Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts at the Wedding venue: Policeman says that new FIR was lodge against Sid by Mr. Ayesha Kapoor. Everybody seems shocked while ayesha is all smiling. Sid looks at her. she says it is a wedding gift. Sid asks why you did this? She says there are reasons, one is i always love you truly and you never care about me.2nd one is you always need me. 3rd is when you took me to the hospital. I heard everything whatever you said. she asks am I your key to freedom. I am the reason for you to go jail. now you spend your entire life in jail. Happy wedding. Inspector asks are you coming with us. Sid is disgusted and removes his turban and garland and goes with the police. She then tells the guests to have the food and go.

Mamaji asks why you did this? you loved you before. she replies that she still loves him but she loves herself more, thats me.

Priya and everybody are shocked. Ayesha is relax as if nothing happened and tells saudamini lets go for shopping. she asks ram and priya why you are here, to give me Ashirwad. or to tell me thanks and blah blah. She says do you think, I sent sid to jail because of you people. I am not a fool. I knew why you wanted me to marry sid. The question is why I got sid arrested? she then tells saudamini to take the papers from her bag and she shows the contract papers and tells her that in that papers it is written if she marries sid then all the property and money will go to Ram.
she says I am so sorry guys. I am not that stupid.

Priya asks from where did you got the contract. Ayesha replies that khush told her about it. Flashback scene is shown where khush asking ayesha to bring the baby from the baby. khush tells her that priya angel are getting the baby for pihu. and when I saw the duplicate IT officer in the hotel. she caught him and asks him the truth. he then tells her everything. that man said that vikram sir asked him to do this. She asks the servant to keep her luggage in her room. And asks raeverybody to go home.

Ram smiles and tells her congratulation. Ram says we will stay with you here at the Kapoor Mansion. Ram tells he is the MD of kapoor industries. She says she fires Ram and now he is no longer MD. she then insults them and tells them to have dinner and go. She then tells Priya to go back to your home.

Ram says one minute. you read the contract but not read MD contract papers. He says she cant relieved him of his job without one month notice. secondly MD should be given the house and thirdly she have only his shares and all his family members can stay here legally.

Ayesha says I fire you today and your notice period starts from today.

Dadi asks what is happening. Priya asks her to rest and Ram will take care of everything. Sad music is playing in the BG.
Priya tells Ram that she doesn’t believe what Ayesha did. Ram says it is just a small victory but we have to bring back everything. Priya says everybody will stay here and till the war is over, nobody wins.

Ram says I have only one month. Priya tells him that one month is sufficient. we have trust on each other naa.

Sharma home:

Natasha is smiling. shipra comes and asks her do you want to have tea. She says she have to go to airport. Her selection was done in Fashion week. so Organisers called her. Shipra praises her. Natasha says she needs to go now. Shipra says ok, your papa will drop you. Shipra says it is domestic flight na to Goa, Natasha says international. Then she covers it up.

Ram home:

Ram comes and Priya asks you came here at this time. How is everyone there. Ram says you talk good to give me strength but you are hurt with our planning failing. Ram says good are also happening with bad ones. Priya tells that ayesha will do something. Ram says still we have one month’s time. Priya says she escaped from her jail. Ram asks her to be quiet and take care of the kid. Priya says I am worried about you. Ram says you are safe here. I promise you to take you back at Kapoor Mansion with all the rights. He asks her to sit.

Ram sits and talks to the unborn child by placing his head on Priya tummy and says since he came to know about his arrival, smiling is not going away and he forgets the stress whenever he reminds of him. He talks with the baby. Priya is emotional. Ram asks her to be relax and be positive. everything will be alright in one month and this baby will be very lucky for us. They hug. Ram gets a call from Neha. Neha informs him that your enrollment was done, be there at 3 pm. Ram is happy. He tells Priya that tomorrow you will know. They again hug while BALH music plays.

Kapoor Industries:

Ram tells Vikram to get back to his office. His wasted much time here. Vikram says his leave’s was getting wasted so took use of it. He tells he arrange everything for his kids and even have money for his daughter’s wedding. Ram says i forgot that your kids are grown up. but you dont take your job lightly. vikram says I will not leave you at this moment. Ram ask her to take care and he have to go somewhere. vikram did you ask some important work. he replies leisure.

Ram home:

Priya asks Pihu to finish her breakfast and asks did you finish your homework. she then says that you got zero. Pihu says I didnt make the drawing as nanu forgets to bring. She says nanu bought things for you and small baby. Priya tells then you should have told me or bua.
Pihu says you was busy naa in khush mamma’s marriage. Priya tells that she will request her teacher to give one day to Pihu to make the drawing. Pihu smiles. Priya asks what you will draw after getting the pencils. She replies small baby. Priya says you are talking like a didi. She tells how big you become but you will be small princess for you mamma and papa. Episode ends on their happy hug.

Ayesha tells Ram that you have a wife, daughter and one baby coming, whole big family. you dont have job or money? What you will do. Daily you cant get leftover food of marriage. Ram is smiling while listening her

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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