Jee Le Zara 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 24th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv thinking that Saanchi is not greedy about money. He thinks to figure out the link which he is missing. He calls on Saanchi’s phone but the number is busy. Saanchi is calling CA continuously. Dilshaad says, we will go to his office and then home. Yash asks Neena, did you tell Dhruv that we are forcing Saanchi to deposit the cheque. Neena says no. Yash says good. Neena says, we have not done the right thing. Neena says, he has become quiet. Dhruv will never forget Saanchi. Ankita is crying for Dhruv and don’t know what happened with Saanchi. Yash says, Saanchi will be ruined soon and our home will be united once she is broken. Saanchi comes to the CA’s office. She is informed that he is not here. Saanchi asks to meet the assistants. Saanchi tells CA’s assistant that she wants to meet CA. She tells him that her office is sealed. Assistant says, his number is not reachable. Saanchi asks him to help her. Assistant asks her to sit as he will locate him.

Mugdha calls Saanchi. Dilshaad picks the call. Mugdha tells Saanchi that they got a notice from the bank that if they didn’t pay the outstanding amount in three days then they will seized Prabhu niwas too. Saanchi is shocked. Saanchi tells Dilshaad, what Mugdha has said. Saanchi says, I will not give my house. Where is Mr. Hegde, CA. I want to call him now. Saanchi threatens the assistant to call the police if he doesn’t tell her about CA’s address. Assistant tells her that he might have went to Mahabaleshwar. Dilshaad says I will go there. Ankita is crying, Suparna consoles her. Ankita says, Dhruv rejected me infront of everyone. Suparna says, we will make him accept you infront of everyone. She asks her to channelise her energy and promise herself to get back Dhruv. Suparna says, Dad has started to ruin Saanchi. You focus on Dhruv and blows his guilt. Suparna comes to Dhruv’s room and picks Addu’s call. Addu tells him to come home as they are in trouble. Suparna informs him about Dhruv’s engagement with Ankita. Addu informs them that Dhruv is engaged to Ankita. He can’t come now. Saanchi says, why did you call him? Aaji says, no one can help us and that’s why we called him. Aaji gives the jewellery and asks Saanchi to sell it and save the factory. Saanchi says no. I will do something. Aaji says, my mom in law gave me this and asked me to wear it in happiness and sell it in need.
Nani gives her necklace and says I will be glad if this contributes. Addu says, I don’t have any jewellery. Saanchi says, I needs a strength from you all. I don’t need anything else. Neena is thinking something. Dhruv comes and calls her. Neena asks him to sit. Dhruv says, I am sorry for hurting you. Neena says, you hurt even yourself. I was about to thank you as alcohol smell is not coming from your mouth and your legs are not shaking. Dhruv says sorry. I was almost about to marry Ankita. Neena says, you must apologize to Ankita for hurting her. Dhruv says ofcourse. Dhruv keeps his head on his mother’s lap and reminisces his childhood days. Dhruv asks, do you think Saanchi ji is greedy who sold her love for money. Neena feels bad. Dhruv says, I need to know what do you think? Neena says, I don’t know Saanchi much. She gives him hint that whatever appears is not true. She asks him to think by heart. Dhruv smiles.

Saanchi asks Shinde about his opinion. Shinde says, this is a open case and you needs to vacate this house. Saanchi says, why? I have cleared the loan. I have a proof. Shinde says, CA who has the proof is not here. Saanchi asks, what can be done? Shinde says, either you have to repay the loan or vacate the house. Saanchi says, I don’t have money now to repay the money. Shinde says, you can vacate the house. He says it is better to vacate the house than to go to jail. Saanchi says, Aaji and Nani will never leave this house. Aaji comes and says I am still alive after bidding my son and daughter in law. I will live after bidding this home. Nani agrees and says this house is more than my life. I can sacrifise many more houses for my kids. Saanchi says sorry and thanks them.

Panchgani cooperative bank officials come to Prabhu niwas and tells Saanchi that they came to seized the house. Saanchi is shocked.

Saanchi tells them about the rules of law. She is being told by the official that that’s why bank didn’t give her time to vacate the house. Saanchi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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