Jee Le Zara 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 25th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Advait getting consciousness and he says sorry to Saanchi. Sunil asks him to rest and says he will take care of money. Saanchi says they don’t have monetary problem. Sunil says he is part of family and can take his help. Dhruv asks him to relax and says Saanchi ji will manage. Dhruv tells Advait to get well soon. Nani praises Dhruv and Saanchi and says you both have handled the situation well. Pradeep comes and asks Advait about the accident. Advait says it happened so fast that he couldn’t remember anything. Pradeep says he would have come early but. Saanchi says it is ok. Nani asks Dhruv and Saanchi to go and rest. Saanchi says she won’t go until he is fine. Prachi, nani and Pradeep insists and they agrees.

Saanchi and Dhruv come home and Saanchi says she is relieved as Advait is fine. She hopes for his recovery. Dhruv says he likes her company. Saanchi says I will make tea. Dhruv holds her hand and says you are caring like a wife. He says I am also a good boyfriend and says he will make tea. Saanchi says she will get coffee. Dhruv says you also didn’t sleep and says he will make tea for her. Saanchi says she will make coffee. Dhruv asks her not to spoil him else she have to do his work. Dhruv gets romantic as he talks about their future kids. He says our daughters chini, mini will be like their mom. Saanchi says Shauraya, our son will be like me. Dhruv says three kids? Saanchi says no, four and says first kid is himself. Dhruv gets closer and says if you do work then when will our kids come. Saanchi asks him to leave her. Dhruv says you are blushing. They looks at each other, Ulka kaki comes and sees them together.

Ulka kaki asks, what is going on? She taunts her and says you looks innocent but your work is bad. Dhruv tries to say but Ulka kaki cuts him saying she knows his type of guys. She asks, will you take advantage of our Saanchi. Saanchi says you are misunderstanding. Ulka kaki taunts Saanchi and says some bad words. She says you have stoop so low. You said no to good guys and eyes him. She says she will tell Aaji and Nani. Saanchi says they will tell her. Ulka kaki says you have done a cheap thing. Nobody can break the nature’s rule, girl should be less in age than guy. Ulka kaki says she will throw Dhruv out. Saanchi urges her not to tell anything to Aaji and Nani and says she will tell herself. She cries throughout. Prachi calls Saanchi and says Advait got discharged from the hospital and they are coming home. Saanchi requests dhruv to go home as of now as she don’t want any scene to happen. Dhruv agrees. Ulka gives 24 hours to Saanchi and asks her to tell everything to Nani and Aaji.

Goel calls Pradeep, Pradeep says he couldn’t reach as Saanchi’s brother had an accident. Goel asks him not to waste his time and says he is not very much interested in their land. Pradeep says he will give the papers to Saanchi. Advait comes back home from the hospital. Aaji and Nani thanks God. Advait asks about Dhruv. Nani wonders where is he? Ulka gets angry and says he isn’t a family member. Let Advait take rest. Ulka taunts Saanchi indirectly. Prachi says she will leave now. Nani asks her to call them after reaching home. Ulka asks whether she shall go or stay back. Nani asks her to go. Ulka tells Saanchi to talk in 24 hours or else she will tell them. Saanchi is tensed. Dhruv calls Saanchi but she disconnects the call. She cries. Dhruv gets worried.

Nani asks Saanchi to close Ulka’s mouth as she has said nonsense about them. Saanchi asks, what she said? Aaji says she said much so that our ears turned red.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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