Uttaran 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Aatishgarh Haveli:

The episode starts with Maiyya saying no one else will kill her. She asks everyone who will kill my enemy’s daughter? All look at Akash. She turns and points out to him – YOU! Akash is shocked.
She continues to say….you are my blood. You will take revenge for your father’s murder. You will kill Meethi….but not now….at the right time. Akash turns to leave and is looking all lost and shocked.
Kajri comes and stands outside the window of the room to listen to their convo.
Nirbhay asks him who told you that Meethi is in the storeroom upstairs. Kajri is tensed and waits for his answer. Akash replies he heard Meethi shouting that’s why he rushed upstairs. Nirhay nods, Akash leaves all lost and Kajri smiles. She too leaves from there.

Akash enters his room and looks at Meethi struggling to nurse her own wound. He is pained to her so. He tells her that the medicine wasn’t there in Maiyya’s room the herbal medicine he has put will heal the wound fast. He lies down on his side of the bed while Meethi looks on.
He thinks from day one I knew I would have to kill Meethi one day. But why is my hand shivering today to hear it from Maiyya. Why am I thinking about her?
Meethi asks him if he is sleeping. A tear escapes his eye and he gets up after wiping it with his finger.
She asks him to help her in tying the bandage on the wound. She is trying but is unable to. When your hand will touch my wound the injury will quickly fade away. She smiles up to him while he is pained for her.
Meethi asks if she can tell him one thing. I know you were an orphan and mama and Maiyya took care of you since your childhood. I will never forget what they have done for you. I can even give my life for them. Akash looks taken aback and recalls Maiyya’s words of revenge and killing Meethi.
She continues…but did you ever think how I would feel. These people celebrate someone’s death. I don’t like any of it. They had also kept an ill mami ji locked without food. Today, when I was attacked they said it was mami. But I can bet it wasn’t mami. It was someone else for sure. Have you noticed the way mama looks at mami? There is no love in his eyes for her which I see in my Vishnu’s eyes for me. You came rushing to my aid after hearing my one shout. I know you would take every assault on you to save me. You know I have learnt every household work so fast. I have loved your family like my own. I never complained about anything. Today when I was being attacked you came rushing to help me…because of your love…because of a husband wife’s love….real love. She shouts ouch and Vishnu bandages the wound and apologizes to her. He is tearful and sad to see her in pain.
Meethi says its ok. I will be fine soon. You know Anni was right. One gets good hubby because of one’s karmas. She holds his cheek and assures him that she will be fine soon.
He tells her to rest now and helps her lie down. She takes his hand in hers and says now I will sleep fast.
Dil sambhal ja zara song starts playing in the background. He puts her to sleep and looks at her sleeping peacefully. He caresses her head and gets up and goes to the balcony.
He has flashback of Meethi’s words. You came rushing to my aid after hearing my one shout. You know Anni was right. One gets good hubby because of one’s karmas. He turns and keeps looking at her. He wipes the tears coming out from his eyes.


Thakur House:

Damini is holding white flowers and Divya is arranging things next to Iccha’s photo. Damini rues iccha loved white flowers. But she never thought that they will be kept this way.
Divya takes the flowers from her and keeps them in the vase next to Iccha’s photo.

Jogi comes down. Divya goes to him and asks where he is going. Jogi tells her that he is going for some important work with Raghuvendra. He will be back by 1 pm.
She asks if he wont go to meet Tappu. He thinks and replies tell her to take care of herself. Keep us informed too. Divya nods.
Damini asks him about pandit ji. He tells her that the pandit will come along with them. She nods. Jogi looks at Iccha’s photo and turns to leave.

Mukku calls after him to stop as he forgot his wallet. She asks him if she should come along with him. He tells her to stay back to take care of everyone here. She nods in a yes. Bade papa please come back by afternoon the thirteenth day puja is to be done.
Jogi says Meethi doesn’t even know her mother has passed away. Rathore told me that she is in somewhere in UP. Its good that now that Vishnu’s truth will come out in the open. I will go now.
She hugs him and says she has full faith in him that he will bring Meethi back. She wishes him all the very best. Jogi rues wish I would have listened to you. Then we would not have seen this unfateful day. I should leave now. You take care of yourself, Damini and Divya ma. She nods and Jogi leaves.


Akash enters the kitchen to find Kajri working. He asks her why you told me yesterday. You knew Meethi’s life is in danger then? Kajri says I dint knew it. I saw something so thought that Meethi’s life is in some danger.
He doesn’t look into her eye and says, you know what you have done? You stood against Nirbhay bhaiya, Maiyya. Were you not scared? She replies she was but had trust on him that he wont let anything happen to Meethi. He looks at her in surprise.
Kajri says plus you dint take my name. Why? Akash looks away while Kajri smiles sweetly. She gives him kadha for Meethi. It will reduce her pain and her wound will be healed. Can I tell you one thing? I saw your true love for your wife that is how she got the courage to reach out to him. That day how you stopped massi’s from making Meethi eat the bali prashad. Because I saw that you were worried for Meethi….very much…and you love her very much.

Precap: Police Inspector shows the wedding photo of Vishnu and Meethi to the cyber guy. He identifies Vishnu and says the girl dint come along. The inspector slaps him and asks for his address. The guy tells there are 4 villages here…Shaktigarh, Vridagarh, 1 more and Aatishgarh. Rathore tells him to search all the other 3 while he and Jogi will go to Aatishgarh.s

Update Credit to: Pooja

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