Mahabharat 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 22nd November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dury instigating Yudi talking that his mother was adulterate. Yudi almost attacks Dury but restrains himself and turns his back, Dury uses this opportunity to hit Yudi and defeats him.

Yudi joins the rest of his brothers and they all await Bheem. Dhushala predicts maybe Bheem can only give a tough competition to Dury. Sakuni asks Dury to get ready for Bheem. Dury says that he has been waiting forever to fight and defeat Bheem.

Bheem enters and a long fight follows. The two try to outwit eachother. The elders are worried. Bhishm wants to stop the fight, but Dhirid is persistent. Finally Bhishm hurts Dury and Dury starts to bleed. Bheem is outsted from the competition due to the rule put forth by Bhishm himself.

Next its time for Arjun. Sakuni assures Dury that Arjun ahs been taken care of. Everyone await Arjun’s entry. Ashu is about to hit the huge elephant effigy that hangs over at the entrance. This has been sabotaged by Sakuni’s men to fall when Arjun enters.

Dron takes the arrow from Ashu and wants to hit the elephant’s effigy himself. Ashu is shocked so is Dury and Sakuni. But Dron smirks at them and aims correctly. The effigy starts to crack and breaks and falls down, covering Arjun completely.

Kunti and Pandu brothers are shocked. Kunti screams Arjun’s name, Bhishm and Vidur are shocked too. Sakuni smirks contently along with Dury. The crowd has gone silent. An Arrow gets shot out of the debris. It comes to Kunti and takes away her tears which is going to fall down and comes back to *whistles* Arjun who stands majestically out of the debris.

He takes his arrow back and put a tilag out of it. The brothers watch proudly. Kunti breathes relieved and says… MY SON ARJUN! Nakul says that Arjun’s entry itself has charmed everyone

Dury shows displeasure that Sakuni’s plans weren’t fruitful. Dron says to Ashu not to underestimate his student Arjun’s capabilities. Sakuni asks Dury to finish off this task also as this is only one step away from his crown.

Arjun and Dury face eachother. Read the live update below for detailed scene descriptions… Nice episode, don’t miss it!

Precap- Arjun freezes Dury completely arresting his movement. Karn enters, unfreezing Dury.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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