Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 24th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with ami looking at her text books very anxiously. Her sister khushboo tells her that why is she so scared and tells her that its her first day of school and asks her why she is so scared. She tells her that she does not like maths and if she fails this year in the exam then she will surely stay in the 9th standard. Khushboo tells that she will fail and then go in 9th std. and then back in 8th std. ami goes there and tickles her and tells her that she will not go in 8th std. then shruti comes in and tells them to sleep because its school tomorrow. She tells ami that if she will work hard then she will pass in all her exams. Then ami tells her mom that she will work hard and pass this time. Then shruti, ami and

khushboo say a poem related to fear and then they sleep.

Scene 2:

Ami and khushboo are in the school as it is their first day. They both are talking about studies and that ami will fail. Khushboo tells ami that if she does not pass in the maths exam this time then she will stay back in the 9th std. and then in the 8th then in the 7th and if necessary then even in the 6th std. ami gets scared listening to this and she sees her future in her mind that she has become very old almost the age of a grandmother and she is still in the 9th std. then she gets scared and then enters her class. Then she sees all the hosh posh in the class and sees that everyone is playing and throwing paper balls at each other. She does not know anyone in the class and then she sees a girl whom she knows. She goes at her whos name is aishwariya. She then goes to sit near her but a girl comes there and sits and ami goes behind to sit. Aishwariya gives a “disgusting” expression on her face when ami goes. When ami goes behind a group of friends tells her that she can sit with them as they all are back benchers. They all introduce themselves and ami sits there. Then one boy tells her that she did nice that she did not sit with aishwariya because that girl has a special treatment in class as the teacher always does partiality with her and the other students. Then aishwariya goes and keeps a rose at the desk of the teacher and ami is told by her new friends to keep a box on the table which they give her. Then she goes and keeps the box on the table. The class teacher enters the class. Then she takes the rose and thanks aishwariya. Then she takes the box and opens it and a joker comes out of it which almost hits her face. She gets angry and asks who has done it then aishwariya tells that ami has done it and ami gets up. Then her friends also get up and tell that even they have done it and they all are taken to the principal. The principal shouts each of them and then tells ami that she has done this bad and now she will give her retest of maths in a week which was to be held in 2 months. She gets scared and tells that don’t do this and we make a settlement in each other and finish the topic. Then the principal calls shruti who is giving an interview in a travel agency for work. She cuts the phone but she is called back again and is told about ami’s misbehavior and she gets sad and keeps the phone. The travel agency boss tells her that they cant give her the work because thay cant allow people to take phone calls while they are doing their job. Shruti goes and her mother calls her. She takes the phone and her mom asks her where she is she tells that she is in the hospital. Mom tells her that she is also in the hospital and she cant see her anywhere. Shruti starts crying and mom tells her to come to her house and tells her everything.

Scene 3:

Ami goes to sanjays office and tells him about the maths exam in a week and who will teach her. He tells her that maths is very easy and he will teach her. Then she asks him that does he know to teach he tells that he knows better than anyone and he will teach her all the 10 chapters in a week. Then he starts teaching her with formulae’s. he tells her the first formulae and tells her to learn it. She starts learning it and sanjay gets a call. His mom is there and she tells him that she has bought a personal assistant who is bhavna and he tells her that he is teaching and he keeps the phone. His mom there tells bhavna that she has to take sanjays whole attention on her. She tells ok. In the office ami says she cant learn it because she could only learn it with her dads help. She tells him that how he had made a song on the formulas and made her learn it. Sanjay tells her that he cant make a song on it and teach her as it has to be understood. She tells she cant do it, sajjay tells her that she has to because it has to be understood. She then tells him that she does not want to learn from him and she tells him that he can never be like her dad and she goes away from there crying.

Precap: ami brings her new friends to her nanis house and tells them that there is pizza to day and anyone can eat anything they want. She goes in the kitchen to call nai when she sees shruti there too and gets scared.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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