Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th January 2014 Written Update

He starts to go but she stops him. I am sorry for yester night. You don’t want to say it then its ok but I am feeling this way so I am sorry. You have to go to office forcefully, without any interest that’s why I am sorry. He doesn’t take it positively. You pushed me in the pit and now you are apologizing. You don’t have to worry about me. He turns to go but then stops and apologizes to her. She cannot believe her ears and is happy. He says he is just doing formalities now that you have said it then why shouldn’t I. He is about to trip but its avoided at the last second. The gardener, priest smiles but makes a straight face as he looks at them but Sakshi cannot help smiling. She asks him to come home early as we have kept a dinner for di-jiju. She turns to go but her dupatta

gets stuck in a plant. She mistakes it to be Karan. What are you doing? He notices the plant and smiles. The priest and gardener are smiling too as she continues asking Karan to leave her. she looks back and notices Karan standing near the car…at a distance from her. she repeats his dialogue back at him and goes inside while he leaves for office.

Sakshi sends Kaveri out as she needs to talk to Sharda. Sakshi tells Sharda (who is busy cooking) that it is 1 already. You have to go to coaching class. Sharda gets scared recalling her first day encounter at coaching class and declines. I have so much work to do. Till now I have only made lunch. The dinner is yet to be made. I will go tomorrow. Sakshi doesn’t buy it. You don’t have to make excuses like kids. I will handle everything here. Sharda begins to tell her about yesterday and is fumbling. Yesterday I was (scared – this is added by Sakshi). But she continues that however much you were scared you went yesterday and learnt something. Sharda again tries to tell her but fails. I was really scared. Sakshi is insistent and makes her take a swear on her name. Sharda gives her instructions to do while cooking. Sakshi agrees.

Sharda arrives at her coaching centre in a taxi. Taxi driver too mistakes her to be a teacher here. Looks like the kids here have been waiting for you only. Sharda is walking hesitantly while the students run past her and keep talking amongst themselves (not about her). they all run off to their class. Sharda recalls the remark made by students the other day about bringing their grand moms. She again goes back and sits on a bench. Till how long will I hide this from everyone? I will have to find a way out. I will have to tell the truth to Sakshi. She looks at her diary sadly. Just then the same girl comes there. She tries to ask her to have fun with her but then senses that Sharda is worried over something. Sharda tells her she wouldn’t be able to study. The girls requests her to help her the same way like she did yesterday as all the pieces embroidered by her got sold while she will do her homework. The girl very sweetly asks Sharda if she would become her partner. But how do you do this so easily? Sharda replies she has been doing that since years. You too will learn it very soon. The girl gets happy and resumes writing while Sharda is busy working on the saree.

Suresh’s car stops right outside the coaching centre. The venue for his meeting is next to the coaching centre only. Sharda is sitting there only as Suresh passes by. Her needle / thread falls and she bends to pick it up. Neither of them see each other.

Sakshi is confused while cooking but continues nonetheless. Dadi coms there calling for Sharda but doesn’t find her there. She asks for Sharda from Sakshi. Sakshi lies that she has gone to get gifts for Latika didi and Pratik jiju. Dadi is surprised. She buys so many gifts nowadays and when she isn’t doing that she is busy in temples praying. She leaves while muttering. Almost all the dishes are ruined. she thinks of calling Sharda but then decides against it. I shouldn’t disturb her while studying but I will have to do something. She makes up her mind to give it one more shot and gets down to work.

Sharda’s work is done. The girl is surprised at her speed. They have a sweet conversation where she assures her that she too will learn it soon. She is ready to go but just then Suresh calls out for her. she is taken aback to see him there and so is he. He asks her what’s she doing here. Did you come to buy something? She keeps on fumbling. He looks at the girl arranging her clothes on the bench and asks her about her. what were you doing with her? before waiting for an answer from her, he notices his clients coming. I have to go. You have the car with you right…we will meet at home. He leaves with his clients. She seeks forgiveness from God. I couldn’t bring myself to say the truth. I don’t know why I couldn’t do it. Hiding one truth, that too from your own husband is not right.

Sharda comes home. She calls out for Sakshi in the kitchen and is taken aback to see the dishes all burnt. Sakshi apologizes to her. you trusted me with so many responsibilities but it all got ruined. I am really sorry. Sharda calls her day bad. This happened here while there I met your dad outside the coaching class. Flashback is shown. I was telling you I wouldn’t be able to do it. I cannot go out to study like this by hiding it from everyone. Sakshi asks her if papa came to know about it. Sharda denies. sakshi is relieved while Sharda calls it wrong. Sakshi points out that it would have been wrong when he would have come to know about this all of a sudden. When trust breaks then a small wound looks like a deep injury. We will not break his trust but tell him the truth tonight after dinner. Everything will be fine. Sharda denies. she tries to tell her twice but at the right time Dadi calls out for her. sakshi asks her to talk about this later.

Pratik is the first to come. Latika too comes with Karan and Suresh. Everyone wishes the couple. Suresh apologizes (but doesn’t really mean it) I forgot. Pratik tells him its ok, not only you but many other people forgot it too (hinting at Latika which she realises). Sharda too realises this.

Karan jokes that no one can forget their wedding anniversary. Today is the day when a groom’s life is ruined for life. He corrects himself as Dadi points it out for him. he asks Pratik about the gift he got from Latika. Pratik recalls the promise he had asked for from Latika and is quiet. Karan deduces that maybe she dint give him any gift. Pratiik says she is not to be blamed. Maybe I asked for something very expensive from her. sharda tries to lighten the atmosphere. What’s the necessity of gifts between a husband and a wife! It is important that you both stay happy together always. She goes to ready the food. Latika questions her about the same. Food isn’t ready yet? You yourself called Pratik here on dinner and the food isn’t ready. Dadi tells that SHarda has to be at home to cook food. She doesn’t stay at home these days. She has just come back a while ago before you guys came home. Suresh remembers the afternoon incident and asks her about it. Sharda fumbles for an excuse. Dadi and Sakshi say it. Ma had to go on her own as the servants weren’t able to understand what ma was trying to say. Suresh gets impatient. In short, the food isn’t ready yet. When will you learn the importance of time? We will go out to celebrate our daughter’s special day. Pratik says the real fun would have been if I would have gotten a chance to eat the food cooked by Sharda ma. This will be due. She nods. They all leave. Sakshi apologizes to Sharda but she shakes her head with a sad-sweet smile.

Precap: Sakshi tells Sharda that I sent you to the right place but that place wasn’t right for you. Its my fault. How could I think that it will be easy for you to study there? I am responsible for all of it. I have made a mistake but I only will rectify it. You wont go to coaching classes as you would study at home from today onwards.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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