Veera 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Veera 24th September 2013 Written Update

The city kids win but Ranvi’s friends and Veera cheer for him. The city kids are not happy and taunt them but no one pays heed to them.

At home Ratan is telling Chaiji how Bansuri is dressing weirdly in presence of their guests. They have invited the city couple with their kids for lunch and are making preparations. Ranveera return home and are not to happy to find about the guests. Veera makes a plan to teach the bratty kids a lesson but Ranvi tells her that she should ignore their faults and learn good things from them. Veera agrees.

The guests arrive with Balwant’s family. Chaiji is surprised to see Bansuri dressed weirdly and she stumbles on her heels but Chaiji supports her. The kids make remarks on the house and Baldev tells them that it’s Ranveera’s house. Ranvi comes

comes and greets the guests. Balwant praises Ranvi much to Bansuri and Baldev’s irritation. He is asked to become friends with the other kids. Ranvi complies but the kids make fun of him. Veera comes dressed in Ranvi’s pants and says that as Ranvi suggested she’s learning good things from them. The girls make fun of Veera and call her cartoon which she doesnt understand. Ranvi doesn’t like their attitude but doesn’t say anything as they are their guests.

Ratan asks Ranveera to show them around the house and Ranveera takes them to their room. The girls act pricey and makes fun of Veera’s set of clothes and drawings. Veera tries to make them comfortable but they are not happy. The boy on learning that the piggybox and other earthen pot is made by Ranvi breaks it on purpose which Veera sees but he makes an alibi that’s its due to the air since she increased the fan output. Ranvi stops Veera when she’s about to argue for the same.

They all sit for lunch. When the kids doesn’t start to eat, Veera queries and finds they need spoons. They also demand for some cold drinks but Balwant asks them to have lassi. Veera plays a prank on the guy by adding sevaiyan to his lassi and teases him when he says they are worms in the glass. Bansuri too tries to act like them.

The elders ask Ranvi what he wants to become when he grows up to which he replies he wants to be like his dad and handle all his responsibilities. They praise him. The city kids says they want to become pilot and another wants to become an airhostess. Veera proudly says she wants to become a farmer.

The man proposes that they go for picnic and asks Veera to join. Veera is happy but the elder girl pinches her and asks her to decline and Veera makes a face and denies the offer much to everyone’s surprise.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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