Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 25th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran telling Didi that the food is poisonous. Didi is shocked and runs outside the room and tells everyone that Simran has added poison in Rajveer’s food and she has come back as a ghost. Everyone are shocked and goes to Rajveer’s room to check where is Simran. Hoshiyar says Didi has become mad, seeing no one in the room. Chanchal says I can see. Hoshiyar says what. Chanchal says my son’s hunger, look how he is seeing the food. She makes Rajveer eat food while Didi says the food is poisonous. Chanchal says I will check the food first, I can’t risk his life. Chanchal tastes the food while everyone are shocked looking at her.

Chanchal smiles and says there is no poison in it. She says its like Rajveer likes. She makes Rajveer eat the food by her hands. Everyone smile. Didi sees Simran and Simran laughs saying the poison isn in your mind, thats why you see poison everywhere. She says I did hit purposely as I wanted Chanchal to make Rajveer have food, as she is his real’s mum. She says Chanchal is his mum, now you see what I do. Simran laughs. Didi looks at Chanchal with Rajveer. Simran disappears. Didi looks around and says its good Simran that you made me aware, now I won’t leave anyone and will not let your dream come true, Rajveer is my son.

The next morning, jaggi sees Didi boiling water and is shocked. He asks whats going on. She says I m boiling water for Rajveer, I will make him take bath. jaggi says I will do it. Didi says no way, only I have the right on him. She says the sunlight is good for him, the doctor said, so I will make him bath here. jaggi says now you got your son and you forgot me, you used to bring sweets for me and used to love me, now what about my right. He cries. Didi says come, let me burn you, then I will get you some land. jaggi runs. Didi laughs and says I will take care of my son and no one can stop me.

Chanchal talks to Hoshiyar crying and says why am I away from my son. She says I used to do Rajveer’s work and now I m not permitted to give him tea. Hoshiyar says I know what you are going through, I know you cried a lot for him. She says look at his state, I should be with him at this time, can’t Tau ji feel my pain. Hoshiyar says he is doing this for Didi, if we don’t listen to her, she can go to any extend. Chanchal argues with him and cries.

She says let me see Rajveer once. He says fine, I will take you there, but come back seeing his face. Tau ji sees Rajveer and is upset seeing his condition. Tau ji says I m responsible for you state, you saved me by coming in between. He says if Simran was here, think about her, what would she feel, she left the world without getting any happiness. He says you always found your happiness in other’s happiness. You were always good, so why are you getting punished. Hoshiyar comes there with Chanchal. Hoshiyar tells Tau ji that Chanchal came to see whether Rajveer needs anything. Tau ji says yes I was passing by and came to sit with him.

Tau ji says meet him fast as Didi is not here. Chanchan talks to Rajveer and Didi comes and taunts Chanchal. Didi says what are you doing here with my son, I asked you not to come here. Tau ji says I was watching her, she is just meeting Rajveer. Didi argues with Tau ji. Hoshiyar says Chanchal came to see him. He says we are one family, what will happen if Chanchal loves him. Didi says don’t call us one family, Rajveer is my family. She warns Chanchal and asks her to go from the room and don’t come again. Chanchal says I won’t come here again, she cries and leaves.

Didi brings Rajveer to give him a bath. She sees the water turned cold. She thinks how did this happen as she has boiled the water. She sees washing powder instead of soap. Didi catches jaggi and says its you you changed the things. jaggi says leave me, I did not do anything. Tau ji comes there and asks whats going on. jaggi tells him I did not do anything, she was going to give Rajveer a bath by cold water and with washing powder and look at the clothes, its kid’s clothes. Didi is shocked.

Tau ji scolds Didi and says I will ask Chanchal to take care of Rajveer as you are unable to take care of him well. Didi gets angry and covers Rajveer with her shawl and says sorry to him. She says I will bring hot water. Simran comes there and Didi looks at her. Simran smiles. Didi says now I got it who did this. Didi says you are my enemy, don’t be after my son. Simran says he is my husband. Simran says let him come to me. Didi shouts leave him. Simran says then let him go back to Chanchal, then maybe I will not be after him.

jaggi comes there and Simran goes. Didi asks can you see anyone here. jaggi says you and Rajveer. Didi says can you see her. jaggi says who, there is no one. Didi is shocked. jaggi says what happened to you, did you see a ghost. Didi says yes, I saw a ghost. jaggi is afraid and says it means there is a ghost here, she says save me, I m afraid of ghosts. Didi says what are you doing. He says I m hiding behind you. Didi is shocked.

Simran meets Himmat and taunts him. Himmat runs and tells Tau ji that he saw Simran’s ghost.

Update Credit to:Amena_Hasan

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