Veera 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Veera 24th January 2014 Written Update

Villagers taunt to Gunjan, tears comes out from gunjan. Gunjan looks angrily to ranveer and moves towards gurudwara. Karan frightened veera and says, i am going to see site. Complete villagers light gone. Villagers discus about electricity. Dalveer comes and says, balwant tayaji has called you all. Electricity inspector has cut the electricity line.
Baldev angrily says, its all due to veera and karan. Veera says, dont talk about responsibility, if gunjan life will spoil then what will happen, who will take then responsibility…you?
Ranveer comes into matter and balwant tayaji calls baldev and says, we have to meet the tehsildar.
Balwant tayaji comes after meeting tehsildar and says, he cant do anything. Villagers gossiping that they will come now become on road. everybody says against veera and karan.
Baldev says, throw veera and karan out from this pind. Everybody says, go veera and karan. Ratan parjai comes into matter and says, if instead of gunjan, your daughter will in this matter then what happen? Our electricity will come.
Villagers says, ok we will give you 2 days. Sort out the matter. If you cant sort out this matter then veera and karan will have to leave this village.
Chaiji says, how could you sort this matter? Biji says, i dont know but i know only one thing that i given time i have to do some thing. veera says, thanks to biji. you are the best biji of this world. Let me give 3 days, i will fulfil your promise.
Biji says, it is not so easy. Veera says, i know but i will not go your wordings empty.
ranveer says, give her chance i trust her. Biji says, we have to think also second choice.

Precap:- Karan says, we have to go to delhi for some help, veera says, we dont have time. karan says, everything will be fine.

Update Credit to: Tushar_Sharma

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