Veera 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Veera 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Nihal gets upset with himself and his conscience rebukes him for thinking that he likes Ratan. He chides himself for what he had come to do and what he has started thinking. He’s about to leave when Chaiji stops him and asks him to join them for lunch but he protests. Chaiji however forcibly gets him to agree. He goes inside the house with her. Ratan has freed her stuck dupata and looks on.

In the house, Ratan is making rotis and Chaiji talks about selling the crops at competitive prices but Nihal is lost. Ratan goes to serve him but he denies and Ratan laughs that Ranvi eats more than him.

Ranvi and Veera return home from school and Ratan asks the kids to freshen up. Veera leaves but Ranvi comes by and questions Ratan about Sampooran’s disappearance and why they didn’t look for him when they were in Amritsar or why no one in Amritsar knew about him when he enquired. Ratan confesses that Amritsar was an alibi and Sampooran left coz of a brawl that ensued between them. Ranvi asks what was it to which Ratan replies thats not important for him to know. She cries and admits no one knows where Sampooran is. Ranvi too cries. Nihal who’s too disturbed watching them with tears in his eyes leaves from there in haste. Chaiji says it might be that he felt awkward being an outsider watching such a scene.

Ranvi holds Ratan’s hands and kisses them. He asks if Ratan is still angry to which she replies she isn’t. Ranvi asks then why can’t his papaji forget that and come back. Ratan replies at times its difficult to forget a certain things. He says he too have faith that Sampooran will return and when he does he’ll ask him to seek Ratan’s forgiveness everyday for leaving her and them in that manner. He also apologizes about leaving without informing her and promises that wherever he goes now onwards, he’ll always tell her. Veera calls Ranvi and he leaves.

Chaiji asks Ratan if she didn’t fear before admitting it all to Ranvi? What if he held her guilty? BUt Ratan says she didn’t want to lie to Ranvi come what may. Chaiji admires her courage and leaves.

Nihal is at Chaiji’s place and is too disturbed by his thoughts which seems to be circling around Ratan. He feels guilty and thinks before things go too far, he should tell Ratan everything and leave.

Precap Veera calls the messenger of God, i.e., Nihal and says that she knows he has miraculous powers and can do anything. She says that she, her Veerji and her Beeji likes Nihal very much and requests her to grant her wish that Nihal can come to stay with them. Nihal is teary eyed.

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