Uttaran 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 24th September 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Akash saying I was waiting for you that day too…now too I will….by staying here. We both will be staying under the same roof. She is taken aback. Have you gone mad? I live here with my husband. What will he think of me? Folding her hands she begs him to go or it will be a problem for me. He says you are Iccha ji’s daughter and are trying to throw out your guest? It doesn’t suit you. She sits down on her knees before him begging him to go. Vishnu will be coming. What would he think of me? What will I say to him? You can understand please I beg you, go from here. He stays put. I have said what I wanted to. Did you hear? I will repeat – I will stay here only. He gets up and walks upstairs. She shouts back at him. Atleast you try to understand my problem. But he doesn’t stop. She continues telling him to from here but he is gone. She stands there only thinking what she will say to Vishnu. What will he think of me? She suddenly wonders where he is.

Rathore says (to Vishnu) I had thought when I would go out I would tell everyone the truth, rectify the mistake but what I cannot do now…you must do that. Go and tell the truth to everyone. Mukta looks at him longingly.

Meethi thinks, I should call him and tell him everything. Vishnu gets a call from Meethi. She is tensed as he isn’t picking his phone. All 3 keep looking at Vishnu. Meethi sits on the sofa clutching onto her head when Kasha kaka brings tea / coffee for her. He asks for sugar. She replies one spoon but Akash appears saying none. She looks at him and feels all the more stressed out. Kasha kaka too looks at him and then at Meethi. Akash picks up and starts drinking the tea. Meethi wipes her tears. Akash comments, bitterness has its own flavor. All you questions will be answered very soon. I have chosen my room. He very politely asks kaka to keep his luggage in his room. Kaka goes to get it seeing no other option. Akash heads back to his room.

Vishnu says….fate makes some decisions which humans cannot change. Its not about me or my love today, I cannot be so selfish that I can kill Ammo Nani, Thakur’s sahab’s happiness for my sake. Rathore asks him if he thinks these people be happy with your lies. Till when will you live this life full of lies? Be a man. There is no fate / destiny. Fight with it, make your own decisions by thinking out things right. Then it will be right. Everyone’s life will be ruined with this decision of yours. Vishnu says if I and Mukta are able to control our feelings then it wont happen. Please put yourself in my place once and put Mukta on Meethi’s place. Rathore tells him there is not much difference for him between Mukta and Meethi. When I am asking you to go free yourself of this lie then I am saying it for Meethi only. Why should she live a fake life? When she loves someone else then she should be with him. If I wasn’t arrested that day then this all wouldn’t have happened. But this isn’t destiny’s but Akash’s mother’s game. You too are bearing its consequences, I too am and Mukta too is. Mukta tells him to stop it. You don’t have to bend down in front of this person for me. Let him act all great, do sacrifice, repay Iccha ma then let him. Forget that I ever loved him. Vishnu apologizes to all of them with folded hands. I am ready for the punishment. He walks out from there. Mukku thinks, papa maybe nothing can happen now….nothing, everything’s over.

Surabhi calls at Aatishgarh haveli. Kajri picks it up. Surabhi is overwhelmed to hear her voice. I don’t know how to tell you to be strong. Kajri says she is all broken now. I have seen the dead body as well with my own eyes. Surabhi is taken aback. I cannot even tell you how bad it was. Its face was unrecognizable. I just saw the marks on his body and gave my word that its him. Surabhi too is crying on the other end. Damini who was coming there with a glass of juice for her is worried seeing her crying like this. Nani too comes there. Surabhi hugs Damini. They found bhaiya’s dead body. Damini is shocked. Surabhi feels pain. Nani turns to Damini. You do understand what’s about to happen? Ram hi rakhey, now it would be the entire more tough for rathore to get bail. Its all because of you. If that Iccha wouldn’t have been an enemy with that Ekadish then we wouldn’t have to see this day. Rest is up to God. Surabhi is crying inconsolably. Damini tells her to lie down I will call the doc.


Vishnu comes back home and he notices a table for 2 in a corner…candle light dinner ready. He looks at the arrangement and then sees a guy in the dark bringing something on the trolley. Akash finally comes in light. Vishnu is shocked to see him there. Akash and Vishnu both stare at each other. You? Akash says yes. Real name and real avatar…Akash Chatterjee. Vishnu asks him what he is doing here. Akash just smiles. Meethi comes there. Vishnu asks her the same question. She says that’s why I have been calling you but you dint pick either of my calls. He is saying he will stay here in this house. He is not going to go from here. Akash congratulates the couple for their wedding. I have done all these preps for you….a gift for the new husband from the old husband. Enjoy this celebration like a perfect couple…come, Meethi’s husband. Vishnu walks closer to him. What’s this joke? Akash looks around the décor. You think all this is a joke? Look around…so many candles, décor, food…you think it’s a joke? The promise on which I was holding onto…..and watching her be the bride of someone else…you think it is a joke? Taking in the pain yet living…sounds like a joke to you? With whom you live for 23 days and then do every possible thing to do my penitence, seeing her as someone else’s wife and control your feelings….how can it be a joke mr.husband? meethi watches stunned.


She asks Akash what madness is this? Stop it please. Akash taunts her. Had heard that women hide behind their hubby’s but things are different here. A wife is saving her husband….as he is weak. She tells him not to misbehave. Vishnu stops her. So you want to give this gift to Mr. and Mrs. Vishnu Kashyap? He looks at the décor again and starts blowing out the candles one by one with his own hands. You know why I am doing this….as darkness matches your personality. By coming here you showed me how low you can stoop down to. And you are not even able to understand you are insulting yourself only by doing all this. Anyways, I wont insult your gift. He holds out a hand for Meethi calling her Mrs. Kashyap. He has set everything so beautifully and has done lots of efforts. Neither should the guest be offended nor of the food….these are our values. Mr. Chatterjee…thank you so much for Mr. and Mrs. Kashyap. He turns to Meehti…shall we? Magalam bhagwan Vishnu starts playing as Meethi puts her hand in his. Akash notices this. The duo sit for dinner. Akash is staring straight ahead knowing it all what’s happening. Meethi is looking at him and Vishnu notices it. He follows her gaze but then looks away, yet he notices the same thing. He thinks of something, takes a bite and goes around to feed Meethi with his own hands….first bite from your husband’s hands. Akash is watching it clearly hurt. He looks away as Meethi takes the bite. Vishnu sits back in his place and the couple resume their dinner. He thanks Akash (Mr. Chatterjee)…the food is indeed good.

Precap: Vishnu warns Akash not to cross his limits. Akash says I have crossed my limits already. Will you throw me out? Try it, no one can throw me out of here.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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