Veera 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Veera 22nd November 2013 Written Update

Ranveer thanks to his mother. Veera asks to ranveer why are thanking to biji. then veera do, balley balley. chaiji asks to ratan parjai, how you had arranged all that money. Ratan parjai says i have sold my jewellery. because that was all his. Ranveer says you always says i am veera’s real mother, but now neither her real mother nor me help her, please tell me who is her real mother.
Veera says to gunjan, please dont cry if you cry then i will also cry, you are my only friend, who will play with me now.

Sarpanch says to veera you have make pride to everyone, now their relative will always shape their moustache by taking her name.
Bansuri come and sarpanchji says to bansuri now veera will get the admission on Delhi’s school.

Ratan see the photo of veera and ranvir. and talk with her husband, now your son fulfil your dream.

Ranveer’s friend appreciate veera for going to delhi’s school. they says, dont talk to everyone in the city.

Veera says to baldev, Aye baldev, menu bye shaye ni karega, tommorrow i will go to delhi. Baldev says to veera you cant stay at delhi because you cant live a moment without her veerji. you are the tail of ranveer.

Veera run away from that place and come to chaiji and says i dont want to go to delhi, let me stop. I cant stay in delhi without veerji. chaiji says if you will cry in front of veerji, then he will also become sad.

veera says i have to eat food by myself and comb my hair by myself how will I do all these things by myself.

Ranveer calls to veera and says that I will call you everyday and sing lori for you, so dont worry. Veer talk to stairs and says sidi chaiji always says i will break you. papa ji I am going to delhi to fulfil your dream, dont forget me papaji.
Ranveer says veera you will not going to say bye to me then veera says why you are not going to drop me at delhi ?

Ranveer says I am not going to drop you, balwant taya ji is going to drop and dont cry….a very emotional scene is arise for everyone…

Gunjan gives wishes to veera. Bansuri asks to veera, where is ranveer?
Veera says to ratan parjai, Biji I am going. Ranveer Sees the coat and bag of veera.

Sarpanch ji says to veera, shall we go? then veera says my veer ji will come. Ranveer run towards veera and shouts her name and says, you forget your bag and coat. Veera says please come with me to drop me at delhi. Ranveer says to veera that your room is very beautiful and always remember your room is on second floor and fourth room.

Precap:– Now ranveer is shown grow up and says now veera will also grown up and i am very excited to see her and i know she is also very excited to see me. new character introduced, replacing veera and ranveer.

Update Credit to: Tushar Sharma

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