Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th November 2013 Written Update

Mahananda prays to the ling, as it is the first day of her anushtaan..after 21 long years of devotion she is get her fruit.and the precious Shivling has gotten her even more near to her deity. She is grateful to Vishyanath for the SHivling.

Back here Aditi meets Paravti devi… the two sisters embrace each other with emotion.. before they could say a word..Indr interrupts their sister sentiment and says that they can do their meelap business later on and focus on the issue at hand.
Parvati devi tells Indr that he has mislead n misused Kartikeya for his own selfish needs n now he needs her help?.
Aditi seeks apology and requests help..she has not come their for the help as sister taht she was in the past- but to seek help from Jagadambaa.
She explains that it is Mahadev’s decision and she can’t oppose it. Aditi skilfully convinces her saying that asuras are misusing the access granted thingie to swarga.. which also is an insult to his boon. They are spreading negativity at swarg.

Parvati devi telepathically calls Ganesh.

At Nandi gram.. the proud pandit prays at SHiva temple and the first thing he sees is Mahananda and Vashyanath.. he disgusts her and insults her in front of all.
He has an argument with Vashyanath about Shiv being present just in the temple and if she enters it the purity of the temple will be effected. He is the best bhakt of Shiva and will attain swarga and she will not even attain hell for being a wench .

Vashyanath counters.. Shiva is omnipresent – V asks that god is present in the temple.. the guy answers that god is not everywhere- at least not in a wench’s home… and the guy points at all directions telling them if they can see any god there.. the next moment – only he observes Shivling in the directions where he pointed out,.

He realizes that god is everywhere – that no one is big or small- in teh eyes of Mahadev.. and tears of remorse fall off his eye.. he then apologizes to Mahananda for his behavior. She is free to go to any temple there..

She tells that if he regrets what he has done, she forgives him.
Then he asks Vishyanath who he was..and is grateful to him too as he opened his eyes.

Being the dutiful son Ganesh goes to his mom and asks how can he oppose his father’s decision.. Parvati devi tells that – that very boons is misused by the daytays and he need to block the portal to swarga. She has given a promise to devi mata Aditi and that its her order. He needs to be strong and resolved as he’d find many hindrances in this path.. GAnesh says she be cool- he’ll take things in his hands. Once he promises something then he won’t leave it unfinished.

Back at Nandigram.. Vishyanath is meditating where as Mahananda gets him some food and leaves. Shiva says its her test time.

At Vaykunth, Vishnuji shares the same with Lakshmi ma that its time for Mahananda to become dispassionate of materialistic things.

Mahananda and other observe the hall getting burnt.. she is worried about Vashyanath and tries to go in but the others stop her.. she then pushes them off and runs in to save Vashyanath

(ah after soo long we got the title BG.. love it)
As she searches in the smoke- there emerges Mahadev’s form.. she is all dazzled by his divine form.

She recalls all those moments when Vashyanath helps her.. she realizes hat Vishyanath is Mahadev.

She touches MahaShiva’s feet and feels sad that she couldn’t realize that its her deity.. Shiva tells that he has come their not only for her protection but also for guiding her through.
To make her free off the attachments and encourage her to the path of spirituality.. to be spiritual one needn’t go to temple or a gem adorned Shiv ling nor any permission from a person. His relation with his devotees is personal- and there is no need of any medium to it. Manifestation, society, culture, rules or tradition- any such bondage is not important.. he graces his devotes on terms of their emotion- their karma.. but not their worldly possessions or achievements.

Mahadev says that he can’t be confined to one place.. he is present everywhere. She instead of searching him inside of her is searching him somewhere out.. he is present in the one who is selfless n kindness- who has put their own life at risk to save the other- deserve any boon as she has passed the test.

He asks what boon she wishes.. she says what more can anyone wish for when he is infront of them. Mahashiva says that whatever she wished for- for the peace of the gals at the dance house..they’ll attain peace and along with them- whoever is in such situation as she is.. wil attain peace if they are an honest devotee. She will be their inspiration.

Then Shiva gets flashes of Ganesh being at the swarg door to stop asuras from entering swarg…

Ganesh fights the asuras from entering the portal.. Diti cries for help to Mahadev – how could Ganesh challenge his boon- how is it fair?
Shiva tells he has given the boon to be fair for both sides.. When the daytas’ too fight back.. Mahadev stops Ganesh

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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