaiji ask to ranveer that when he grows up very early in a silent way.

Balbeer trading with people for his wheat and he refuses his trading, then ranveer make understand his friend and says be a man. We will earn later but talk has some importance. then balbeer says paji ok take your wheat. One Blind man says this sampuran ‘s child. Ranveer says babaji how do you i know i am sampuran’s child. then blind man says that only this kind of chat is done by sampuran. Ranveer making board of krashi vidhyalaya then ratan come and ask to ranveer, what are you doing here. Ranveer says now its time to take veera back to his village and she will fulfil the dream of papaji. Ratan says that atleast come home for taking dinner. Ranveer says i am not hungry i am very excited to see veera.

New Veera enters into scene and blast the cracker into college hostel premises and run away. warden come and says who has done it.
Arjun aiming to his aim and veera says you had lost your one match so you will pratice all night, then veera says give me my phone your friend says i forget in classroom then arjun says, you have to pay something in place of phone. If you cant then talk to your brother tommorrow and now its very less time to round of 7. you just put apple on your head. then veera says ok lets aim on that apple.

Precap:- Arjun singh says hey why do you like aeroplane then veera says, I love to fly london, New york, Paris. and if any place I like then I will shift with veerji, parjai ji and chaiji on that place.

Update Credit to: Tushar Sharma

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